Get Paid To Send Emails – Scam or Legit?

Can you really get paid to send emails?

Today I’m taking a look at this new program called Paid To Send Emails which as the name suggests claims you can get paid to send emails.

If you’re considering getting started with Paid To Send Email you’ll want to read this full review because I’m sharing the honest truth on why you should really avoid it.

Before I start…

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Get Paid To Send Emails – Review

So you’re probably wondering if Get Paid To Send Emails is legit?

I’m here to tell you it’s a waste of your time. And not much different to other programs I’ve exposed lately like Extreme Home Paycheck and Lifestyle Now.

I was just taking a closer look at the program and there are many red flags. The first one for me is the name “paid to send email” which suggests that this is some kind of email sending job where you can get paid to send email without investment however that’s simply not the case! The biggest red flag though is the number of fake video testimonials that are in their sales video. For example when watching the video on the website I noticed many “paid actors” giving testimonials. These are clearly fake testimonials and were most likely ordered from the website

What kind of legitimate program needs fake testimonials? My point exactly!

Get Paid To Send Emails - Scam or Legit? 10

This women in the screen shot is quite clearly an actor. It might not be obvious to you since you probably don’t review 100’s of scams a year like I do. However when you’ve seen the amount of scam programs I have you start to notice the same people popping up in the videos for scam systems time and time again.

Here is another familiar face below. This person has appeared in many videos of scam websites claiming that he’s made a fortune, not just the Paid To Send Email program. The real truth is this person is probably broke.

Why else would you sell fake testimonials? The only reason I can see anyone offering these services is because they are desperate to make a quick buck, so they sell fake testimonial services for as little as $5 for a video. It’s these kind of people that I should tell to go and look at AWOL Academy (my favourite program) since it could probably really help them to make a real income online.

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So What Is Get Paid To Send Emails?

As the name suggests you can get paid to send email. The truth is the theory behind the program is actually pretty good. After all many marketers including myself earn money from sending emails. It’s called email marketing and it’s very effective. At the time of typing this I have an email list of over 20,000 subscribers who have joined my list from this blog. These are people just like you who are reading my reviews and subscribing to learn more about the programs I review and the programs I recommend.

Whenever I send out an email 1,000’s of people open it and click on the links in the email. This means that I can direct people to many websites. Often I will send people back to this very blog or I might send them over to my “no.1 recommendation” since many of my emails are sharing my amazing results.

So Get Paid To Send Emails Is Legit? Not Exactly…

The Paid To Send Email program teaches this method however they don’t really do it justice in my opinion. Instead of actually teaching legitimate methods, their website services are your typical “get rich quick” program. When you sign up you are immediately sent on to further videos that aim to up-sell you into higher priced programs and products. I’m not against this practice when the products actually genuinely help people, but in this case I feel they’re a waste of time.

Did I mention they are using ClickBetter? Another red flag really (although this could be a positive thing).

ClickBetter is the payment processor for Paid To Send Email and on 1 hand this raises a red flag since many scam programs are processed through here. On the other hand it’s a huge positive because it’s extremely easy to get a refund from ClickBetter. When it comes to make money programs refunds and chargebacks are huge, so to protect themselves ClickBetter offers a 60 day money back guarantee and they actually give refunds really quick, so again a huge bonus really if you did end up buying this program.

Final Thoughts For Get Paid To Send Emails

Is this the worst program I have ever seen? Nope, however it’s certainly not the best and I certainly won’t be recommending it. To me the name suggests that this is some kind of online email sending job when in actual fact you need to spend money to actually buy into the program where you are taught a method. I can assure you nobody is getting “paid to send email” unless you are doing social media marketing for a company.

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Get Paid To Send Emails - Scam or Legit? 9


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