InvestorPlace Reviews: Legit Research For 2023?

Looking for InvestorPlace reviews?

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Lately I have been reviewing various promotions and newsletters from InvestorPlace so I figured it was time I share my honest review of the actual company behind many of these newsletters.

Below you can learn about the editors, newsletters, the pros and cons and more.

Also quick spoiler alert, I do recommend them as they are a great source of knowledge for investing.

However, keep reading below so that you know everything about them and the services that they offer.

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InvestorPlace Reviews: Legit Research For 2023? 3

InvestorPlace Reviews 2023

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What is InvestorPlace?


InvestorPlace is a publisher. It was started more than 40 years ago by Tom Philips to provide unique insights and recommendations to individual investors, money managers, and professional advisors.

InvestorPlace has a team of analysts drawn from various industries and subsectors. They are led by the CEO, Brian Hunt. Their efforts are complemented by independent contributors who take on what the core group of analysts is ill-equipped to handle.

One of InverstorPlace’s missions is to help its followers be the first to the biggest and most profitable trends of the day.

In its 40 years of existence, it has made big (and accurate) calls like the PC boom of the eighties, The Internet boom of the nineties, the Mortgage meltdown of 2008, just to mention a few.

Its analysts also famously urged people to buy Apple, Amazon, and Google stock before they became the powerhouses they are today.

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Who Are the Experts at InvestorPlace?

Matt McCall

Matt McCall is an author, speaker, and investment analyst. He is the founder of Penn Financial Group, a firm that offers financial advice to individual and institutional investors.

As a speaker, he covers personal finance and investments. He deals with ETFs and individual stocks.

His stock selection process is top-down, which means his criteria starts from the macro-economic moving down to the merits of the individual securities.

His two books on investment, The Swing Trader’s Bible: Strategies to Profit from Market Volatility and The Next Great Bull Market: How to Pick Winning Stocks and Sectors in the New Global Economy attest to his strategy.

At InvestorPlace, he writes articles and edits Matt McCall’s MoneyWire, Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities, Early Stage Investor, Cannabis Cash Weekly, and Ultimate Crypto. Power Portfolio 2020 is a collaboration between him and Louis Navellier.

Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier is a quantitative analyst (quant) and growth investor. He has been providing investment advice to his followers for more than thirty years.

His interest in investing and becoming a quant was piqued in college when an economics professor said that nobody could beat the S&P 500.

He took that as a challenge and created an algorithm that beat the S&P 500 by a factor of 3 to 1.

Since then, his strategy has always been to find growth stocks and beat the broader market with minimal risk.

At InvestorPlace, he publishes Louis Navellier’s Market 360, Growth Investor, Breakthrough Stocks, Accelerated Profits, and Platinum Growth Club. He and Matt McCall are jointly responsible for Power Portfolio 2020.

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Neil George

Neil George is an experienced bond trader who joined the financial services industry in 1987.

His first job after leaving school was at Merrill Lynch International Bank where he served in various regional teams as a securities trader, asset manager, and researcher.

He worked at Mark Twain bank (part of the US Bank) and Guinness Flight (part of Investec PLC). In both firms, he built international trade and brokerage platforms. He even managed a mutual fund worth over $1 billion.

He left his job in 2002 to go all-in on writing and publishing investment newsletters. At InvestorPlace, he publishes Neil George’s Income Investor’s Digest and Profitable Investing: Your Financial Guide for All Seasons.

Wade Hansen

Wade Hansen is an author, trader, and renowned investment coach. He has developed investment courses for Yahoo Finance, Thinkorswim Group, and Saxo Bank.

He recently cofounded PFX Global and Learning Markets with John Jagerson to teach investors how to develop their trading strategies and maintain their portfolios.

He writes for Forbes, Yahoo! Finance,, and Stocks and Commodities Magazine. He and John have also co-authored a book called Profiting With Forex. They edit Strategic Trader.

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John Jagerson

Like Wade Hansen, John is also an investment coach. He and Wade founded PFX Global and Learning Markets. They also co-wrote Profiting with Forex in 2006.

He graduated from Utah Valley University with a B.S. in Business Administration and completed the PLD at Harvard Business School.

He and Wade Hansen publish Strategic Trader.

Eric Fry

Eric J. Fry was a professional money manager who specialized in international equities and short selling.

After ending his career as a money manager, he joined James Grant’s publishing firm where he edited Grant’s Interest Rate Observer. He also produced Grant’s International and Apogee Research, a publication targeting professional money managers.

He won the Portfolios with Purpose Competition in 2016, beating 650 of the sharpest minds on Wall Street to the top spot.

At InvestorPlace, he contributes to InvestorPlace Digest and publishes Fry’s Investment Report and The Speculator.

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Jim Lowell

Jim edits Fidelity Investor and Fidelity Sector Investor.

He is an expert at Fidelity funds and has been at it for the past 20 years. His specialty is helping investors to avoid weak funds and go for the strong ones.

He is best equipped to offer that kind of advice because he worked at Fidelity for many years – he even wrote a book called What Every Fidelity Investor Needs to Know.

Dan Wiener

Dan heads a research group that finds the Best Vanguard Funds to invest in. He has been at it for 28 years during which time he has made the Vanguard investors who follow his advice richer than those who don’t.

He is the chairman of Adviser Investments. He has been featured by publications like USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger, Barron’s, and others.

He and Jeff DeMaso publish The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors and The Independent Vanguard Fund Analyzer

Jeff DeMaso

Jeff is the director of research at Adviser Investments and the Co-editor of The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors.

He joined Adviser Investments in 2005 and has since been an integral member of the research team. He has a B.A. in Economics from Tufts University. He is also a member of the CFA Institute.

Ken Trester

Ken Trester is an expert options trader and educator. He began trading options in 1973 when the first exchanges opened. He has worked as a stockbroker and money manager.

When he was a computer science tutor at Golden West College, he offered a popular course on options trading.

He has published two books on the subject, 101 Option Trading Secrets and Complete Option Player.

At InvestorPlace, he publishes Power Options Weekly and  Maximum Options.

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The Contributors at InvestorPlace

There are many contributors that I cannot adequately cover in one article. So, here are a few that regularly pop up with articles and guest posts:

Aaron Levitt

Aaron Levitt is an author and investment analyst. His work is regularly published by major publishers on the web and in print. He is currently writing a book on investing in the alternative energy industry.

He is a proponent of investing in global macro-economic trends. He also favors long-term investments over short-term ones.

He believes that ETFs have helped level the playing field for Main Street investors and gears most of his work towards helping them make better financial decisions.

He graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s in Economics and International Business.

Kent Thune

Kent Thune has spent over 20 years in the financial services industry. He is a Mutual Fund expert who helps retirees and pension funds develop their investment strategies.

He is the founder of Atlantic Capital Investments, LLC, which is an independent investment advisory firm based in Hilton Head Island.

He has also been a Vice President at American Pensions and served as a Senior Investment Advisor for the regional pension consultancy.

Besides, he has been featured on various publications including The Motley Fool, Kiplinger, Yahoo Finance, and The Balance.

Jeff Reeves

Jeff Reeves graduated from Penn State University with degrees in English and Journalism. After graduating from college, he began his career editing daily newspapers in North Carolina, Arizona, and Ohio.

His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and CNN Money. He has also made appearances on CNBC and Fox Business Network.

He has been a lead editor and writer at since 2010.

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What are InvestorPlace’s Free Newsletters?

Not all services offered by InvestorPlace are paid for. Besides the articles they publish, here is a list of newsletters you can join for free:

InvestorPlace Digest

A majority of InvestorPlace’s analysts and experts contribute to the InvestorPlace Digest. It is published seven days a week.

It contains the most important investment ideas and a summary of every day’s events from different perspectives.

Louis Navellier’s Market 360

Louis started Market 360 to satisfy a need by investors to consume useful information about the market without having to cut through the doublespeak that mainstream media outlets are known to peddle these days.

Market 360, therefore, gets to the news that is relevant to investors in plain language. With information at your fingertips, you can make better investment decisions.

Matt McCall’s MoneyWire

The MoneyWire by Matt McCall enables you to leverage his experience and stock-picking expertise to unearth the biggest market trends and invest before the masses get to them. Although he reserves his most niche opportunities for his paying clients, the MoneyWire is invaluable to investors seeking to benefit from an expert take on the trends of the day.

InvestorPlace Insights

InvestorPlace Insights features the insights of many analysts and contributors. It is a great place to learn about the hottest stocks to buy, the best dividend stocks, the best and worst ETFs and mutual funds, 401(K) tips, and market news and updates.

Income Investor’s Digest (Dividend Digest)

George believes that dividend stocks are the lifeblood of any product portfolio. Whether you are saving up for retirement or looking for a passive source of income, Neil George has got you covered with this free weekly newsletter.

He shares regular advice on a variety of dividend-paying securities. He requires that they all possess favorable macro trends, strong fundamentals, and reliable history.

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Fund Focus Weekly

Fund Focus Weekly is run by Dan Wiener, Jim Lowell, and Jeff DeMaso. They focus on the latest news affecting Vanguard and Fidelity, including the new funds, any changes in management, and much more.

They analyze the best funds and ETFs offered by Fidelity and Vanguard and give recommendations on those you should buy or sell.

Trade of the Day

Wade Hansen and John Jagerson run Trade of the Day. They share the hottest trades of the day every morning and recommend stocks and options.

What are the Premium Services offered by InvestorPlace?

Growth Investor

Growth Investor by Louis Navellier provides an expert take on the biggest market trends and the opportunities they present. He also analyzes and recommends dividend growth stocks

Since he has made it his mission to beat passive index funds, the strategy here is to beat the market in all market conditions by targeting low-risk, high reward mid- to large-cap stocks.

He picks his stocks using a proprietary screening system.

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Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities by Matt McCall gives you a peek into potent megatrends through his eyes. This means that you will only consider stocks that meet his three-factor test: demographics, solid fundamentals, and the numbers.

If you share Matt’s belief of not buying, holding and hoping that your investment will pay off a few years down the line, you should give Investment Opportunities a try.

Early Stage Investor

As the name suggests, Early Stage Investor is all about getting into good investments on the ground floor to maximize profits. This premium service by Matt helps you get there before Wall Street and the general market catch on.

More importantly, he borrows from what Venture capitalists do and refuses to emphasize on “win rate.” He says that “you can be right just 33% of the time and make a fortune in stocks.” If you join this service, you will realize that he favors quality over quantity.

Platinum Growth

Louis Navellier’s Platinum Growth Club combines the strategies espoused by Breakthrough Stocks and Growth Investor (both offered by Louis) along with the aggressive stance of Accelerated Profits (also offered by Louis) to create a cocktail that delivers 10X returns or better.

Louis refers to it as “Total Wealth System” because it gives you access to all his services as a combined model portfolio. If you subscribe to Platinum Growth Club, you don’t have to subscribe to any other of his services.

A one-year subscription costs a staggering $7,677 (and it auto-renews every year at the same rate).

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Power Portfolio 2020

Power Portfolio 2020 is the result of a collaborative effort between Matt McCall and Louis Navellier. Both analysts are successful in their own rights but have achieved their successes by charting different paths.

Louis is all about quantitative analysis while Matt is more into the fundamental analysis. There are overlaps in their approaches as you’d expect of good analysts but for this venture, they bring the best of both worlds.

Power Portfolio 2020 is a collection of stocks that they have agreed will post massive gains in 2020. The list will be updated periodically to reflect changes in the market and the individual companies.

Breakthrough Stocks

Louis Navellier believes that if you are going to grow your wealth fast, you have to look for the small up-and-coming businesses that are not well known.

Unlike the Growth Investor where he picks blue chip companies while sustainably seeking alpha, with Breakthrough Stocks, he is more aggressive and favors volatile but high-quality small caps. His Breakthrough Stocks program has also been promoted via the 2020 Breakthrough Stocks summit.

The caveat to investing in smaller companies, as Louis correctly points out, is that they are volatile – you need a high-risk tolerance to join this service.

Cannabis Cash Weekly

For his Cannabis Cash Weekly service, Matt aims to find the most viable, yet safest investment opportunities in Marijuana. Marijuana legalization has created a wave of businesses that promise to grow from very small firms to big companies.

His favored financial instrument for this service is covered calls (options). If you don’t mind trading options, you can give it a try.

Maximum Options

If you are interested in trading options, Maximum Options by Ken Trester is a decent service.

Ken uses a proprietary system called Power-Plus Profit Tracker to find underpriced options and share them with his readers. He doesn’t just recommend the trades, he invests in them.

Since he launched Maximum Options in 2008, he has had an 80% success rate.

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Power Options Weekly

Ken Trester uses a proprietary trading algorithm to scan the markets in search of the best calls and puts.

Every Friday, he shares five “explosive” recommendations gleaned from his system for Power Options Weekly subscribers.

Strategic Trader

Wade Hansen and John Jagerson jointly run the Strategic Trader. They help investors navigate the volatile options markets. They mainly recommend covered calls and put writes.

They identify hidden trends in company data and the mainstream news to spot unique trades that can deliver a steady stream of income. As a subscriber, expect up to three new recommendations every week.

Fry’s Investment Report

Fry’s Investment Report is published by Eric Fry. With it, Eric intends to help investors do well in good and bad markets.

He achieves that by looking for the big-picture trends behind the biggest market moves spanning more than one year.

With that information, he sets out to pick the best stocks from each sector for his readers’ benefit.

Profitable Investing

Written by Neil George, Profitable Investing is all about exposing relatively unknown income opportunities.

For example, the Incredible Dividend Machine strategy aims to uncover investment opportunities that deliver a dividend, royalty, rent and interest checks on each trading day.

For his Profitable investing subscribers, George looks for low-risk investment opportunities that can thrive whether the market is doing well or poorly.

The Speculator

Eric Fry is the person behind The Speculator. For this service, he uses a proprietary system called “Green Light System” to spot the biggest global trends just as they are about to happen.

His strategy in The speculator is more aggressive than Fry’s Investment report.

Once he finds an opening, he capitalizes on it to maximize returns and lower his risk.

He deals with commodities, currencies, bonds, small-cap stocks, and options.

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Accelerated Profits

The strategy Louis uses for Accelerated Profits is finding the best 1% stocks in the market using his proprietary system.

He and his team scour the market looking for the stocks that have the best fundamental ratings and healthy money flows – the elite stocks.

He doesn’t mind whether they are value stocks, growth stocks, international stocks, large-caps or small caps – all he looks for are stocks that are about to be hit by a massive growth surge to ride them for a few weeks.

The caveat is that these stocks are aggressive; therefore, you need to be on top of your game and be prepared to trade frequently to lock in the gains in the sweet spot.

Ultimate Crypto

Matt’s first foray into cryptocurrencies as an investment was when he advised his readers to buy Bitcoin when it was priced at $643.

Things have changed and fortunes have been made.

However, he believes that cryptocurrencies are not done yet and with his Ultimate Crypto newsletter, he intends to reveal the cryptos that are positioned to grow in the current market.

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Fidelity Investor

Run by Jim Lowell, Fidelity Investor is all about helping you find the best Fidelity funds, run by the best fidelity managers.

Since he has worked at Fidelity and studied it for 20 years, he gives you an insider’s view of the company.

With every update, he gives you a review of the funds to buy, sell or hold.

Fidelity Sector Investor

Fidelity Sector Investor is Jim Lowell’s other Fidelity advisory service.

Unlike Fidelity Investor, this one is concerned with short-term, aggressive moves. Jim targets the hottest sector funds and ETFs.

The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors

The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors service is run by Dan Wiener and Jeff DeMaso.

They use their experience to find the most powerful funds to enable you to beat the passively managed index funds.

If you try it out, you should also consider their Fund Analyzer (they give you a one-month free trial).

The Independent Vanguard Fund Analyzer

The Independent Vanguard Fund Analyzer by Dan Wiener and Jeff DeMaso has a simple mission: provide reliable information about Vanguard funds to enable you to make better investment decisions.

They created it to fill the information gap that plagued many investors who were interested in these funds but didn’t know which funds were good and which ones weren’t.

The fund analyzer provides you with a user-friendly interface and an intuitive rating system, something the official Vanguard website lacks. The fund analyzer also rates the managers.

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Is InvestorPlace Legit?

InvestorPlace is 100% legit.

All the editors and writers who publish their newsletters and advisory services through InvestorPlace are battle-hardened; they are predominantly former stockbrokers, traders, and money managers with decades of experience in their respective fields.

Most of them have been featured in a major publication or appeared in a business program of the biggest cable networks in the country.

Some are acclaimed authors with bestselling books to their names. In summary, they are credible.

To remain impartial, InvestorPlace does not endorse any companies or brands for profit.

Pros of InvestorPlace

  • InvestorPlace is independent and unbiased. It does not receive endorsements from companies.
  • Its experts come from different industries and each has their approach. This enables the publisher to cater to different tastes and predispositions.
  • It has called some big market trends accurately and benefited the people who took the advice.

Cons of InvestorPlace

  • During its 40 years of existence, InvestorPlace has had its fair share of inaccurate predictions about the market.

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InvestorPlace Verdict

InvestorPlace provides you with independent research to enable you to be the first to the biggest trends in the market.

In addition to that, its analysts also share tips on how you can protect your wealth against financial shocks and bear markets.

Through its columns and services, you can learn what mainstream headlines really mean and how they can impact your investments.

That being said, you should not take the advice InverstorPlace’s experts share as personal advice.

Since they do not know your financial situation, their insights are generic; their advice should give you direction and guidance but not directly influence the precise moves you make.

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InvestorPlace Reviews: Legit Research For 2023? 3


What Is InvestorPlace?

InvestorPlace is a publisher. It was started more than 40 years ago by Tom Philips to provide unique insights and recommendations to individual investors, money managers, and professional advisors.

Who Are the Experts at InvestorPlace?

There are several experts including Matt McCall, Louis Navellier, Neil George, Wade Hansen, John Jagerson, Eric Fry, Jim Lowell, Dan Wiener, Jeff DeMaso and Ken Trester. InvestorPlace also has expert contributors who write for various publications.

What are InvestorPlace’s Free Newsletters?

InvestorPlace offers several free newsletters such as InvestorPlace Digest, Louis Navellier’s Market 360, Matt McCall’s MoneyWire, InvestorPlace Insights, Income Investor’s Digest (Dividend Digest), Fund Focus Weekly and Trade of the Day.

What Premium Services does InvestorPlace offer?

Premium services on offer at InvestorPlace include Growth Investor, Investment Opportunities, Early Stage Investor, Platinum Growth, Power Portfolio 2020, Breakthrough Stocks, Cannabis Cash Weekly, Maximum Options, Power Options Weekly and more. See full list in our article above.

Pros of InvestorPlace?

InvestorPlace is independent and unbiased. They also have several experts with strong backgrounds from various sectors.

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