Genius Profit Initiative Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Genius Profit Initiative is the latest binary scam I’m taking a look at. It’s without a doubt a huge scam and I’m advising you to stay away from it. The Genius Profit Initiative system claims you can earn $5,000 per day but that is just a made up number which means nothing. There is no way you will ever make that much money using this scam system. Read my review below and get all the details on this hot new scam.

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Genius Profit Initiative Scam - Don't Trust It! 5

Genius Profit Initiative – 100% Scam

After taking a closer look it’s so obvious that Genius Profit is a scam. By the way “Genius Profit Initiative” is a little long winded so I’m going to be referring to this scam system as just Genius Profit from now on. In 2017 I have reviewed a lot of scams already and the biggest ones are Tesler and Cogni Trade. These 2 scams are very similar to Genius Profit because they offer incredible amounts of money for doing absolutely nothing. Unfortunately you’ll never make the money that the system claims, it’s all just lies in order to get you to sign up and make a deposit at the binary broker. Believe it or not the scammers are actually starting to make less now as people are catching onto binary options scams, but that seems to have made their websites even more hyped up with false claims in order to get people to sign up.

genius profit initiative scam software

So they’re claiming that you can earn $5,000 per day and they have a bunch of testimonials backing this up. This is all complete BS and you shouldn’t believe a word they say on their website. The truth is “Professor Benjamin Grant” does not exist, he is a made up character for this scam website. Also there’s not “28 membership spots left” as the website shows. This is just fake scarcity in order to trick you into signing up “before the spots run out”. All the testimonials on their website are fake. They have literally taken stock photos and used these photos to build testimonials around. These are not real people earning money from this scam software.

How Does Genius Profit Work?

After you watch their video which talks about how much money you can earn you are put through a series of simple steps. The first is to sign up with your email and details so that you can access the next page, pretty standard stuff. Then you have to watch another video where you are prompted to enter more details to register your account. When you register they will automatically create an account for you at their recommended binary options broker. The broker is your doorway to the market, this is what allows you to actually place trades and make money. After you do this you are forwarded to the software page where you can finally start trading. This is where it all happens and you finally make the money you deserve right? Wrong!

What actually happens is you’ll be made to deposit $250. That is the minimum amount to get started even though they told you it was free. After you make this deposit you’re in. The software will activate and start placing trades for you. At this stage you should be able to sit back and watch as your bank balance builds and you get rich, but of course that will never happen. Genius Profit software will trade your cash away to nothing and leave you wondering what the heck happened. You’ll be left with literally nothing, all your money vanished!

Where did your money go? The binary broker took it. You see, the broker is in partnership with the scammers. The broker pays out a big referral commission to the owner of the Genius Profit website for referring you. Now they need to make sure you LOSE money so that they make money. If you were to actually make a lot of money with this system it would cost them money. They operate like casinos and need you to lose, because if you start winning they are out of pocket. That’s why I never believe any of these binary scams because if you actually made the money they claim all the binary brokers would be out of business!

The software you access is actually created by the binary brokers. They create a software and cover it in the scammers (Genius Profit website owners) logos. They will brand the software to make it look like the software they are talking about on their website, but in reality it’s owned by the brokers and it doesn’t work. It’s a complete scam, and if you sign up you will become it’s latest victim!

genius profit fake testimonials

Just look at these testimonials above, they are so obviously stock photos. By the way stock photos are¬†usually professional images you can purchase to use on websites. It’s so obvious that these are stock photos and not real testimonials. Don’t trust any of these as they are not genuine!

Genius Profit Conclusion

I am obviously not recommending the Genius Profit Initiative. This system is a complete scam and won’t make you a penny.

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Genius Profit Initiative Scam - Don't Trust It! 5

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