Five Figure Freedom – Scam or Legit?

I’ve just been taking a closer look at Five Figure Freedom which is a new system claiming it can help you build a 5-figure per month business with just 1 hour per day. This certainly sounds pretty cool but can it really help you, or is it another scam? I’m taking a look and sharing my full review below. Keep reading and get all the details you need.

First things first…

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Five Figure Freedom - Scam or Legit? 5

Is Five Figure Freedom A Scam?

If you’re here reading this review then the main thing you’re probably wondering is whether Five Figure Freedom is a scam or a legit system. In my opinion it’s not a scam however does that mean I actually recommend it? Not exactly and I’ll explain. I’ve been making money online for a number of years now earning a good income and during that time I have reviewed literally 100’s of systems with the majority being flat out scams. Five Figure Freedom is definitely not a scam like others I’ve reviewed recently such as Rubix Project and Tesler, however does that mean it’s a good system? The problem I’ve got with it, is many products like this launch every week on the WarriorPlus network and 9 out of 10 products are just rehashed material that has already been released. It’s nothing new, and it’s nothing cutting edge.

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Just the other day I reviewed the Instant Commission Machine which is another product on WarriorPlus right now and again it’s rehashed information. The information you receive isn’t bad, but it’s not good either. And in my opinion Five Figure Freedom is no different. These guys put you through what’s known as a funnel, it’s a series of products where the goal is to extract more money from you by up-selling you other products in their funnel. Also they will build what is known in the business as a “buyers list”. This is essentially an email list full of people who have already bought a product before. Having a list that is made up 100% of people who have bought is of course a far better way to make money because people who are proven buyers are more likely to buy again.

This is why I believe so many products launch on the WarriorPlus network which are low cost products like Five Figure Freedom. The people behind the products just want to build up their buyers email list so they can make money promoting other products and services to you. Even if every customer refunds and they make nothing, they will still have this proven list of buyers who they can market other things to as affiliates.

Can Five Figure Freedom Help You?

The product isn’t bad to be honest. They are teaching a method that can work to make you money, but can it really deliver the results they claim? In my opinion it can’t. There are just too many low cost products like this on the market that doesn’t really offer that much value. Chances are the creators of this product will be back in a few weeks with some other shiny object to dangle in front of  you that you might want to buy. It will be teaching another “new” method for making money. In reality the method won’t be new, it will just be another rehashed product for the WarriorPlus network that a bunch of people will promote for some easy commissions.

Five Figure Freedom – Conclusion

In my opinion it’s another rehashed WarriorPlus product. The information contained in the product is okay but it’s not going to change your life.

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Five Figure Freedom - Scam or Legit? 5

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