Igor Kheifets: List Building Lifestyle Legit?

If you’re interested in email marketing, you’ve probably heard of Igor Kheifets. Igor is the founder of List Building Lifestyle.

He’s considered by some as the go-to authority on email list building and is said to have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses achieve success with their email marketing campaigns.

But is he legit and trustworthy? Can you trust that his programs will deliver on his promises of getting you better leads?

In this Igor Kheifets review, we dive into the world of Igor and examine his career as a speaker, consultant, and coach as well as his programs. We also take a closer look at his marketing approach. Keep reading to learn more.

Before I start…

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Who is Igor Kheifets?

Igor Kheifets is from Ukraine, but his family moved to the Middle East when he was a kid.

From a very young age, he learned to fend for himself because his father had health problems and a series of medical procedures that prevented him from finding decent-paying work.

Igor Kheifets

Igor decided to start a business out of his bedroom in a rented apartment where he lived with his parents until he turned 21. He started his business with $200 he had borrowed from his grandparents. He had no safety net to fall back on and banks wouldn’t lend him.

He grew his online business from scratch by reinvesting his earnings and taking out as little as possible for food and bills.

He started as an affiliate marketer, promoting other people’s products to his email list. Over time, he developed his products and built a loyal following of subscribers who eagerly awaited his emails. Igor’s expertise in email marketing came from his own experience building a successful online business.

After achieving success, he decided to teach people how to build large, responsive email lists. We should clarify that this is not the same person as the Igor Kheifets who went to Yale University and the New Economic School and worked on a project with a Carlos Velasco as you’ve no doubt seen on the internet.

List Building Lifestyle Podcast

Igor Kheifets launched the List Building Lifestyle Podcast as a resource for aspiring marketers. He interviews top-performing affiliates, successful entrepreneurs, and other industry experts. For example, Robert Kiyosaki has been a guest.

The List Building Lifestyle Club complements the podcast by offering comprehensive courses designed to empower individuals to build their money-making systems using proven methods. We will look into it later.

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Igor Kheifets Courses

Igor Kheifets is an advertising guru and he claims to be on a mission to help average people break free from traditional constraints and achieve financial success.

He has started several programs aimed at teaching people different aspects of marketing. We will examine each of these programs. Igor specializes in email marketing so that is a constant feature in his courses.

In brief, he launched the List Building Lifestyle and Elite Affiliate Pro Course to help businesses leverage email marketing strategies to catapult themselves forward.

He started Igor Solo Ads and built it into a lead-generating email traffic agency. The goal was to help people build an email list without any previous experience and for the same amount of money as the top marketers. Igor Kheifets was a former member of the Warrior Forum where he sold solo ads to members.

He has also authored a book titled “List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire”.

Elite Affiliate Pro

“Elite Affiliate Pro,” is designed to help you build a profitable email list and generate revenue through affiliate marketing.

The course has over 100 video lessons, as well as a variety of bonus resources, including email templates, landing page templates, and more. The course is self-paced, so you can work through the material at your speed.

One of the unique aspects of Kheifets’ course is that it includes access to a private Facebook group. This group allows you to connect with other students and get support and feedback as you work through the course material.

If you’re considering investing in his program, Elite Affiliate Pro, it’s important to note that the initial investment is $997. Additionally, you may need to invest in autoresponders and other extras. Paid ads may also be necessary, but this should be avoided by newcomers in affiliate marketing.

Igor Solo Ads

If you are looking for a way to promote your business and drive traffic to your website, you may have heard of Igor Solo Ads. Igor Kheifets is a well-known expert in solo ads, and his services are meant for businesses looking to increase their sales.

Igor Solo Ads

So, what is Igor Solo Ads? Simply put, they are a form of paid traffic that involves promoting your business to a targeted audience through email marketing. When you purchase Igor Solo Ads, your ad will be sent out to a list of subscribers who have opted-in to receive emails related to your niche.

This means that the people who receive your ad are already interested in what you have to offer, making it more likely that they will click through to your website and become a customer.

One of the key benefits of using Igor Solo Ads is that they are highly targeted. You can choose the audience that you want to reach based on factors like age, gender, location, interests, and more. This means that you are sure that your message is reaching the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Another benefit of using Igor Solo Ads is that they are cost-effective. Unlike other forms of advertising like pay-per-click (PPC) ads, you only pay for the number of clicks that you receive. This means that you can get a lot of traffic to your website without breaking the bank.

Overall, if you are looking for a way to drive targeted traffic to your website, Igor Solo Ads could be a great option for you. With the help of Igor Kheifets and his team, you can promote your business to a highly targeted audience and start seeing results in no time.

As of writing this, Igor has closed Solo Ads to new subscribers.

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E-Farming and 301K Challenge

Igor has been promoting E-Farming and 301K Challenge separately but they are all largely offering the same thing:

  • Igor walks you through launching an affiliate campaign, growing your email list, and becoming a digital freelancer.
  • You get quality customer support where they answer questions about your first affiliate campaign.
  • You get updates as technology, interfaces, and specific traffic sources evolve. Igor instructs you on what to use and what to avoid.
  • Access to the affiliate offers that Igor is testing to find the highest-converting ones.
  • A quick-start guide to master any email autoresponder in 20 minutes or less. You learn how to set up and automate your email marketing with a few clicks.
  • Interchangeable and reusable email templates to promote virtually any affiliate offer in any niche market.
  • Passive income machine training on how to set up an automated business using a 1-page website and an email autoresponder.
  • An easy done-for-you affiliate funnel to grow your online business while you learn. You also learn where to get quality traffic to start scaling.
  • Access to Igor’s automated traffic Rolodex. He says that it helps you avoid the #1 reason affiliate marketers fail: not knowing where or how to get traffic. You learn where to get traffic automatically, even if you’re a beginner.

Igor Kheifets Affiliate Marketing Approach

In some circles, Igor is considered a respected figure in the affiliate marketing world and an authority on building large, responsive email lists in record time.

Igor Kheifets started his affiliate marketing journey by promoting other people’s products and services through email marketing. He quickly became successful and was able to generate a six-figure income. He has also been recognized by thought leaders, such as Robert Kiyosaki, for his expertise and success in the field.

Igor Kheifets helped many people break into the industry and make a living through his teachings and mentorship.

Igor Kheifets’ Approach To Email Marketing

Kheifets’ approach to email marketing involves building strong relationships with subscribers through storytelling and psychology, which he believes can yield substantial profits for anyone looking to break the link between their time and income.

Building Relationships With Subscribers

Building strong relationships with subscribers is at the core of Igor Kheifets’ email marketing strategy. As an expert in nurturing and engaging his audience, he understands that trust and loyalty are essential components for long-term success in any business.

Kheifets utilizes various techniques to foster these connections between himself and his audience members. For example, he often shares personal anecdotes that help humanize him as an entrepreneur while making him more relatable to readers with similar struggles or aspirations.

Utilizing Storytelling and Psychology

Igor Kheifets is known for his expertise in affiliate marketing, but he also utilizes storytelling and psychology in his marketing strategies. He believes that human beings are wired to connect with stories on a personal level, and this can be an effective tool to build relationships with subscribers.

Additionally, Kheifets understands the importance of psychology when it comes to marketing. By understanding the motivations and desires of your customers, you can create campaigns that resonate deeply with them.

For example, if someone is looking for financial freedom or wants to quit their full-time job, you could use language that appeals to those needs.

Kheifets’ approach emphasizes delivering quality content over quantity.

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Igor Kheifets’ Lifestyle and Freedom

When you think of Igor Kheifets, you may picture a man who has complete control over his life and business. Igor claims to have mastered the art of creating a lifestyle that allows him to work on his terms, watch his kids grow up, and enjoy a leisurely breakfast every morning.

Igor’s lifestyle is all about freedom. He has built a business that allows him to work from anywhere in the world, at any time of day. This means that he can take his family on vacation whenever he wants, without worrying about missing important business meetings or deadlines.

But freedom doesn’t just come from having a flexible work schedule. Igor has also mastered the art of delegation. He knows how to find and hire the right people to help him run his business so he can focus on the things that he does best.

One of the things that set Igor apart from other entrepreneurs is his ability to stay focused. He knows how to master his time and energy, so he can get more done in less time. This means that he can spend more time with his family, pursue his hobbies, and still run a successful business.

When it comes to his daily routine, Igor is a master of efficiency. He knows how to prioritize his tasks, so he can get the most important things done first. And he has said a few times that he never skips breakfast – he knows that starting his day with a healthy meal sets him up for success.

Igor Kheifets’ List Building Lifestyle Club

If you’re looking for ways to increase your income, Igor Kheifets’ List Building Lifestyle Club for $97 per month was created for that purpose (not a guarantee that it works). This exclusive community is designed to help affiliates like you achieve success in the world of online marketing.

Igor Kheifets' List Building Lifestyle Club

List Building Lifestyle Club is a membership program that provides you with access to a wealth of resources and tools to help you grow your business. You’ll get access to training materials, webinars, and other resources that are designed to help you succeed.

What is included in List Building Lifestyle Club?

  • Inner circle: You gain access to Igor and his inner circle of partners, advisors, and collaborators
  • The 6-step super-affiliate checklist. Igor used it to make money with his business.
  • Access to all present and future Igor’s top-performing email campaigns, sales presentations, and traffic sources
  • Igor’s Traffic Academy home study course: Instructions on how to get 1,000 buyer leads a day for any offer, market, or niche.
  • A course on how Igor built a following of people who buy anything he recommends
  • Live mentoring calls by Igor and recordings of all past training sessions.
  • Email Swipes: You get 10 email swipes that he claims you can use to promote any product in any niche.
  • A done-for-you sales funnel: You also get quality traffic to start scaling.

One of the key benefits of List Building Lifestyle Club is the information that you’ll receive. Igor Kheifets shares his insights and expertise with members of the community. By joining the List Building Lifestyle Club, you’ll be able to tap into this knowledge and use it to grow your own business.

Another benefit of the List Building Lifestyle Club is the sense of community that it provides. As a member, you’ll be part of a group of like-minded individuals who are all working towards the same goal.

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List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire (Book)

Igor says that List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire was written for people who are tired of the 9-5 grind and “dream of making more money before breakfast than most people make in a month working full-time jobs.”

Igor Kheifets claims to be part of a secret society of lazy millionaires who have found a way to break the link between time and income where income and profit are not tied to the amount of time you spend working.

According to Kheifets, permission-based email marketing is the key to making money without working full-time. By building a database of individuals who want to be kept in the know about products and services that will benefit them, you can create a steady stream of income without putting in long hours.

But can the average person become a lazy millionaire? While it’s true that email marketing can be a lucrative business, it’s not easy. Building a successful email list takes time, effort, and patience. You’ll need to create valuable content that your subscribers will want to read, and you’ll need to build trust with your audience before they’ll be willing to buy from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Igor Kheifets?

Igor Kheifets is a well-known internet marketer, author, and mentor. He is widely recognized as an expert in email marketing and has helped thousands of people build large and responsive email lists. He is the author of the best-selling book, “List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire”. Igor Kheifets is passionate about showing people how to live the List Building Lifestyle.

What does Igor Kheifets do?

Igor Kheifets is an internet marketer who specializes in email marketing. He teaches people how to build large and responsive email lists, which can be used to promote products and services. He also offers coaching and mentoring services to help people achieve success in their online businesses.

Can you make money with Igor Kheifets?

Yes, you can make money with Igor Kheifets. He offers a variety of training programs and coaching services that can help you build a successful online business. However, it’s important to note that success in any online business requires hard work and dedication.

What are Igor Kheifets’ strategies?

Igor Kheifets’ strategies focus on building large and responsive email lists. He teaches people how to create high-converting lead magnets, write effective emails, and build relationships with their subscribers. He also emphasizes the importance of testing and tracking to optimize email campaigns for maximum profitability.

How can I learn from Igor Kheifets?

You can learn from Igor Kheifets by signing up for one of his training programs or coaching services. He offers a variety of options, including online courses, webinars, and one-on-one coaching. You can also follow him on social media or listen to his podcast, the List Building Lifestyle Show.

Is Igor Kheifets a reputable marketer?

Yes, Igor Kheifets is a reputable marketer. He has helped thousands of people build successful online businesses through his coaching and training programs. He is also a best-selling author and widely recognized as an expert in email marketing.

Is Igor Kheifets Legit?

Igor Kheifets is legit. Whether you’re just starting with email marketing or you’re looking to take your campaigns to the next level, Igor Kheifets offers proven strategies and step-by-step guidance with which you can build a large, responsive email list that drives sales and grows your business.


In conclusion, Igor Kheifets is a true master in the world of affiliate marketing. His expertise in email marketing and solo ads has been proven time and time again through his successful businesses like List Building Lifestyle Podcast and Club and Igor Solo Ads.

Through his teachings, he has helped countless average people break the link between their time and income. With his course Elite Affiliate Pro, anyone can learn how to leverage email for business success.

And as e-farming continues to be an exciting opportunity for growth, we look forward to seeing what new techniques Igor will introduce next.

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