Home Job Source Scam – Avoid It!

Home Job Source is a new scam website I’ve been taking a closer look at. If you’re thinking about joining don’t bother, read this full review and you’ll learn the truth about this scam website.

Before I start…

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Home Job Source Review

If you’ve ever heard of the link-posting scam, you are probably already familiar with Kelly Simmons’s “Home Job Source,” (home-job-source.com). I initially saw the signs pointing to the product possibly being a scam and upon further research I found many flaws in the system. I also noticed that this scam is identical to entrepreneur jobs club. Just take a look at the website below and you will see how similar it looks:

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So this Kelly Simmons, it turns out she doesn’t exist, nor is she America’s Number One Home Business Consultant. I found out this doesn’t exist either. So, I decided to delve a bit further. All of the channels which are listed on the top of their page, CBS, NBC, and others – turns out the scam hasn’t been endorsed on any of these networks. So the “approval,” which you see on the website, is used illegally as well.

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How About The Reviews?

I quickly noted that these rehashed reviews, which are also made by fictitious people, are used on other scam sites. It is simply a clone site set up by a scammer, trying to take money from those who are in a difficult situation, and looking for a solution to get out of their financial woes. It’s really quite sad that they have to prey on these kind of people.

If you note how the site claims to be the “number one,” at home solution to get rich, its probably because you’ve seen it on other clone sites. So, don’t believe this lie either if you are considering this work at home venture. As a matter of fact, none of the clones are the best ways to make money at home, so steer clear of any of these sites claiming to be the best, or easiest. Also you may have noticed that these kind of scams get promoted through fake news websites like the Financial Money Times website which is nothing but a scam website itself.

Home Job Source Calculator

I found this was another telltale sign of how big a scam this site really was. On the homepage, it has a calculator where you can figure out your monthly income. The outdated system is highly flawed, and skewed by numbers no one comes close to earning with the program. This is just a lie in order to get you sucked in. Also you might not even see this calculator depending on which scam page you visited since it uses number of different pages to fool you.


If you really step back and read the claims on their site, as I did, you will quickly see how poorly developed the scam site really is. You won’t find work here, and you’ll simply waste your time and money by giving them your personal information and account information. So steer clear!

So, who signs up for these scams? Mostly newbies who aren’t at all familiar with the realm of online work from home ventures. And you can believe, most, if not all, regret joining Home Job Resource immediately. So, make sure you read their terms/conditions carefully; it is also worthwhile to read online reviews, as you will quickly learn how many people have been scammed by this fictitious business.

Home Job Source Up Sells

The main reason programs like Home Job Source exist is so that they can up-sell you into other business opportunities many of which are high ticket like MOBE. Once you actually join you’ll be put on a list and then you will be emailed with other scam offers. Some of the offers are actually legitimate however you should be wary because they are high ticket business opportunities which basically means they are expensive and can run you into the 10’s of $1,000’s.

How about the money back returns? It is extremely confusing, as are their guarantees. And, with the limited (virtually non-existent) customer service, you better believe you’ll likely never see a penny of the money refunded!

Take it from me, Home Job Resource is one of the worst scams you’ll find out there. Steer clear, and run as quickly as possible if you are even contemplating giving these thieves your money.

Home Job Source Conclusion

Obviously I will not be recommending this system. I don’t believe you’ll make a penny from it.

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