Cogni Trade Software Scam – Truth Exposed!

Cogni Trade software is a brand new binary options scam and I’m here to warn you from becoming it’s next victim. Cogni Trade has just launched and people are already losing money to it, but I’ve put together a full review and I’m exposing it as a scam. The guys behind this system are trying to fool you with their fancy website and referencing big companies like IBM but luckily for you I’m exposing this scam and keeping you safe.

First things first..

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Cogni Trade Software Scam - Truth Exposed! 5

Cogni Trade – Fake Software!

Cogni Trade is yet another binary options scam to launch in 2017. I’m amazed how many we’ve had already, clearly the scammers are looking to have a profitable year. In the past few days alone I’ve exposed other scams like Rubix Project and Vena System. Plus I exposed a bunch more before that. In total I think I’ve done well over 10 reviews of scam systems warning you to stay away from them. Want to know the common theme? They’re all binary options and they are literally all the same. Whilst the website changes, the actors and the general story and name of the system, the one thing that remains the same is how the scam actually works. Each time you are promised huge amounts of money to use the software like Cogni Trade however the software never works as promised and you don’t make the income that they claim. That’s because the whole thing is fake, and the people in the videos are actors.

Cogni Trade fake software

Look at this guy above, he’s quite obviously an actor and not even a good one at that. After I looked at their video it was clear to me that they had actually taken some legitimate videos and mixed it into their scam video. The people who appear at the start of the video seem to be talking genuinely however I noticed they never once mentioned “Cogni Trade” which to me suggests they have nothing to do with this scam system. They probably just mixed these people in to make their website seem more legitimate. As soon as the guy I screen shotted above popped up it was clear that we were dealing with another scam binary software.

They promise you can make $1,500 every single day and all you need to do is use Cogni Trade. What a terrible name by the way, I swear these guys are running out of ideas when it comes to making these binary options scam websites.

Anyway, let’s talk a little more about how the scam works, this will help you avoid similar scams in the future.

Cogni Trade – How Does The Scam Work?

So as I mentioned there have already been a number of similar scams to Cogni Trade this year and that’s because whilst the websites change and look different, the way the scam works never changes. It starts with you visiting their website and watching their video which claims you can make $1,500 a day for doing nothing, all you need to do is use their system and it’s free too. If you follow their instructions and sign up you’ll be forwarded to a binary options broker. In order to actually trade binary options you need to sign up with a broker. It’s no different to how you need to walk into a casino in order to play blackjack for example. The owner of the Cogni Trade scam website is an affiliate for the binary brokers, so they get paid to refer you to the broker. When you sign up you will be asked to make a deposit to fund your account so that their “Cogni Trade software” actually has money to trade. This is the real scam, because as soon as you make that deposit, the owners of Cogni Trade get paid. Their job is complete and you just got scammed, although you won’t know it just yet.

Scam Brokers For Cogni Trade

At this stage the Cogni Trade owners are done with you. They don’t care whether you make a penny because their job is done, they already got paid to refer you to the broker. Now you can actually start using their software which will trade automatically for you, however you won’t start making $1,500 a day like they told you, you’ll make nothing. The software will make a series of bad trades and leave you with nothing left in your account. Where did your money go exactly? To the broker.

The brokers are actually in on the scam. They are the ones that provide the trading software and they make sure it loses so that you lose and they win meaning they make money. They have a software programmed to lose, and they just brand the software with the Cogni Trade logos so it looks like the Cogni Trade software. This is the part of the scam that never changes, because when a new scam comes out like the ones I mentioned before like Rubix Project, they re-brand it with their logo.

Unfortunately this is happening everyday to 1,000’s of people. The authorities are trying to clamp down but it’s hard for them, the only way you can stay clear of these scams is by learning how the scam works which I just explained and visiting my website where I expose all the scams I can!

Cogni Trade Conclusion – Avoid!

Don’t waste anymore of your time looking at this scam system.

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Cogni Trade Software Scam - Truth Exposed! 5

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