Gemini 2 Review – 100% Scam!

Gemini 2 is a new binary options system that launched a few weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to review it but I’ve been so busy lately but now I’ve finally got around to investigating this new system and it’s without a doubt a scam! You need to avoid the Gemini 2 system unless you enjoy losing money. Keep reading to see my full review and learn the truth.

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Gemini 2 – The Real Truth Exposed

After taking a closer look at Gemini 2 it’s clear to me that this is a huge scam. I’m actually pretty amazed at the amount of effort that has gone into this scam. It’s clear to me that the people behind this system are making a lot of money from their scams because they have clearly put a lot of time, effort and money into the creation of their website. That being said let me make it absolutely clear that this system is a scam and you should pay no attention to the positive reviews on the internet as they are completely fake. When I talk about the money and effort I am talking about the effort the scammers have gone to in order to try and convince you that what they have to offer is actually real but it’s not.

The binary options niche is full of scams and in reality Gemini 2 is no different to other scams like Click Money System which claim you can make a fortune from binary options and all you need to do is use their magic software but in reality the software doesn’t work and you just end up losing money.

So how exactly does the Gemini 2 scam work? It starts off with you hearing about the system usually through an email or an online advert. The advert tells you how you can make a fortune and all you need to do is just sign up and use their free app. The sales video talks about the amount of money you can make, like Gemini 2 stating you can make “at least” $12,341 a day which is a frankly ridiculous and all you need to do is sign up at their “recommended” binary broker, make a deposit of $250 or more and then you’ll have free access to their trading software which will do all the work for you. It sounds great doesn’t it but in reality here’s what will actually happen. You’ll sign up, you’ll make that deposit of $250 or maybe more, you’ll activate the free software and then within 24-48 hours you’ll have lost all your money. It’s a harsh reality but it’s true because this is how these binary scams operate.

The binary scams suck you in with promises of making huge amounts of money but in the end they never deliver. The truth is the owner of the Gemini 2 website is an affiliate for binary options brokers which means he gets paid to refer people to the binary options brokers. So if he refers you and you make a deposit of $250 or more he will get paid a commission. At this point his job is done and he really doesn’t care about your success at all!

This is actually only the start of the scam though and it can get a lot worse because of the scam binary brokers as I’ll explain below.

Gemini 2 – The Scam Brokers

The binary options niche is full of scam brokers who will do anything to get your money. Firstly let me explain that binary options brokers are completely different to forex and stock brokers. Forex and stock brokers make their money off commission / spreads. In other words the more successful you are as a trader the more money a forex / stock broker will make because the more you’ll trade with them. Binary options is different because the binary options brokers make their money based on betting. They operate similar to casinos and they need you to lose money for them to make money. So when a binary options broker tells you they will help you make money it’s a complete lie, it’s like a casino saying they’ll help you make winning bets it’s just not going to happen!

When you sign up to Gemini 2 and make a deposit you’ll definitely lose the $250 which is not nice for anyone. However it could get a lot worse if you actually let it because the brokers Gemini 2 has partnered with will call you up and try and get you to deposit more money. They’ll say that you need to deposit more money in order to make more money and they will guarantee you all kinds of success however it’s all a complete lie. Their “expert traders” are nothing more than scammy sales people and they earn commission when you make a deposit, so they will try and get you to deposit as much money as possible. Some people have lost their entire life savings into binary scams and it’s the reason that many brokers are banned from doing business inside the USA and other countries too!

The bottom line? Don’t trust binary options and avoid systems like Gemini 2 as they are a fraud!

Gemini 2 – My Conclusion & Recommendation

I am not recommending the Gemini 2 system as it’s a complete scam.

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