HyperFund: Legit Withdrawal or Scam? [2023 Review]

Is Hyperfund legit or another scam that won’t issue withdrawals?

There are a lot of financial companies with online money making opportunities and it is hard knowing which one is worth it and which is not.

In this HyperFund review I am going to take you through all the evidence that will equip you with the right information to join this company or not as well as review the kind of scheme they are offering.

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Hyperfund Review 2023

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What is HyperFund?

HyperFund is a company that claims it has constructed a DeFi (Decentralized Financial infrastructure) ecosystem for digital currency users with multiple decentralized service platforms and blockchain technology.

They have their own cryptocurrency called HDAO which is their HyperDAO token that is listed on OKEx and Hoo that provides a decentralized financial infrastructure.

It reminds me of other platforms that have tokens like Nervos Network, Keep Network, and Rally Crypto. It is also very similar to crypto MLMs Hyperverse and Hyperone.

Referral commissions are paid to affiliates that recruit new members which then places them at the top of a uni-level team.

The promise from Hyperfund is 0.5 – 1% daily rewards totaling a 200-300% ROI paid in HU. ROI is used for measuring the performance of crypto investment, or the multiple crypto investment. HU should not be confused with Hustlers University which also goes by the name HU but is not connected.

Who is behind Hyperfund?

The company was founded by Ryan Xu in 2014.

Hyperfund Global is located in California, USA and has been in operation since March 30, 2015.

Jayden Wei is the CEO of Hyperfund.

Hyperfund CEO Jayden Wei

Here is a list of the other important people in the company;

  • Sam Lee (Hyperfund Group Chairman)
  • Andrew Wasylewicz (Group Consultant)
  • Adam Geri (Group Consultant)
  • Dr Joseph Liu (Group Consultant)
  • Allen Au (Group Consultant)

The company is owned by another company called Hypertech group.

It is the third version of re-launch of 3 previously collapsed systems of the same kind.

The last one was known as HyperCapital and it turned out to be a failed attempt in trying to resurrect an almost valueless token called Hypercash (HCash).

HyperCapital’s website has been eventually abandoned and the business has been sold and a new anonymous group of owners are trying to monetize off of it.

The company’s relaunch was announced in mid 2020. It is essentially Ryan Xu and HyperTech’s migration to Decentralized financial infrastructure.

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HyperFund’s Products

Hyper fund has no dispensable products or services.

Members and network marketing affiliates can only market and promote their affiliate links to potential investors.

Hyper fund ecosystem refers to the products and services related to affiliate links.

Some of the services available in the affiliate membership scheme include;

  • HyperPay – MultiEcology digital wallet has joined several configurations into one single platform, so you can manage everything in one place with much ease.
  • HyperSHOW – It is a Livestream content platform that uses AI and natural language processing to always provide the most engaging, creative show for viewers.
  • HyperFIN – Providing extensive digital financial services to the members.
  • Hyper News – It is an additional Blockchain instant messaging software for the cryptocurrency world
  • HyperBC – HyperBC is more than a bank for the future. It’s also an encrypted asset custody service that evolves with the changing times giving users peace of mind.
  • HyperMall – It is a digital mall that allows people spend their money from anywhere on anything they want. It does so by running transactions through smart contracts, leaving the user with no need to convert their cash into cryptocurrency beforehand
  • HPX – The High-Performance Exchange will provide users with transactions that are both fast and secure. The new currency exchange is going to be a major boon for those in need of quick cash without having to worry about their personal information being stolen by hackers who target their exchanges on a regular basis.
  • HyperMining – Provides high-speed and low-energy computing chips and mining machines that make mining simple and efficient.
  • HyperTalk – It provides blockchain instant messaging software for the crypto world.

HyperFund EcoSystem of Services

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How Hyper fund works

There are 3 levels of investment: 300, 500 and 1,000 units of HU tokens.

All pay outs are usually made in HU daily rewards and withdrawals to actual money are made through an internal exchange known as HyperPay.

HU holds no monetary value outside Hyper fund. In order for investors and members to turn HU to money, there is a process to be followed.

Once your earned rewards equal at least SOHU, you should transfer to the financial ledger, exchange for MOF, withdraw MOF to an external exchange and sell the MOF for whatever currency is supported on that exchange (such as USDT).

MOF can lose value very rapidly and can leave investors with less than their initial investment.

How to join Hyper fund

Hyperfund website

The cost to join Hyper Fund Global is $145 while to join Hyper fund China is $30.

The affiliates and investors are exchanging their USDT for HU Tokens for a promised 300% ROI.

The company offers a 14-day free trial for new members where they can explore the site and see if it fits their qualifications before having any obligations of joining and paying monthly fees.

After paying the monthly fees, the users will be able to: access all platforms, receive trading signals for investors who want stocks information and they will also be able to have unlimited downloads with no additional costs or restrictions.

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How to make money with Hyperfund

In this section of my Hyper Fund review, I am going to share the information about how you can make money with the opportunities that the company provides its affiliates and investors.

Hyper Fund refers to their compensation plan as HyperCommunity.

There are 3 levels of investment: 300, 500 and 1,000 units of HU tokens.

HyperFund affiliate investors are exchanging their USDT for HU internal Token for a promised 300% ROI. The structured return is actually 200% but there seems to be a 300% limited time offer.

The 300% cap is calculated based off a daily return in addition to earned commissions.

Once the 300% has been accomplished, reinvestment in 50 HU increments is mandatory to continue receiving profits.

20% of the commissions paid out excluding daily returns, is withheld by Hyper fund and must be reinvested into various tokens that Hyper Fund is promoting.

In other words, investors only get back 80% per withdrawal in their bank account and this can be seen as a hidden fee and the company is taking money(20%)

Hyperfund daily returns

Let’s take a look at the various commissions and profits you can earn with Hyper fund;

Referral Commissions

Hyper Fund has an affiliate scheme that pays a commission of 20% on all new customers.

They pay referral commissions via a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure basically places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them, level 1.

Once any level 1 affiliate recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team. When any level 2 affiliate recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on.

Hyper fund is paying to a depth of 20 levels deep to investors as a reward for bringing their family and friends to the platform who invest:

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 20%
  • level 2 – 15%
  • level 3 – 10%
  • levels 4 to 6 – 5%
  • levels 7 to 15 – 2%
  • levels 16 to 20 – 1%

Each unilevel team level requires a recruited affiliate to maintain an active investment to qualify to earn commissions.

You must qualify to unlock each level of referral commissions by a certain number of personal referrals.

The total number of personal referrals that you will need to unlock the 20 levels is 20 members.You will earn a percentage from your downline organization’s earnings for all the levels that you qualify for.

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ROI Profits

Hyper fund guarantees anywhere between 0.5% to 1% in daily returns. There are varying levels of risk-taking that can be picked depending on the investor’s interest for more or less volatility in their portfolio.

Global Reward

Hyper Fund deposits the HU equivalent of 4% of companywide investment into the Global Reward pool which is split into 4 smaller pools which are;

  • 2% Global Reward pool – generate 2 million in HU investment independent of your strongest unilevel team leg
  • 1% Global Reward pool – generate 4 million in HU investment independent of your strongest unilevel team leg
  • 0.5% Global Reward pool – generate 6 million in HU investment independent of your strongest unilevel team leg
  • 0.25% Global Reward pool – generate 10 million in HU investment independent of your strongest unilevel team leg

The Global Reward pool is paid out monthly and for someone to qualify, it is accumulative.

VIP Reward

The VIP Reward allows Hyper Fund affiliates earn on HU earned by unilevel team affiliates outside of their strongest leg.

The strongest leg is calculated cumulatively and based on daily HU generated across all unilevel teams.

There are seven ranks within the VIP Reward scheme and their corresponding VIP rewards rate ;

  • Expert – build a downline receiving 50,000 HU a day outside of your strongest unilevel team leg. You receive a 0.5% VIP Reward rate
  • Pro – build a downline receiving 100,000 HU a day outside of your strongest unilevel team leg. You receive 1% VIP Reward rate
  • 1 Star – build a downline receiving 250,000 HU a day outside of your strongest unilevel team leg. You receive a 3% VIP Reward rate
  • 2 Star – build a downline receiving 500,000 HU a day outside of your strongest unilevel team leg. You receive a 6% VIP Reward rate
  • 3 Star – build a downline receiving 1,000,000 HU a day outside of your strongest unilevel team leg. You receive a 9% VIP Reward rate
  • 4 Star – build a downline receiving 3,000,000 HU a day outside of your strongest unilevel team leg. You receive a 12% VIP Reward rate
  • 5 Star – build a downline receiving 5,000,000 HU a day outside of your strongest unilevel team leg. You receive a 15% VIP Reward rate

There is a hidden component to the VIP Reward which is that 15% is paid on all HU generated across each affiliate’s unilevel team.

If it so happens that a HyperFund affiliate isn’t 5 Star ranked and is receiving the full 15% paid out, the difference between their VIP Reward rate is paid to the affiliate that recruited them.

If for example a 2 Star receives a 6% VIP Reward rate, leaving up to 9% left to be paid out to their upline.

If the individually recruited affiliate is at the same rank as the upline, the upline receives a 1% VIP Reward rate.

If the personally recruited affiliate isn’t VIP Reward qualified, the upline receives the full 15% volume on that affiliate’s unilevel team HU volume.

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Pros of Hyperfund

  • The company is a member of The California Association for Financial Professionals
  • Hyper fund has low investment options.
  • They guarantee a 300% return on the investor’s initial investment.
  • Referring is completely optional to the users.
  • Millions of users across multiple platforms owned by Hypertech group.

Cons of Hyperfund

  • There are warnings by UK’s Financial Conduct Authority on Hyperfund being an unauthorized company
  • Hyperfund has no products or services on offer. Affiliates are only able to market the affiliate membership scheme.
  • Hyperfund is not registered to provide financial services in New Zealand
  • The additional service platforms listed under their Hyper Ecosystem have no reviews online and appear to not be in operation.
  • There are many poor reviews on Trust Pilot exposing the company to be a scam while most of the excellent reviews appear to be fake
  • If the Hyperfund scheme collapses, the majority of investors are left holding worthless HU Tokens which isn’t real money.
  • There is no Proof of revenue independent of Network Marketing Recruitment to pay the investors.
  • HyperFund company is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • They don’t appear to have the proper approval to offer promised ROIs to their unwary investors in any country that they are doing business in.

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Here in the hyperfund review, I’m going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions

Is HyperFund/HyperVerse Listed With The BBB?

The HyperFund company is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

The company is however a member of:

  • The California Association for Financial Professionals
  • Industry Advisory Board Member at Wealth Management Magazine
  • Companies We Like to Work With program by Inves National Network LLC (INN)
  • International Franchisee Ambassador Program in Australia
  • Asia Pacific Region 2016 Winner Silver Awardee from Franchising World Best Practice Awards 2017/2018- Small Company Category Listing on TRUSTPILOT® list since 2014.

It is also registered under an active license status issued out of Newark CA, USA which expires in 2021

What’s The Cost To Join HyperVerse?

The cost to join HyperFund Global is $145 and the cost to join HyperFund China is $30.

The cost could change, so make sure to check their website for the most current pricing.

Is Hyperfund a PONZI SCHEME?

After what i have uncovered about HyperFund , I can say that it is a pyramid scheme. The company is solely dependent on their affiliate membership program.

There is an independent investigation of Hyperfund that has given it an A+ rating that suggests that some people think that this is a trustworthy investment platform

Some negative reviews claim that they are not able to withdraw any of their profit, which is a huge red flag.

Another concern is that they don’t appear to have the proper approval to offer promised ROIs to their members in any country that they are doing business in.

Ponzi scheme’s are rife within the crypto space so you have to be careful, especially as even the most trusted company’s in crypto can take a downfall as we saw with FTX / Alameda Research and SBF.

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How Does The HyperTech Group Make Its Money?

Primarily from its existing businesses, the tech incubation of new Blockchain projects and technologies in its ecosystem, fees and profits from its products and exchanges, investing in start-ups, listing of venture capital companies, mining of selected cryptocurrencies and launching of new tokens.

However, the company is mainly dependent on its affiliate program.

What Is HyperFund, The HyperCommunity?

It is basically the HyperTech Group’s distribution and marketing channel.

Members of the HyperFund, HyperCommunity constitute the Group’s users of its products and services.

Is it Possible to Receive More Than 15% Per Month?

No, it is not. Each membership passive rewards continue until 3X the value of that particular membership is reached. The repayment can be accelerated by different strategies. But at no time does payment go to more than 3X the value of the membership.

Acceleration of rewards means you will receive that 3X a little faster.

Rebuys do not change anything about any previously owned memberships. A rebuy is simply a new membership which pays a minimum of 0.5% of the value of that new membership until 3X is reached.

Referring others accelerates the time-frame and means you reach that 3X faster on each individual purchased membership.

Are the Rewards Given for Life?

Each time you receive a 0.5% daily reward, the cost of the membership you purchased reduces by the amount of reward given to you. Daily rewards are paid until you have been paid 3X the value of your membership purchase.

By adopting a rebuy strategy, you will also receive rewards on your additional memberships and thus receive daily rewards on multiple memberships for the duration of these memberships.

Each membership purchased expires once you have received 3X the value of that specific membership. At no time will you receive rewards on a particular membership beyond the 3X amount.

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 Is there a time limit between registering an account and purchasing my first membership?

There is no time limit between registering an account and purchasing your membership.

However, if you simply send USD Tether to your deposit address, nothing happens. You earn no more money and can’t withdraw the USD Tether.

HyperFund does not manage deposit account for members. You must purchase a membership with USD Tether that you send to your deposit address to receive rewards.

Why is it Helpful to Re-Buy memberships?

Re-Buying is just an option. It is  simply a way to use your rewards to purchase more memberships without need to redeem your rewards first.

Owning multiple memberships that are simultaneously but separately earning you daily rewards means your total daily rewards is greater than if you only purchased one single membership.

What are Accelerated Rewards?

Accelerated rewards (Hyperdrive rewards) accelerate the repayment of your Pending rewards.

Accelerated (Hyperdrive) rewards are earned when you refer other members to the Hyper Fund platform and they purchase a membership.

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Hyperfund Reviews

Hyperfund has a rating of 2.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot which is quite low.

Here are some of the negative and positive reviews about hyper fund:

I have no idea why people moan about this. Saying it’s a ponzi scheme! It’s simply not true. They should do their own due diligence. I’ve been in this for nearly one year and now started to withdraw very easily. It’s an amazing platform. Yes the customer service. Isn’t very good but let me tell you the find is AMAZING. They have a decentralized financial infrastructure. I would however say that they shouldn’t be not giving rewards while you wait for KYC that I don’t agree with.

-Kris James

I had a withdrawal issue with them and couldn’t get my financial services when i initiated a withdrawal, They ask me to pay 20% upfront fees, I did and they asked for me. It’s not so good if digital currency users complains about a particular issues and nothing is been done to correct it, Except we use external recovery companies like Finalresolute. com , Before withdrawal issues are resolved. It’s obvious scam to just wake up and decide to block my account for no reason, why? they kept telling me stories about verifying my income, when did you guys become the governement? I was finally able to get my funds recovered by the help of Finalresolute. com, You can use them if you in such situation.


This company told me to wait for 8months before I can make withdrawals. I called them and they stopped responding to my calls, the next week they shut down my account with my deposits and profits. Johnwhelan@ financier,com assisted me to get back my money from them. Ponzi scheme DONT TRUST HYPERFUND


WARNING PYRAMID SCHEME. I am out of $10,000. They have stopped withdrawals yet still upgrade the website from 2.0 to 3.0 Promising 4X payout instead of 3X – All smoke and mirrors for the new suckers they are looking to lick clean of their money. They lie and have you fill out forms and other actions that are pointless. THEY AREN’T GIVING YOU YOUR MONEY. For the love of GOD —*STAY AWAY FROM THIS PONZI SCHEME* You have some unwary investors that are still recruiting because they are brainwashed and in on the scam. As top recruiters they continue to get paid while non recruiters and duked out of life savings. STAY AWAY!!!

-Robert M

Nothing is working HVT coin withdrawals stopped. MOF coin withdrawals stopped. The NFT box you buy, when you open it a message pops up – coming soon. Everything this company execute is badly executed. They are a pyramid scheme. Not even the ideas they have is actually working. Management either have no clue or just don’t care. Stay away as far as possible.

-Nico Kotze

I have a big problem with this site.
I was lucky with only one withdrawal after that, I kept trying without any success till now. Customer support is nonexistent, chat them and never get a reply. I’m a member and I will tell you confidently that it is a Ponzi Scheme. This company had to shut down, rename and rebuild? All these without any warning? I tried to navigate this new website with its new name but the whole process sucks. Can’t find my account too. Nah.. This is mental torture. Everyone in hyperpozi sorry hyperverse should stop rebuying.

-Eve Lyn

HyperFund Global is Good Project on Blockchain technology. You guys don’t understand whenever you don’t buy member ship to your own money. Without doing, without work you didn’t have to its scam or its steal your money. This is rediculous opinion. On my opinion doing for before 9 months. It’s is so Excilant project. If you miss the opportunity then you’ll be regret in your future.

-Dipsi Empire

It’s shocking to me how people who know nothing about Hyperfund write reviews.
Also, the negative reviews obviously seem to be from people who have never joined Hyperfund.
My personal experience is Hyperfund has proved to be everything the company has stated.
Educate yourself rather than listing to unknowledgeable blogs etc scaring people about Hyperfund. These vlogs are doing a disservice to you and are the real fraud.

-Raj Panesar

Having read all the reviews, the ones that say they are paying the rewards are true, they provide these day in day out without fail, only problem is when you try and redeem them and take them out of the platform, this is when it all goes wrong. They could pay you a million HU a day in rewards which sounds really good, only problem is you will never be able to withdraw it so what the point. Only the select few, those at the top and the new entrants who they want to keep interested until they to will be unable to withdraw. I have 13 consecutive failed withdrawals so far. All I will say is do your due diligence, and by that I mean do your own, do not accept theirs as it is all completely made up.

-W Watson’

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Is Hyperfund a ponzi scheme?

Based on the facts I have gathered about the company, I think Hyperfund is a scam and it is not worth the investment

Investors should invest in this business with caution because the crypto world market is very risky. The company does not seem to be safe for long-term investments.

Potential new investors should approach this investment scheme with proper planning and research. You should consult with multiple sources and references when you come across an offer or deal that may sound too good to be true in order to get all the facts.

For those who are seeking to make money quickly, it is going to be a long 200 to 600 days wait for most investors to see if this scheme will really reward them with a triple investment.

Most of the Hyperfund positive reviews were written by their affiliates and are fake while some of them have been taken down by some websites.

Another one of the huge red flags is that the UK’s financial conduct authority has issued warnings about the hyperfund scam.

Neither HyperTech group, HyperFund nor Ryan Xu and other associated shell companies are registered with the SEC. This is also another alarming thing about the company.

There seems to be nothing wrong with affiliate marketing and network marketing but there is something wrong when the greater number of Hyperfund distributors are telling other investors that they can join the company and make passive earnings without referring and all the passive affiliates need to do is join through a referral link.

Ponzi Schemes that are offered by companies such as HyperFund can sound like a promising offer, but once you get into the details, you’ll soon realize that things don’t add up.

A study by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) financial regulators in the U.S. of 350 MLM companies found that at least 99% of participants lost money in these schemes* (JM Taylor FTC, 2011).

In conclusion, this is definitely one of the many online scams that you should be sure to avoid.

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