Freedom Circle Review – 100% Scam!

Freedom Circle is one of the worst binary scams of 2016 and I’ve been taking a closer look so I can bring you my full review. Unlike other fake reviews I’ll be sharing the real truth about Freedom Circle in my no BS review!

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Freedom Circle – The Real Truth

It’s important you don’t get sucked into the false promises that Freedom Circle makes. The truth is this system is a nasty scam and it’s already scammed 1,000’s of people out of their hard earned money. You did the right thing looking for a review of Freedom Circle and landing here because I’m going to tell you the absolute truth.

So how does this scam actually work? It starts with you visiting the Freedom Circle website and watching their sales video. The video talks about how much money you can make and tells you it’s free too. All you need to do is sign up to the binary options broker they recommend and you can start using their automated software. It sounds amazing doesn’t it but the truth is it’s a complete fraud and the binary options niche is full of frauds. A similar scam system that recently launched is Click Money System which you should also avoid.

When you do sign up you need to deposit at least $250 into your account. They don’t tell you this until you sign up. They’ll make it seem like it’s only a deposit but in reality you’ll never see this money again. Once you’ve made your deposit you’ll be able to start using the Freedom Circle software to trade and within a few hours, or maybe a few days at most you’ll log into your account and notice that your balance is a big fat zero. At this stage most people wonder what in the world went wrong. Well I can tell you that you fell for the scam. The truth is the software is designed to lose and it will trade away your money to nothing. Most people think they are going to get rich from these trading softwares but the reality is the opposite.

The binary options brokers need you to lose in order for them to make profits. This is because they operate like casinos so obviously they are not going to really help you make money because if you make money they lose money. Why would they actually want you to be successful and make money? It would be like a casino owner helping you make money, it would be stupid because that would mean he was losing money.

So if it’s a complete scam why does the Freedom Circle website exist and make sure income claims? The truth is the owners of the Freedom Circle websites are affiliates for binary options brokers. They get paid to refer new customers (you) to the binary brokers so they make websites like Freedom Circle that suck people in and promise huge profits but in reality it’s all a lie. They just want to refer you to the binary brokers so that they can earn a referral commission!

Unfortunately this isn’t where the scam ends. Sure it’s bad for anyone to lose their $250 deposit however some people are more unlucky because they get sucked further into the scam. Whilst the scam stops here for the Freedom Circle website owners since they’ve been paid their commission it doesn’t stop for the binary brokers. The brokers will actually try and get as much money from you as possible and they can be very convincing. They will say that the more you deposit the more money you can make, and they will even go as far to start making you money in your account (even though it’s fake) to entice you to deposit more. Some people have fallen victim to binary scams and lost their entire life savings. It’s a real shame and just another reason you need to forget about binary options altogether as they are a very scammy industry!

Freedom Circle – My Conclusion & No.1 Recommendation…

The Freedom Circle is a complete scam and I’m not recommending it.

I actually recommend you forget all about binary options as it’s a scam industry!

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