How To Add A Featured Post in WordPress

Websites and blogs narrate as well as provide knowledge about the product or service, so capturing the interest of people who visit is typically the main goal. A featured post is one way to accomplish this.

If you’re operating a website or starting to work at an online marketing profession, at a certain juncture you will likely be going to wonder what featured posts are or how they work.

If your website does have a great deal of content, you may have noticed that visitors have trouble finding the most important information. This degrades customer experience and adversely impacts traffic to certain sites.

The answer might be to create a featured posts area to your WordPress site. By listing it in a specific posts section or widget, this function makes it easy for users to find your most crucial content. It can highlight your most important content, news stories, important blog articles, or any other information you specify.

In this review, we’ll take a closer glance at what featured posts are, and when you will use them.

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How To Add A Featured Post in WordPress 7

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What is a featured post?

A featured post is a post that is shown prominently on your blog’s front page or in another area.

Featured posts, which are typically your most well-liked or most recent posts, can aid new readers in finding your best material.

WordPress Featured PostsThey are a fantastic way to highlight your best content and make it easier for new readers to find your most well-liked articles, which is important if you want to make money off of blogging.

While these types of postings are well-known to bloggers, they also occur on eCommerce sites, social media platforms, email templates, as well as anywhere else that produces digital content.

How to Select a Featured Post?

To achieve the best results, choosing the proper featured content is crucial. Here are some ideas to help you shorten your choices and choose the best choice:

Instead of writing “Start WordPress Blog,” you may write “Beginner’s Guide to Beginning a WordPress Blog.”

Pick a piece of writing that, depending on the subject, is between 500 and 1500 words long. In certain cases, a blog’s topic can be expressed more succinctly, yet in other cases, a lengthy explanation and many words may be necessary. As a result, prioritize quality above quantity.

Choose simplicity over complication, and stay away from embedded content that is unclear. Always steer clear of using post titles that are no longer pertinent to the featured content area since people will leave your website in a matter of seconds if the featured post’s title has nothing to do with it. That will ultimately result in a high bounce rate.

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How do I add featured posts in WordPress?

Method 1; By Making a Menu, Add Featured Posts to WordPress Sidebar

Go to wordpress dashboard appearances >> Menus >> Click on build a new menu and input a name for your menu.

Once a name has been added, select Create Menu to continue.

creating a new menu

On your WordPress website, a new empty menu has just been created earlier been generated.

From the left-hand column, select Post.

Choose the articles essential posts or the list items and pages you want to feature as feature posts.

Choose the blog post, then select the Add to Menu option.

On the right side of the screen, your selected posts will now be visible. You can change their titles and sort them by sliding them up or down.

Click the Save Menu option to save your changes after arranging the article and altering the pertinent names.

Create Menu

The menu is now ready!

Once more, navigate to Appearance >> Widget page and drag and drop the Navigation Menu widget onto your sidebar.

navigation menu

After that, enter the title of your sidebar menu widget, and then select the Featured Post option from the previously created dropdown menu.

To save your widget settings, click the Update button at the end.

Now go to main blog area your website to view the full list block featured posts you have published.

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Method 2: Directly Add a Featured Article from a Widget to the WordPress Sidebar

This process is simple and doesn’t call for a display posts plugin.

Go to Appearance >> Widget first.

After that, drag and drop a list widget into the WordPress sidebar.

The widget at the top, which already includes functional formatting buttons, is visible.

You must include the titles of your posts there.

To add all entries as Featured Posts, select the exact top post title, select the link button, and then type a hyperlink to the blog article into that title.


Themes may also add a heading and list widget if you create a group, select a widget, click the group icon, and select the Group choice from the pop-up menu.

If you want to save your changes, click Update.

To view the featured posts section in the sidebar, visit your website.

How to Add Featured Post in WordPress Posts or Pages?

Method 1: Using Gutenberg blocks, add a featured post in WordPress

Using this technique, featured posts are shown inside a WordPress post or page. You can add featured posts to your WordPress pages or show featured posts in wordpress instead of the sidebar if you’re using the page editor.

Go to the page or post where you want to see featured content slider include your featured post.

Add the Block to your content area by editing the page screen from that article and selecting the add new block button (+).

Choose some text, then use the toolbar’s link button to insert a link to that article.

To add all the posts you want to feature WordPress plugin post, follow the same procedure again.

Update or publish the post after putting titles and links for other pages in each of the featured posts to save your changes.

Also, you may reuse this Block by saving it and using it in different articles or pages. So you don’t have to do it from scratch every time.

Choose the three-dot menu by clicking on the Block.

Choose Add to Reusable Blocks after that, then give the reusable Block a name so that you can remember it.


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Method 2: Using a Columns Block in WordPress, add featured posts.

All of the techniques we previously discussed have the drawback that we are unable to display photos alongside the featured posts.

But with this technique, we can show a highlighted post along with its image, making it more eye-catching and enticing for users to click on it.

Go to the edit screen for the specific post or blog page where you want to put your featured post first.

To add a new block, select the (+) button. then select the option columns.


In this section, you must choose the column variant based on how many posts you want to display.

Click the (+) button after choosing the columns choice, then choose the image option. The image you want to use in the featured post can be uploaded or chosen from this page.

To display photographs more aesthetically, make sure that they are of the same size.

Use the setting button on your right side to set an image of the same size. Then, go to Block and make sure that all of the photos have the same width and height.


After included the photographs, select the image and enter the description you want to use as the post’s featured heading.


To add a link to the text, first choose your title and then add the page link to it by clicking the link icon or by pressing the shortcut key ctrl + K.


You may also incorporate links to related photos.

Edit or publish the post after including all featured posts to save your modifications.

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Adding a Sidebar’s Shortcode

With a text widget and this plugin, you may use featured posts to: display posts in a sidebar:

Go back to the “Appearance” and “Widgets” section.

Put a “text” widget in the area where you would like your featured content to show.

You will then proceed in the same manner as before from this point. Use the different method, same code, same text and the same method to insert shortcode.

To save your changes to the page, click “Update”.

If you want a new post category to appear in this section as a featured post category, keep in mind that you will need to continue categorizing new posts. It’s entirely up to you how many posts you categorize in this manner, but you’ll need to hone these categories over time.


What Is a WordPress Post’s Featured Image?

A featured image in WordPress is an image that appears alongside a post when you are viewing a list of posts.

In the majority of WordPress theme layouts, it is displayed at the top of the articles page.

The featured image may occasionally be used to convey the post’s theme or genre.

Featured photos and custom post kinds can be used together to arrange custom post types in the blog’s design.

You can purchase plugins that will provide this capability if the WordPress theme you selected does not support adding featured posts and pictures.

To assist readers know what to anticipate, choose an image that demonstrates the message in the post.

What to include in Featured Posts Section

You must be aware of what to include in order for people to find particular content on your page. In general, you might add the following content kinds in this significant highlighted post section of your website:

  • time-sensitive content involving a news article or current event
  • Your most crucial material that explains how to contact you
  • Answers to the most common inquiries concerning your goods or services
  • most popular materials


You must add featured posts list if you’re serious about giving your audience quick access to important content anywhere on your website. This makes it easier for visitors to interact with your most important or popular content. Spend some time organizing the material so you can add it to your site quickly.

Although it can involve a one-time investment of your time and effort, it will have a significant positive impact and boost traffic and on the navigation of your site.

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How To Add A Featured Post in WordPress 7

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