Family Bank Funding Review: Cameron Dunlap Legit?

Welcome to our Family Bank Funding review, a comprehensive examination of the innovative real estate investing program crafted by Cameron Dunlap, a prominent figure in the real estate industry.

If you’ve found your way here, you’re likely in pursuit of the knowledge and tools to unlock the vast potential within the realm of foreclosure properties.

Our dedicated team has analyzed this training program, and in the following review, we will dissect its components, evaluate its worth, and determine whether it’s the ideal choice for those eager to explore the world of real estate investing.

Whether you’re a novice in the real estate arena, driven by the ambition to secure your first deal quickly, or a seasoned investor in search of new strategies to dominate the foreclosure market, our review provides you with the crucial insights necessary for making an informed decision.

Let’s uncover what Family Bank Funding by Cameron Dunlap is about and how it can potentially reshape your path in real estate investing.

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Key Takeaways

  • Family Bank Funding is a real estate course designed to help new investors navigate the foreclosure market and generate substantial profits.
  • The course provides access to up to $600k in transactional funding, making it easier for regular real estate investors to close deals quickly.
  • Cameron Dunlap, the creator of Family Bank Funding, has a strong reputation in the industry and has helped many students achieve success in real estate investing.
  • VERDICT: Family Bank Funding is a legit real estate investment program created by experienced investors Cameron Dunlap and JP Moses. It offers comprehensive training and has a track record of satisfied users.

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What is Family bank funding?

Family Bank Funding, also known as FBF, is a comprehensive training program by Cameron Dunlap in collaboration with JP Moses, Patrick Riddle, and the team at AwesomeREI.

This program, introduced in January 2021, primarily targets newer real estate investors eager to start their journey by focusing on essential details for a quick and successful start.

Family Bank Funding review

Family Bank Funding, often abbreviated as FBF, dives deep into the foreclosure process and wholesaling space, guiding investors through a step-by-step process to systematically profit from this market.

The core objective of Family Bank Funding training program is to equip novice investors with the knowledge and tools necessary to tap into the market created by foreclosures in the United States.

Moreover, Family Bank Funding offers access to up to $600,000 in funding for deals within six months, and the best part is, that there are zero fees associated with this funding opportunity.

It provides real estate investors with a comprehensive and practical approach to profit from the foreclosure market and navigate the evolving real estate landscape.

Family Bank Funding not only imparts a profound understanding of foreclosure opportunities but also offers resources, tools, and essential guidance to facilitate the swift execution of foreclosure deals.

Family Bank Funding Review: Cameron Dunlap Legit? 37

We found that the Family Bank Funding course shares similarities with the One Day Flip course offered by Cameron Dunlap and AwesomeREI.

Both courses focus on real estate and provide step-by-step guidance to help participants tap into the foreclosure and wholesaling market.

While there may be some overlap in content and strategies between the two courses, each program has a unique approach and resources to help students succeed.

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Who is Cameron Dunlap?

Cameron Dunlap, also known as Cameron James, was born in 1965 in Ridgefield, Connecticut. He is a seasoned figure in the real estate industry with 29 years of experience.

His journey into real estate investment commenced in 1993, and by 1995, he had already started sharing his extensive knowledge of the real estate world through speaking engagements and teaching.

Cameron Dunlap

Cameron Dunlap’s commitment to real estate education and innovation led him to establish the Real Estate Wealth Network a software and training company, where he currently serves as the CEO.

Under this platform, he has successfully introduced a wide range of products and tools tailored for real estate investors, with a particular focus on real estate wholesaling.

Having done thousands of transactions himself, his integrity and ingenuity lead to his incredibly successful business accomplishments.

In addition to monetary contributions, he organizes free training events that provide valuable insights to both novice and experienced investors interested in learning more about real estate investment, particularly the art of flipping houses without relying on personal finances or credit scores.

Cameron Dunlap’s multifaceted involvement in the real estate industry, education, and philanthropy underscores his dedication to both professional success and community support.

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Who is Family Bank funding for?

Family Bank Funding is primarily intended for individuals interested in the field of real estate investing, with a specific focus on flipping homes without the need for substantial personal capital.

First, it’s an excellent choice for individuals who are new to real estate investing.

This foreclosure training program is particularly well-suited for those who want to start flipping homes.

Whether it’s purchasing distressed properties, negotiating with sellers, or selling homes at a profit, Family Bank Funding equips you with the essential strategies and skills required for such endeavors.

Ultimately, Family Bank Funding is a comprehensive educational program, making it an ideal choice for anyone open to learning, willing to follow a structured system, and eager to apply their newly acquired knowledge to real-world real estate transactions.

It provides a systematic approach that caters to a diverse audience, including those without prior experience in the real estate industry.

How does Family Bank Funding work?

Family Bank Funding helps individuals make money through real estate investing, specifically by facilitating the process of flipping homes without using their own money.

Family Bank Funding Review: Cameron Dunlap Legit? 38

The program relies on what is referred to as the “family bank” to fund these real estate transactions. Here’s how it works:

  1. Finding a Suitable Property: The first step is to identify a bank-owned or pre-foreclosure property and negotiate with the owner to sell it to you. With foreclosed homes, homeowners may be more inclined to sell, as it allows them to receive payment rather than losing the property to the bank.
  2. Locating a Buyer: Once you have secured a property, your next task is to find a buyer who is interested in purchasing the home from you.
  3. Transactional Funding: Unlike traditional bank loans, the funding provided through Family Bank Funding does not have specific qualification requirements. However, this funding is available only when you have both a willing buyer and seller lined up, and the transactions must occur on the same day to mitigate the lender’s risk. This type of funding is referred to as transactional funding.
  4. Profit from the Spread: You make money by profiting from the difference between the price at which you acquire the property and the price at which you sell it to the new buyer. The course guides you on how to carry out this process successfully.

Family Bank Funding offers an alternative approach to real estate investment, allowing individuals to join just about any market with minimal upfront costs and potentially generate income through property transactions.

Another program we have explored worth looking into is Cardone Capital by Grant Cardone.

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What do you get with the Family Bank Funding program?

The Family Bank Funding program offers an extensive range of resources and tools to support individuals in their real estate investing journey, particularly in the foreclosure and wholesaling market.

Family bank funding program

Let’s delve into the details of what you’ll receive when you enroll in this program:

Core Training – 4 Module Family Funding Training Course:

The heart of the Family Bank Funding program lies in its comprehensive training course, which is divided into four modules.

Each module focuses on key aspects of real estate investing to provide you with a well-rounded education. Here’s an overview of the modules:

  • Module 1: Kick Start
    • This initial module serves as your foundation, setting the stage for your real estate journey. It likely covers the basics of real estate investing, helping you understand key concepts, terminologies, and fundamental principles.
  • Module 2: Fund The Deal
    • Module 2 delves into the critical topic of funding your real estate deals. It’s essential to have access to funds to secure properties and close deals, and this module likely explores various funding methods and strategies.
  • Module 3: Find The Deal
    • The third module is all about finding real estate opportunities. This includes understanding where to look for potential properties, identifying distressed or foreclosure homes, and developing the skills to spot lucrative deals.
  • Module 4: Flip The Deal
    • The final module focuses on the art of flipping real estate deals. Cameroon shows you how to quickly flip foreclosure properties in simple, straightforward, repeatable steps. Flipping involves buying properties and selling them for a profit, and this module likely covers various exit strategies, negotiation techniques, and how to maximize your returns.

Deal Funding Certificate – Up to $600k

One of the standout features of the Family Bank Funding program is the inclusion of a Deal Funding Certificate that grants access to transactional funding of up to $600,000.

Family Bank Funding Review: Cameron Dunlap Legit? 39

Transactional funding is a critical tool in real estate investing, allowing you to close deals without relying on your own capital. This certificate provides you with a significant advantage in the competitive real estate market.

Building Your Buyers List – 29 Ways to Explode Your Cash Buyers List:

Success in real estate often hinges on your network of potential buyers. The program equips you with 29 methods to expand and strengthen your list of cash buyers. A robust list of buyers ensures you can quickly find interested parties for your real estate deals, facilitating faster transactions and profit generation.

Property Finding Resources – Secret List of 19 Sites:

One of the program’s invaluable resources is Cameron Dunlap’s Secret List of 19 Sites for Finding Bank-Owned Homes and Foreclosures Fast.

Family Bank Funding Review: Cameron Dunlap Legit? 40

This list streamlines your property search by providing a shortcut to discovering available properties. It saves you time and effort, enhancing your efficiency in locating potential deals.

Marketing and Communication Tools – Ready-to-Use Call Scripts and 5-Star Marketing Ads:

Efficient communication and marketing are key in real estate.

Family Bank Funding Review: Cameron Dunlap Legit? 41

The program equips you with ready-to-use call scripts and 5-star marketing ads, designed to simplify the often challenging process of negotiation and promoting your real estate deals. These tools provide you with a competitive edge in reaching sellers and attracting buyers effectively.

Airtight Contracts:

In real estate transactions, clear and legally sound contracts are essential.

Family Bank Funding Review: Cameron Dunlap Legit? 42

The program includes Airtight Contracts based on proven practices, helping you avoid common pitfalls and misunderstandings in real estate deals. These contracts provide a solid foundation for your transactions.


The Family Bank Funding program extends several valuable bonuses to its participants. These bonuses enhance your real estate investing experience and success potential:

  1. Access to an Experienced Team of Experts: Real-time support is invaluable, especially for newcomers in real estate investing. The program offers access to an experienced team of experts who can provide guidance and support to help you navigate complex real estate transactions. This hands-on assistance can streamline your learning curve and reduce the risks associated with real estate deals.
  2. Unlimited, Verifiable Proof of Funds Letters: Dealing with banks, sellers, and other stakeholders in real estate transactions requires credibility and assurance. The program provides unlimited, verifiable proof of funds letters, offering the credibility needed to facilitate your deals with confidence.
  3. Ongoing Support: In terms of ongoing support, the Family Bank Funding program is committed to assisting you throughout your real estate journey. Whether you have questions or encounter challenges, you can rely on their support network to provide solutions and guidance.

The Family Bank Funding program offers a comprehensive and practical toolkit for individuals interested in real estate investing, particularly in the foreclosure and wholesaling market.

From educational modules to transactional funding, building buyers lists, and real estate resources, the program covers all the crucial aspects of successful real estate transactions.

Additionally, the inclusion of expert support, proof of funds letters, and ongoing assistance adds substantial value to your real estate investing journey.

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How much does family bank funding cost?

Family Bank Funding offers a one-time enrollment fee of $97. This initial investment grants you access to the core program, providing you with essential training and resources to kickstart your real estate investing journey.

Family Bank Funding Review: Cameron Dunlap Legit? 43

Upon purchasing Family Bank Funding, you may encounter two optional upsells:

  1. Motivated Seller Data Feed: This upsell is priced at $299 initially, followed by a $99 monthly subscription. The Motivated Seller Data Feed is a software tool designed to help you identify bank-owned houses and foreclosure leads, streamlining your deal-finding process. It can be a valuable resource for investors seeking a more comprehensive solution.
  2. Instant Accountability Check-In System: This one-time upsell comes at a cost of $127. It provides you with access to a dedicated staff member for 30 days. This staff member is available for support and guidance, and you can contact them at any time during this period. Additionally, the Instant Accountability Check-In System includes weekly check-ins to ensure you stay on track with your investment goals.

It’s important to note that when you are ready to buy a property, you may need to allocate additional funds for an “earnest money deposit.” The amount required for this deposit can vary depending on the specific transaction:

  • When buying privately from a pre-foreclosed homeowner, you might be able to make a smaller deposit, typically in the range of $100 to $200, which demonstrates your seriousness as a buyer.
  • For bank-owned homes, the earnest money deposit typically ranges from 1% to 3% of the purchase price. In some cases, it can be as high as 10%. If you decide to utilize the entire $600,000 in funding provided by Family Bank Funding to purchase a property from a bank, you may need to set aside an earnest money deposit ranging from $6,000 to $18,000.

These additional expenses are an essential part of the overall investment process, and they ensure that your real estate transactions progress smoothly and demonstrate your commitment as an investor.

Refund Policy

Family Bank Funding provides customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and it operates with a “no questions asked” refund policy.

This means that if you decide to change your mind or are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason within the 30-day period after your enrollment, you can request a refund.

The process is straightforward and involves sending an email to the Awesome REI Team, who are responsible for handling refund requests.

They are known for honoring these refund requests promptly and without any unnecessary complications, ensuring that customers can make their purchase with confidence, knowing that this guarantee is in place.

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Family bank funding reviews

After conducting thorough research into Family Bank Funding and reviewing the available information, students may have experienced success with this program.

According to Cameron Dunlap, students have reported an average profit of over $21,000.

Family Bank Funding Review: Cameron Dunlap Legit? 44

It’s important to note that this likely refers to students who have completed real estate transactions rather than all those who signed up for the program.

In the sales video for Family Bank Funding, there are several screenshots showcasing student results, for example:

Family Bank Funding Review: Cameron Dunlap Legit? 45Family Bank Funding Review: Cameron Dunlap Legit? 46Family Bank Funding Review: Cameron Dunlap Legit? 47Family Bank Funding Review: Cameron Dunlap Legit? 48

However, it’s worth mentioning that the available reviews and testimonials appear to be at least a year old, and it seems that no recent proof of results has been added. This could be due to the age of the reviews or the availability of more recent data.

While the training appears to be effective for those who consistently follow it, its suitability for complete beginners is less clear. Many of the reported results are likely from students with some prior experience in real estate investing.

As with any educational program, individual outcomes can vary based on one’s dedication, effort, and prior knowledge in the field. Therefore, the effectiveness of Family Bank Funding may depend on the learner’s specific circumstances and commitment to the program.

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Pros of Family Bank Funding

There are several positive aspects to consider when evaluating Family Bank Funding:

  1. Abundance of Student Testimonials: The program boasts numerous student testimonials and success stories, indicating that many individuals have found value and achieved results through the training.
  2. Comprehensive Core Training: Family Bank Funding offers surprisingly comprehensive core training, covering various aspects of real estate investing and foreclosure opportunities. This can provide learners with a well-rounded education.
  3. Lifetime Access with Free Updates: A one-time payment grants lifetime access to the program and includes free updates. This ensures that learners can continue to benefit from the course materials even as they evolve.
  4. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: The program offers a 30-day “no questions asked” 100% money-back guarantee, providing a level of assurance for those who may be hesitant about their investment.
  5. Cameron Dunlap’s Credibility: Cameron Dunlap, the creator of Family Bank Funding, has credibility in the real estate investment industry due to his extensive experience and philanthropic efforts. This adds trustworthiness to the program.
  6. Significant Bonuses: The program includes a substantial number of bonuses that can enhance the learning experience and provide additional resources.

Cons of Family Bank Funding

However, there are also certain aspects of Family Bank Funding that might raise concerns:

  1. Lack of Recent Student Results: No recent student results or success stories have been made public within the past year. This could make it challenging for potential students to gauge the program’s current effectiveness.
  2. Ease of Implementation: Some users have found that the program is not as easy to implement as advertised. This could be a potential drawback for those seeking a straightforward, beginner-friendly approach.
  3. Infrequent Core Training Updates: The core training within Family Bank Funding is rarely updated. This may result in outdated information or techniques, which could impact its relevance.
  4. Questionable Marketing Tactics: Some aspects of the program’s marketing tactics have raised questions. This may lead prospective students to approach the program with caution.
  5. Undisclosed Full Cost: The full cost of implementing the training is not disclosed when joining the program. Learners may encounter additional expenses along the way, which can be challenging to anticipate.

Family bank funding review: Verdict

Family Bank Funding offers structured training provided by veteran real estate investor Cameron Dunlap and experienced wholesaler JP Moses. For aspiring real estate investors, this program holds the potential for significant value.

Based on the feedback available, it appears that most individuals who enroll in the program are satisfied with their purchase. Additionally, the presence of a 30-day refund policy adds to the appeal, making it a low-risk investment.

However, it’s essential to manage your expectations. While the program is marketed as a straightforward and easy way to generate passive income, the reality might require more effort and dedication. If you’re seeking a purely passive income source, this might not be the ideal choice.

On the other hand, if you are genuinely committed to real estate investing and are ready to put in the work, Family Bank Funding provides a relatively affordable entry point and an opportunity to kickstart your real estate investment journey.

Ultimately, your decision should align with your goals and your willingness to actively engage in real estate investment endeavors.

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1. What is the Family Bank Funding review?

The Family Bank Funding review is an assessment of a real estate wealth-generating program that trains regular investors on how to profit from foreclosure opportunities.

2. How does Family Bank Funding help average investors?

Family Bank helps average investors by providing software and training to close deals on amazing surplus opportunity market- bank-owned homes.

3. Has anyone managed their first foreclosure deal using this program?

Yes, many beginner and skilled investors have reported closing their first foreclosure deal successfully and profiting handsomely with the guidance and strategies provided by Family Bank Funding.

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