Rubix Project Software Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Rubix Project is here and I’m writing this review to warn you about this scam system. Don’t be fooled by their fancy website, it’s all lies and I’m about to expose this system as a scam and share the real truth. Keep reading below and you will see exactly what I think of the Rubix Project and why you need to avoid it.

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Rubix Project Scam Software Exposed

The Rubix Project is not a legitimate system. I’ll agree it looks pretty convincing when you see the mansion and the cars but it’s all fake. The Rubix Project is no different to other scams that have launched in the last couple of weeks like Tesler and HFT Finance. These scam systems all have fancy websites that make incredible income claims but it’s all a bunch of lies. The real truth is the person you see in the video on the Rubix Project website is an actor. That house is not his, and those cars are not his either. The whole backstory for this system is made up, it’s literally a script that some scammer put together and hired an actor to read.

rubix project scam website by brian morgan

Let’s face it, the scammers behind this system probably paid a decent chunk of money to rent the mansion and the cars for the day. Maybe they spent $10k on making the video and the website but that is nothing compared to the amount of money they will make now that they have launched their scam to the world and many people are falling for it. Each time a new person signs up they earn money. The owners of Rubix Project website paid from the binary options brokers a commission each time they refer a new person who opens a trading account. The referral fees they make can be $100’s per person, and they will sign up 1000’s of people to their scam earning them a lot of money. They can afford to spend a lot of money on the Rubix Project scam website and hire actors, mansions, nice cars and even private jets. The Rubix Project’s only purpose is to convince you that what they have is legitimate, but the reality is far different.

How Does Rubix Project Scam Work?

You’ll first land on their website and watch the video. The video claims you can make a fortune and all you need to do is follow the simple instructions. Chances are you first heard about the Rubix Project via an email. Email is usually the easiest and quickest way for them to spread the word about their scam making it go viral. The people behind Rubix Project are part of a group of scammers who will all help each other spread the word be promoting each others scams. Once you watch the video and follow the instructions to create your account you’ll be prompted to make a deposit in order to fund your account. You’ll be told a bunch of BS like how there are limited spots and you need to act fast to secure yours. This is not accurate, they are running a scam here, not a legitimate system so they will definitely not be limiting spots. They will scam as many people as they possibly can.

The minimum deposit is $250 however they will try and convince you to make a larger deposit. They will also have their “experts” call you up to “help you”. Don’t be fooled because their “experts” don’t want to help you, and they’re not even experts. They are professional sales people who will try and scam you out of as much money as possible. It’s probably not even fair to call these people salespeople because they are far from that. They are complete crooks, who will make false promises in order to get you to part with your money.

After you have funded your account you will be able to access the Rubix Project but surprise surprise it won’t work as claimed. You’re not going to make the huge amounts of money that they claim. You won’t even make a small amount. Their software is programmed to LOSE trades, not win them. Within a few hours or days you won’t have any money left in your account because the Rubix Project software will have traded it away to nothing. Now it’s official, you have been scammed, and you’ve become 1 of many victims of the Rubix Project scam software.

brian morgan rubix project scam

Fake Testimonials For Rubix Project

Another thing I noticed which is a huge giveaway that this system is a scam are the Rubix Project fake testimonials. They have put together a couple of fake skype calls making them seem like legitimate reviews. It’s so unbelievably obvious that these are fake and that the people are reading from scripts. No wonder these people are hired as actors for scam systems because they couldn’t get a legitimate acting job if their lives depended on it.

fake rubix project testimonials

Conclusion = Rubix Project Is A Scam

Rubix Project is an obvious scam and I’m not going to recommend it. If you sign up you are guaranteed to lose money.

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