Fintech Profits Software Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Fintech Profits is a new binary options scam and I’ve put together this review to warn you from getting started. If you are thinking about joining Fintech Profits stop and read my full review because I am exposing this nasty scam and revealing the truth. Read the full review down below.

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Fintech Profits Scam – Real Truth

Want to know the real truth about Fintech Profits? It’s a complete scam and it won’t make you a penny. The guys behind this scam software have been behind many other scams online such as Tesler and Rubix Project. They are known for binary options scam systems and Fintech Profits is just the latest one they are launching. You have to be careful because as far as scammers go these guys are probably the top ones out there having scammed millions from people just like you. Their websites often look very professional and convincing but don’t be fooled, behind the fancy videos and graphics is nothing more than a binary scam and I’m exposing it.

fintech profits software

The guy in the video states that you can earn as much as $1,100 by tomorrow and he will double it each day. That is not true, and this person is a liar. Also this is not the real owner of Fintech Profits, this guy is simply an actor who was hired to read a script. He comes across like he’s a real pro and knows what he is talking about but the reality is he does not. The funny thing is I have seen this same office pop up in many different scams and even this actor too. Clearly this actor has been hired to appear in multiple scam videos and they use the same office layout for the scam too. Either way, there is no way you will make $550 everyday or even $1,000. And 100’s of people are NOT making this money either.

I am in the UK so the website automatically shows that people are making money in the “United Kingdom” but this isn’t true. That is just a script and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, the script on their website will automatically say your location so it makes it seem like Fintech Profits software is working for all people, but in reality it’s not. This software is not working for anyone because it’s brand new, and it’s just another scam!

How Does Fintech Profits Scam Work?

The Fintech Profits scam starts with you hearing about their system via an email or some kind of online advert. You end up visiting their website and watching the guy in the video tell you how much money you can make and how it’s free. Then you are told to sign up which is where there is a big sign up form. Once you enter your info you are passed onto another page where you are told more information about their software and told to sign up again which is actually a sign up for the broker so you can access the software. It looks like this below:

Fintech Profits Software Scam - Don't Trust It! 8

It’s basically just another sales video to convince you further that you need to sign up, but this time the form asks for more information. That is because this form signs you up to their “recommended” binary broker which is how you will actually trade and “make money”. I say “make money” because obviously you are not going to make a penny from Fintech Profits scam, but obviously they are trying to scam you so they are not going to tell you that.

After signing up you are forwarded to the software page where you will watch yet another video. This last video tells you about the software and how you need to make a deposit. Basically the software needs money to trade with so you must make a deposit into Fintech Profits software so that it can trade for you and make money. The problem is that when you make this deposit you’ll never see it again. This is when the Fintech Profits owners get paid and you get scammed. This money you deposited will be traded away to nothing by the Fintech Profits software. Yes that software that is supposed to make you an easy $550 a day? It won’t, it will lose your money on purpose.

Fintech Profits Scam Software Exposed

I’m glad that I am able to expose this nasty scam and stop you from losing money. The truth is binary options is dying but it seems there are still a few people hanging onto it and trying to make a little extra money before it completely goes away. The authorities are cracking down on binary options because so many people have lost money. The average loss that a person makes is $1,000’s and that’s because some people literally lose their life savings. Don’t become another scam statistic and instead avoid this system.

Fintech Profits Conclusion = Scam

It’s no surprise that I am calling out Fintech Profits as a scam software. I am obviously not recommending it.

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Fintech Profits Software Scam - Don't Trust It! 7

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