Is Farmasi Makeup A Legit MLM? [Unbiased Reviews]

All over the internet, you’ll find dozens of makeup cosmetic brands being advertised by influencers. Suffice to say, there is high demand.

On various social platforms, you will find reviews of Farmasi Cosmetics and it can be quite overwhelming especially if you are looking to promote the products yourself to earn income.

In this Farmasi review, we won’t just take a look at the beauty and personal care products that Farmasi sells, but also how it works as a direct selling company.

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Farmasi Makeup: An Introduction

Farmasi Cosmetics is a Turkish company that has been around for more than 57 years. It has been in the health and beauty industry where it has sold products to more than 350 million people in different parts of the world, according to the data.

Farmasi Makeup is sold in more than 120 countries

Is Farmasi Makeup A Legit MLM? [Unbiased Reviews] 4

It was founded by Doctor Tuna who got into the beauty industry in 1950 when he created the brand.

Since then, it has often been seen as a trusted company in the industry with thousands of business partners and customers.

It has an array of products primarily focusing on cosmetics. It sells perfumes, wet wipes, color cosmetics and other personal care items. Additionally, it sells household and wellness products

Farmasi prides itself as one of the cruelty-free makeup brands in the industry as it advocates for animal rights.

Let’s take a close look at some of the Farmasi Makeup products:

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Popular Farmasi Products

Farmasi Long Lasting Creamy Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow has a variety of shades to choose from. The various glows match different outfits. It is easy to apply and it is smudge proof.

It features a smooth velvety texture and provides coverage the whole day.

FFC VFX PRO Foundation

The FFC VFX PRO Foundation has a velvety touch that makes your skin flawless and photo-ready. A full coverage foundation reflects light using photo filter technology.

It offers a semi-matte finish that does not cause fine lines.

Terracotta Porcelain Powder 02

Farmasi’s Terracotta Porcelain Powder 02 has a mineral combinationt that enhances the aesthetic of your skin making it radiant and healthy. It gives you a coverage that gives you a flawless appearance.

FCC CC Cream

The CC Cream is one of the FCC’s best products because it looks great on most skin types. The foundation is extra light on your skin and it blends perfectly to match your skin tone with a medium to sheer coverage. The CC Cream absorbs easily into the skin and it does not look cakey when you apply it.

Farmasi Extreme Curl False Lash Effect Mascara

It has an amazing formula that improves the volume and bounce of your lashes. The supercurled brush gives your lashes long and voluminous appearance.

Since the formula is long-lasting and breathable, the lashes look great for hours if you apply it.

FCC VFX PRO Makeup-Up Primer

It is a primer that blends with a many types of skin tone. It minimizes wrinkles and makes your pores less prominent. The foundation has a similar packaging to the VFX PRO foundation. It comes in a grey tube that enables you to control the quantity easily.

The FCC VFX PRO Makeup-Up Primer gives your skin a matte finish that makes your skin soft and smooth. If you have a dry skin, this product will do wonders to your skin.

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How To Join Farmasi Makeup

To become a Beauty Influencer you have to create an account. You will be charged $19.99 to join the company’s compensation program.

When you become a Farmasi Beauty Partner, you get a free website that is sort of a clone of the official site where customers will buy Farmasi products.

The company pays you a 50% commission on every sale a customer makes when they buy Farmasi products on your site.

If someone else wants to become a Farmasi beauty influencer through your site, they can and you will be their sponsor.

In that sense, Farmasi is a multi level marketing business because you can create a downline comprising new influencers. With a downline, you can earn more money because you will get paid for the sales you bring in plus the sales from the consultants in your downline.

Therefore, to earn more, you can create a “team of consultants” beneath you.

Farmasi Cosmetics Compensation Plan

When it comes to compensation, the plan is pretty simple, you get paid a commission for all the retail products that are sold through your link.

You get a 50% commission on every purchase. For example, if someone buys lipstick for $20, you will earn $10.

If you want to earn even more money, you can leverage Farmasi as an MLM. You earn a percentage of what your downline sells at the end of each month

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Can You Make Money Promoting Farmasi Makeup?

You sure can.

The Farmasi brand is already ubiquitous across the world for their products. Therefore, if you leverage their brand recognition, you can make money.

And as we already discussed before, you can enhance your earning potential by enrolling other consultants as your downline. In fact, this is the surest way to earn the most money working for Farmasi.

However, I would do you a disservice if I didn’t tell you that it can be tough to make good money promoting Farmasi makeup (“good money” here is relative to your expectations).

I say it is tough because there is stiff competition from other beauty influencers who have massive followings on various social media platforms.

The message I would like to put across is that tough as it is, it is possible to make money selling Farmasi makeup. But it takes effort to establish yourself and carve out your audience.

Are Farmasi Cosmetics Any Good?

The quality of products sold by Farmasi is quite high. Even at affordable prices (Sephora quality but at Target prices), you know that what they sell to their customers is something that those customers are willing to pay for.

They carry an array of beauty and skincare favorites for many people and it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are very popular.

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Is Farmasi Cosmetics A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Farmasi a pyramid scheme?

I don’t think it fits the description of a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme is a business that urges you to recruit other members in order to get paid. When you are working for a pyramid scheme, rather than focusing on selling tangible goods or services, you try to enroll other people.

With that in mind, you can see why Farmasi is not a pyramid scheme because your focus is on selling the beauty products and you can actually make money with the program (which typically doesn’t happen in a pyramid scheme if you join late.

Is Farmasi a Multi Level Marketing Company?

Farmasi is a Multi-Level Marketing company.

In a multi-level marketing model, you get paid from two potential revenue streams: from the commission you get from your direct sales and from the commissions you get based on the sales mad by other sellers you have recruited to sell the product.

Therefore, if you look at it that way, Farmasi is a multi level marketing company.

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Farmasi Cosmetics Pros

It is cheap to join

Out of all companies that offer similar opportunities as Farmasi, it is one of the cheapest to become a member. All you have to do to sign up for the compensation program is pay $19.99. The money you make will depend on how great at selling products or building a team you are.

You get a free website

When you join Farmasi, they provide you with a free website that works like their main website to allow you to make as many sales as you can.

It is an established company

Farmasi has been in the business of cosmetics for many years. What has kept them in the game for that long has been the quality of their products. Their products are in high demand which demonstrates that you will not have trouble finding customers.

They offer a wide variety of products

Farmasi has different types of products. This means that you can target many audiences and this will allow you to practise your sales skills if you identify a profitable niche.

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Farmasi Makeup Cons

They have a complex compensation plan

If you are new to MLMs, you may have a hard time understanding their compensation plan. Some people believe that they complicate their compensation plan on purpose because complexity sells better than simplicity due to complexity bias.

Therefore, they include confusing language and irrelevant details in their product packaging to do this.

It is a multi-level marketing company

Farmasi is an MLM company, which is not always the best type of business to be involved with. The reason for this is that such businesses encourage people to sell to their friends and family members and such pushy and sleazy tactics often end up alienating people.

You will not earn as much money as implied

Beauty influencers that work for Farmasi do not make a lot of money. In fact a majority of them earn less than $5,000 a year, which is well below how much they imply you can make working for them.

The beauty industry is uber-competitive

The wellness and beauty markets are saturated. While you can make a lot of money in those industries, the level of competition is really high. As you try to market Farmasi products, you will be competing with influencers with large social media followings, as well as beauty and skincare companies with large marketing teams.

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Is Farmasi Legit?

Farmasi is a legit company offering people legit opportunities to make money. It has been around for decades, which shows you that it has been offering value to customers over the years.

They make high quality products and ultimately, Farmasi products are worth the hype. This also makes it easier to market them to your prospective clients.

The Farmasi business model is also legit although it is a multi-level marketing business. The emphasis is on selling the products and not on enrolling new clients because the products are legit.

Final Word on Farmasi

Farmasi is a legit MLM business and one that you can make money from if you are keen on finding a remote opportunity to earn passive income.

The company sells affordable yet high quality makeup and with a 50% commission for your sales, it ensures that you are more incentivized to sell products instead of recruiting new members to your downline.

The compensation plan is a bit complex and you won’t make a lot of money off of selling Farmasi products, but it offers a legit opportunity to make money online.

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