Hexa Trader Scam – Fake Software Exposed!

Hexa Trader is a brand new binary options system and I’m here to tell you it’s a big fat scam. Don’t spend any of your money on this scam system. I’m revealing the truth about Hexa Trader in my full review. Keep reading and you can get all the details below. Firstly, if you’re looking for a real way to make money…

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Hexa Trader – I’m Exposing It!

So I’m writing this post quickly to warn you about the Hexa Trader scam. I was literally about to leave the house when I saw an email about this system and I knew I needed to get this information out to you, so I’ve put my plans on hold and I’m writing this post to share all the details about the Hexa Trader scam system and why you need to avoid it. The truth is this system will not make you a penny, and it will only end up costing you money. I’ll explain exactly how it works and why you should avoid it below.

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Hexa Trader – The Real Truth

The real truth when it comes to Hexa Trader is that this is a fake system. In fact their whole website is fake and the person you see in the video that I took a screenshot of above is an actress. This is not the real person behind this system and you won’t make $1644 per day. Perhaps “math” can make you that kind of money but trust me it’s not going to happen if you decide to use the Hexa Trader system. This system is a complete joke and a scam, and the people behind it have been behind numerous other scams recently like the Tesler Software and HFT Finance. These people do not care about your success, they just want to make money by scamming you and referring you to untrustworthy brokers. I’ve exposed 100’s of systems like this in the past few years, and over 100 on this blog alone. These guys cannot be trusted and if you sign up you will lose money, that is a guarantee.

How Does Hexa Trader Scam Work?

The scam starts off with you hearing about their “software” and how it can help you make money. This might be through an email or some kind of online ad. The quickest and easier way that the scammers spread the word about their scam is via email. They have a number of “partners” who will happily share their scam in order to share in the profits that they make. They will send you an email that talks about how you can make incredible amounts of money with a new software called Hexa Trader and it’s free too. The truth is this system is not free, you’ll need to sign up to the binary options broker that they recommend and make a deposit. The minimum deposit is $250 and you’ll be pushed to deposit far more than this. Also once you get inside they will have their “experts” call you. Don’t be fooled though, these people are not experts at all, they are professional sales people who will do they absolute best to scam you out of as much money as possible. The brokers are crooks and they’ve been known to take peoples life savings.

After you actually make that initial deposit, whether you speak to the “experts” or not you will get access to the Hexa Trader. Yes believe it or not the software does exist! It’s branded with all the Hexa Trader logos and looks pretty professional. Unfortunately when it comes to this kind of thing “looks” mean nothing. The software will not work as advertised in fact it will work exactly the opposite of how its advertised. You won’t be able to make the $1,000’s that are promised, you’ll actually lose money. The Hexa Trader software is designed to LOSE money and within a few hours or days of signing up you’ll have nothing left. All the money you deposited into this system will have been traded away by this terrible software.

The truth is the brokers pay out huge commissions to the scammers behind this system for referring new customers to them. The owners of the Hexa Trader scam website don’t care about your success. They make their website as hyped up as possible and full of income claims in order to convince you to sign up, because when you sign up to the broker they recommend they get paid a commission and they’re done with you. It’s then the brokers turn to try and scam you out of more money, and they’ll rig the software you access so that you lose on purpose, that way they don’t have to pay out your winnings and they keep all your money.

Hexa Trader – Fake Reviews & Testimonials

Something that’s super important when it comes to this system is not believing all the fake testimonials and reviews you see out there. You’re lucky that you landed on my blog because I’m one of few people sharing the real truth about this scam. So many other blogs are saying it’s great, but the truth is the people who run these blogs just want to refer you to this system so that they can earn a commission. I’m not interested in earning commissions by scamming people into these terrible binary options systems. I would much rather share something that actually works and helps me make real money, as you’ll see below.

Conclusion = Hexa Trader Is A Scam

I’m obviously not recommending this joke of a system. It won’t help you make a penny and will only leave you disappointed.

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