Home Wealth Club Scam – Network Scam!

Home Wealth Club is a new opportunity claiming it can help you to make $87 an hour working from home and you can start in just 5 minutes a day. Is this just another scam? It certainly looks that way to me and on this page I’m sharing my honest review and opinion.

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Home Wealth Club – Overview

After landing on the website for the Home Wealth Club Network I noticed that this is definitely nothing new. I have seen this website many times before as it keeps getting re-made every few weeks. Literally I am not joking I have seen this website probably dozen times under different names and most recently those were the Extreme Home Paycheck website and the Complete Profit Code website. It’s actually quite funny to keep seeing these rebranded over and over again. It makes me wonder why in the world this is necessary. I mean after all if this is a legitimate website why do they need to keep re-making it? To me it seems like they are running away trying to rebrand because people keep exposing their scammy tactics.

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In case you think I am lying (although I don’t know why you would think that) then let me show you a few other websites that look pretty much identical to Home Wealth Club apart from a few different bits of text and images. Here is the first one and it only launched a couple of weeks ago called Extreme Home Paycheck, it’s already scammed a bunch of people unfortunately but hopefully anyone who has come across my website will know the real truth.

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Looks pretty familiar right? Notice how the whole website is designed in exactly the same way as Home Wealth Club and uses the same big brand endorsements to try and make you think that it’s a legit website.

Still not convinced? How about another website I exposed called Home Jobs Now. Here’s is a screen shot below:

Home Wealth Club Scam - Network Scam! 14

Once again this website is an exact clone apart from it has a different name and a couple of bits of text are different but the rest is the same. It’s a website that is designed to mislead you into parting with money in my opinion and they keep rebranding it to trick a new market. My understanding is that each website actually targets a different kind of person. In other words they are creating the websites to target specific audiences. Home Jobs Now for example is made to target people looking for home jobs and Home Wealth Club is doing the same thing whereas Complete Profit Code is perhaps targeting someone who wants to start a business as opposed to a “home job”. That’s just my opinion anyway and I have no real clue whether that’s just what I think or whether it’s an accurate assumption.

What IS Home Wealth Club?

The Home Wealth Club is actually a website setup by one of the affiliates for Mobe to promote the Mobe opportunity. It seems like everything I review lately comes back to this one business opportunity and to be honest it bugs me because Mobe is not a scam as I’ve already explained in this review of Mobe. However there are a number of unethical affiliates who keep creating websites like Home Wealth Club to recruit people into the Mobe MLM / business opportunity who are doing it by lying.

There are some legitimate websites out there that promote Mobe like the WIFI Millionaire, however there are many more scam websites too promoting it such as My Millionaire Mentor which is probably the worst one of the lot. Ultimately Mobe is a business opportunity. You can sign up, learn about digital marketing and you can become an affiliate. When you become an affiliate you can resell the opportunity and the digital products and earn a commission. You can earn some pretty big commissions too however to do that you’ll need to own the products. It’s a “pay to play” business meaning you can only resell products you actually purchased in the first place. The products are digital products and also live events, there is no physical product/package.

The top affiliates in Mobe operate what is known as their own “front end systems” which essentially means that they recruit people into Mobe via their own unique websites like Home Wealth Club for example. They create websites that claim you can make a lot of money and then when you go to sign up you end up joining Mobe and the person who owns the website gets paid the referral commission when you join. Like I mentioned there are many legitimate websites from affiliates who are doing this, however there are also many scammy looking ones like Home Wealth Club that would rather lie to you and promise you riches untold that will never happen in reality. Or even if you do make money it’s never as easy as the website claims.

Home Wealth Club Conclusion

It’s another hyped up website that lies to you in order to get you to join Mobe. Personally I won’t be recommending it because I don’t think you’ll earn the money that they claim plus I believe there are better options out there for making money like my no.1 recommendation (see below).

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Home Wealth Club Scam - Network Scam! 11

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