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After receiving emails from investor Eric Fry’s newsletter I decided to check out his flagship investment research service and take a closer look at all the trends he shares with members. After doing my research, I put together Eric Fry’s investment report review.

My review covers the main points you should take into consideration as you decide whether to join. Keep reading below to get all the info and my verdict on how Fry’s Investment Report works.

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Fry’s Investment Report Review

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Introduction to “Fry’s Investment Report”

Fry's Investment Report by Eric Fry

Fry’s Investment Report is Eric Fry’s flagship investment advisory service. Fry offers this megatrend research advisory through InvestorPlace.

Eric Fry started this service to analyze the data and looks for the safest ways to get investors (members) massive investment returns for modest investments.

When you sign up to the service and register your account, you are required to follow three steps to eliminate bad investments from your portfolio and add good ones:

First Step: The Portfolio Purge

Fry’s Investment Report Legit? [Eric Fry Reviews] 4

The point is to get rid of stocks that are being disrupted (or are about to be disrupted) by new technological innovations. These companies will be made obsolete by the innovators because they use completely outdated business models and it will be of no use to continue holding their stocks on your portfolio. Think of companies like Blockbuster, Dressbarn, Linens’ n Things, and Mervyn’s, just to mention a few that were overtaken by more creative technological startups that disrupted their respective niches.



Linens' n Things


Other companies have ineffective business structures and outdated business models that could be weighing you down. Eric urges you to shed the deadweight and prepare for the next step.

Holding them any longer prevents you from getting in on the biggest gains.

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Second Step: The 1,000% Portfolio

Fry’s Investment Report Legit? [Eric Fry Reviews] 5The next step of his stock recommendations are that you should own the fastest-growing “outsider” tech companies in the market to be in line for the biggest gains. These are the disruptive tech firms behind big picture trends in the stock market that are inventing new technologies and using lean and efficient business models to beat the competition. These are the companies that are disrupting entire sectors.

Third Step: Invest in a new radical technology

Eric has found out that one technology is radically transforming our lives but gaining very little coverage from the Mainstream news channels and analysts.

He says that it doesn’t have anything to do with virtual reality, robotics, software, self-driving cars, or 5G.

However, it could outperform all those technologies and deliver enormous capital gains for those who get in on it. These are the type of technology stocks that the top money managers are on the look out for.

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Eric Fry Reviews

If you’re looking for reviews on Eric Fry you’re probably wondering what his credentials are.

Eric Fry, editor of a couple of newsletters, is a specialist in international equities.

He was one of the experts involved in crafting international investment strategies for more than ten years when he was a professional portfolio manager.

Eric Fry

To crown his achievements, he won the ‘Portfolios with Purpose’ competition in 2016 by outperforming more than 600 of the biggest names in finance on Wall Street. He had a one-year return of 150% capital gains that year.

He then joined James Grant as an editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer. He was also part of the production team of Grant’s International and Apogee Research publication, a publication targeting professional money managers.


At InvestorPlace, he publishes two newsletters, Fry’s Investment Report and Eric Fry’s Smart Market.

I have also covered his survival guide, Bear Market 2020. In it he provides details of how he expects to survive the looming market crash.

In 2023 his most recent prediction centres around something he calls Elon Musk’s Project Omega which is all to do with Elon Musk’s involvement in AI technology.

Short Selling

Eric Fry is a proponent of short selling. His exploits in 2000 and 2001 when he successfully shorted (and later made money on) many tech stocks at their roaring peak earned him critical acclaim in the investment community.

Long Positions

He also has a knack for making successful long-term trades on Wall Street and his experience has helped him navigate the market and numerous sectors.

For example, he bought Asian stocks during the late 90’s debt currency crisis and Russian stocks during its debt crisis and held them for long term gains. The currency crises was one of the sectors he navigated showing he makes money not just in a bull market.

He also bought stocks that would later give him much-needed cover in the Electric Car boom.

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How does Eric Fry’s Investment Report Work?

With each of the three steps you should take after joining Eric Fry’s Investment Report, you need to follow Eric’s precise instructions to get yourself going with his newsletter content.

Fry’s Investment Report Legit? [Eric Fry Reviews] 6In the first step, the portfolio purge, you need to read a detailed special report called The Portfolio Purge that contains a list of firms you should dump if you have them in your portfolio. Eric expects these firms to go obsolete or even worse, collapse and go bankrupt, events you want to avoid.

In the second step, he has assembled a model portfolio called The 1,000% Portfolio with eight companies that you should have on your portfolio, for a start, to see a chance of gains of up to 1,000%. These are big picture type trends.

Later on, you will add even more stocks to your portfolio as Eric discovers them. To build a 1,000% portfolio will take time and patience as trends develop.

As for the radical technology in the third step, Eric has already made nine recommendations in the past two years garnering an average gain of 150%. Individual companies have made bigger gains, but overall, it averages to that.

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What is included in Fry’s Investment Report?

He has drafted a report called The Next 1,000% Winner. It has three companies that are actively engaged in the technology he is touting.

In addition to these reports and recommendations, you will receive these when you subscribe to Fry’s Investment Report:

Monthly newsletters

12 monthly Fry’s Investment Report issues each with recommendations every second Friday of the month. He shares information on a Friday to enable you to read them during the weekend and act on them when the markets open on Monday.

Special Reports

You also gain access to the Eric Fry Library where you’ll find all his other special reports for free.

Free Newsletters

You also get to join Eric Fry’s Smart Money for free. It is an e-letter through which you can read Eric Fry’s research & advice as he breaks down the world’s biggest macroeconomic and geopolitical events. He also discusses investment trends that are largely being ignored by the mainstream financial press.

Fry’s Investment Report Subscription Fee

The annual subscription fee for access is $49 – You should look out for when they offer special deals with discounts to join at this rate.

Most other times, basic membership costs $99.

Fry’s Investment Report Money-back Guarantee

You can ask for a refund within 30 days of subscribing to the service to be entitled to one. To cancel your membership, you have to start the process with contacting customer service team.

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Is Eric Fry’s Investment Report Legit?

You’ve probably been wondering: is Fry’s Investment Report Legitimate?

I think it is legit because Eric has an impressive track record of making the right calls at the right time. He is also one of a few gurus who are keen on international investing.

However, his specialty is the fastest growing technology stocks. For example, he urged investors to be wary of dotcom stocks at the height of the Dot Com bubble. He recommended that his readers short big tech stocks when it was not fashionable to go against tech stocks.

People who followed his advice preserved their wealth as their counterparts saw theirs eroded. Some even made many times their investment when the bubble burst.

Eric has made other accurate calls during other major market booms or busts. If Fry’s Investment report is anything like his previous work, which I think it is, then it is legitimate. No one can 100% predict prices and moves in the market though.

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Fry’s Investment Report Verdict

This is a popular investment advisory service offered by InvestorPlace. As we’ve already established, Eric Fry is a successful investor whose recommendations over the years have granted his readers opportunities to make 1,000% or more in average returns. He has achieved that by mastering how to pick stocks at the best prices, like on the cusp of a technology trend.

This in itself is impressive considering that not everybody makes 1,000% returns on their investments.

But his past successes like navigating the currency crisis and spotting companies with bad business structures have nothing to do with how he fares in the future. His achievements only give him credibility and not much else.

Instead, when deciding whether to join Fry’s Investment Report, you should concentrate on the investment strategy he uses.

Does it align with your predilections and personal investment strategy? Are you interested in investing in tech stocks?

By asking yourself these questions, you will better judge whether Fry’s Investment Report is right for you. Members in general are happy with the information although not all of them make the huge gains and success he claims.

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