Adam O’Dell Imperium Stock: What Is Imperium?

What is Imperium Technology, also referred to as the Imperium Technology machine and DNA Sequencing stock?

If you’re interested to know more about Adam O’Dell’s Imperium Stock keep reading.

A presentation by Adam O’Dell has been making the rounds of late. You’ve probably seen it with a header that reads “The Unstoppable Stock Market Juggernaut of 2021″ or “Imperium.”

Either way, it concerns a new piece of tech that Adam expects to propel the small company to new heights. He also believes that it will spark a megatrend that will disrupt the global economy in 2021.

In this article, I walk you through the presentation, revealing the name of the technology he is talking about and the company behind it.

Before I start…

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Adam O’Dell Imperium Technology Stock

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What is Imperium Technology?

The Unstoppable Stock Market Juggernaut of 2021 aka “Imperium” that Adam is talking about is in a device that will enable scientists to do DNA sequencing more efficiently.

The device he introduces at the beginning of the presentation that he calls “Imperium” is a DNA sequencer that reads your DNA and digitizes it so that it can be stored on a computer.

The Unstoppable Stock Market Juggernaut of 2021

He says that before the Imperium device came along, the process of DNA sequencing was expensive and out of reach for the ordinary folks. For example, the first time scientists sequenced DNA, it took 13 years and cost $2.7 billion to handle the DNA of one person.

But with the new Imperium technology, you can have your DNA sequenced in less than eight hours for $239. It can process DNA 10,000 times faster than the technologies we previously used.

Before we go any further, I should clarify that what Adam is discussing here has nothing to do with Imperium Technology Group Ltd (formerly Imperium Group Global Holdings Ltd), which is an investment holding company. This company operates within the household products segment, the game publishing segment (computer games and mobile games), stainless steel furnishings, E-sports (streaming and marketing event and merchandise sales), property investment segment (investment properties) and the money-lending segment (money lending business).

How impactful is the Imperium Technology?

Adam believes that having a DNA reader that is that efficient is a gamechanger because it will enable us to solve a couple of problems through genome sequencing and disrupt global industries worth $64 trillion in the process. And then ultimately, this will spill over to the entire global economy.

For example, Adam thinks that if we can understand how the human DNA works, we will eradicate genetic diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, hepatitis, and more.

He says that we can transform the global agricultural industry and the food and grocery retail industries, which is massive because those industries are worth trillions.

He also says that the manufacturing sector will be altered as biological manufacturing becomes more prevalent.

This could also lay the foundation for the manufacture of synthetic DNA-based products, which could revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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What DNA Company is Adam Recommending?

Adam wants us to consider investing in the small-cap company that is at the forefront of this era-defining technology because he believes that you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to invest with a very small stake.

Here is what he says about this company:

“They’re able to process DNA much faster than the competition thanks to a new kind of microchip they’ve developed and patented.

It looks like this…”

Here is the image he shows:

Adam O'Dell Imperium Stock: What Is Imperium? 11

And then he goes on…

“It’s made from silicon just like the microchips you find in your computer…

And it allows my No. 1 DNA company to process DNA at 10,000 TIMES the speed of the previous technology thanks to its unique “nanowell” technology.

Before the invention of this microchip, DNA was manipulated in test tubes by hand…”

He shows this image to demonstrate this:

Adam O'Dell Imperium Stock: What Is Imperium? 12And with that small investment, he thinks it has the potential to earn you massive gains because its new silicon platform is so much better than the traditional methods as the image above (taken from the presentation) suggests.

And they have clients for the technology…

“Understandably, the microchip that my No. 1 DNA company makes is the first-choice hardware in the industry…

In fact, they have A-list clients lining up to use their technology…

They’ve already partnered with the Broad Institute…




$50 billion biotech giant Illumina…

And even DARPA, the military’s advanced research division, who says this microchip puts my No. 1 DNA company light-years ahead of the competition…”

So, they look like they have a solid foundation and are likely to do well.

To summarize, here is what we know about the company behind Imperium Technology:

  • It has developed and patented a microchip that processes DNA much faster than what the competitors have. Just to be clear, DNA sequencing machines already existed but they have been slow.
  • It processes DNA 10,000 times faster than previous technology because it has unique ‘nanowell’ technology. Before this microchip was invented, DNA was manipulated using test tubes.
  • It has A-list clients lining up to use its microchip. It has partnered with Broad Institute, MIT, Harvard, Microsoft, and Illumina.
  • DARPA — the military’s research division — says that the microchip puts the company light-years ahead of its competition.

You can learn more about it by reading a dossier Adam wrote called The Next Intel: The Microchip Company Powering the 199,000% DNA Mega Trend. 

Adam O'Dell Imperium Stock: What Is Imperium? 13And to get your hands on it, you have to subscribe to an investment advisory service he edits called Green Zone Fortunes.

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The Imperium Technology Company Revealed

Fortunately, you don’t have to subscribe to a newsletter to find out the name of this company because I pieced those clues together and found out that Adam was referring to a company called Twist Bioscience (TWST). As of writing this, it has a market cap of 5.13 Billion.

Adam O'Dell Imperium Stock: What Is Imperium? 14

It is a San Francisco company that makes DNA products for clients in a variety of sectors. He thinks that it could spark the DNA sequencing trend that will lead to mass adoption. It describes itself as “leveraging its unique technology platform to manufacture a broad range of synthetic DNA-based products, including synthetic genes, tools for NGS sample preparation, and antibody libraries for drug discovery and development.”

At the core of its proprietary technology is a new method of manufacturing synthetic DNA by writing DNA on a silicon microchip.

WIRED ran an article in 2014 in which the CEO of Twist Bioscience, Emily Leproust, demonstrated how they created a new genome-sequencing kit that uses ‘nanowells’ to do a better job than the well technique previously used in the industry.

I also found out that it partnered with Illumina and Microsoft to compress large amounts of data for digital data storage in a DNA molecule.

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Who is Adam O’Dell?

Adam O’Dell is a former hedge fund manager who has the Chartered Market Technician designation.

Adam O'Dell Imperium Stock: What Is Imperium? 15Since he is a CMT, it proves that he understands how to create tools for technical analysis and has a deep understanding of the capital markets. Staggeringly, only 1% of Wall Street experts and hedge fund managers have the designation.

O’Dell has been putting his skills to work picking winning investments. For example, he once picked 24 triple-digit gaining plays over eight months.

We have come across his work before on this blog like when I reviewed his presentation about A9 Gold Stocks in which he was recommending junior gold miners if you wanted to cash in on the gold rally.

He started editing newsletters at Dent Research where he ran a financial newsletter called Cycle 9 Alert. He is currently the chief investment strategist at an independent publishing firm called Money & Market.

In addition to Green Zone Fortunes, he also edits Home Run Profits and 10X Profits.

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How Does The Green Zone Fortunes Service Work?

Adam O’Dell’s Green Zone Fortunes is an investment research service that Adam O’Dell publishes via the Money & Markets publishing company.

Adam says that he started it to provide investment advice to people who are new to trading and are looking to gain an edge. He provides them with the knowledge and tools they need to do better.

Adam O'Dell Imperium Stock: What Is Imperium? 16Green Zone fortunes is an advisory service that comes to subscribers as a monthly newsletter through which Adam discusses new investment opportunities

Adam also sends his readers a weekly email that has something he calls the Green Zone Ratings. It is a system he created that highlights the ten best performing stocks and the ten worst performing stocks at any given time.

The Green Zone Fortunes masterclass tackles the basics of systematic investing to allow you to navigate the market confidently as you seek to achieve financial freedom.

Adam explains to you the inner workings of the “Flip-the-Switch” Market-Timing strategy, the “Hottest Sector” strategy, and the “Right Place, Right Time” strategy.

In a nutshell, Adam O’Dell’s Green Zone Fortunes offers you a practical path to successful investing by showing you a handful of simple, proven investment strategies from which you can formulate a financial investing plan that you can implement in your situation.

What do you get when you become a member?

If you decide to sign up for Adam’s newsletter to get his report about the Imperium stock, you will first receive the special report called The Next Intel: The Microchip Company Powering the 199,000% DNA Mega Trend.

Adam O'Dell Imperium Stock: What Is Imperium? 17In it, you will get an in-depth breakdown of the company, recommended buy-up-to price, and other pertinent details.

Other benefits include.

  • Access to the Green Zone Top 10 “Weekly Hotlist” arrived at using the Green Zone rating system.
  • Access to the Live Green Zone Fortunes model portfolio
  • Weekly market updates about your investments in the model portfolio as well as the broader market.
  • Momentum Principle Millionaire Video Series: The Complete Guide to Getting Rich with the Momentum Principle.
  • 24/7 access to the private Green Zone Fortunes member site where you have access to free reports and other material.

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Bonus Report: 3 Future DNA Titans Trading for as Little as $2 a Share

You will also receive another special report called 3 Future DNA Titans Trading for as Little as $2 a Share. It is about three companies that are also in the DNA sequencing business that are still small now but with the potential to grow rapidly. This shows Adam’s ability to predict future growth.

Adam O'Dell Imperium Stock: What Is Imperium? 18

The first of those three is a small biotech company that was trading at $2.10 when Adam did the presentation. Here is what he says about it in the presentation:

This Company is Trading for Just $2.10 Right Now

Despite their tiny size, they’re set to become a key player in the fight to combat everything from cancer to viruses.

They use therapies based on DNA technology to help a patient’s immune system fight and eliminate disease on its own.

And they’re incredibly powerful.

In fact, their number one treatment is so revolutionary it’s attracted two “Breakthrough Award” grants from the Department of Defense totaling $15 million.

Take this drug and your immune system can potentially fight off a whole range of diseases…

That makes it incredibly valuable because it can dominate in multiple markets — including virus and cancer…

Even COVID-19.

And that’s the real X-factor with this company.

Their number one product is currently in an FDA-approved trial to see if it works as a therapeutic for “long haul” COVID-19.

Long haul COVID-19 is what happens when the virus causes long-term health issues long after the patient has stopped testing positive. And on top of that, he says that the drug is also effective against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Second Stock

The Second company is a DNA stock that Adam says was trading at $1 when he first spotted it before jumping to $3 when he was doing the presentation.

Here is how he describes it…

“When I first spotted this stock they were $1…They’re now over $3 and don’t look like stopping…

Thing is, I’m even more excited about the second DNA stock contained in the report.


Because they use an incredibly profitable business model when done right.

I’m talking about the royalties business.

Yet this isn’t like any type of royalty business you’ve heard about before…

Because they’re selling royalties on DNA sequences…”

He explains that the company reads the DNA of plants, textiles, and chemicals to find sequences that can be applied across industries like Medical Cannabis, Immuno-oncology, and Agriculture.

When they find a DNA sequence that fits this criteria, they sell it to another company to develop it and if it works, they earn royalties on the profits accrued. Adam likes the model because it is low-risk.

He says that they already have partnerships with companies like Bayer, Dupont and Monsanto.

Third Stock

Moving on to the Third Company, here is what Adam says about it:

“They grow salmon…

Yet, their fish are different than any that’s ever been farmed before.

Firstly, they’re using what’s called land-based aquaculture.

That means they grow the salmon in filtered pools that simulate the wild environment … so they don’t even need a wild body of water!

And that brings down costs while increasing yield.

But the big thing that sets this company apart is their unique salmon.

It’s the first DNA-edited animal approved for consumption by the FDA.

DNA technologies have been used to make these fish healthy, strong and grow fast.

Not only is this ground-breaking…

It’s HYPER profitable.

They’re able to farm 70% more salmon while using 25% less feed.

And the best thing is, they’re absolutely delicious … no hormones or anything unnatural added…”

Although I couldn’t figure out the names of the other two companies in this bonus report, this one is quite easy. Adam is describing a small-cap stock called AquaBounty Technologies (AQB). It is a biotechnology company based in Massachusetts.

Adam O'Dell Imperium Stock: What Is Imperium? 19

It develops genetically modified fish and does research on how aquaculture can be made more productive. In 2015, the FDA approved its AquAdvantage Salmon to be produced at two of its facilities – the approved capacity has been increasing since. Canada and the US have approved the sale of GM Salmon.

Subscription Price and the Refund Policy

The membership fee of Green Zone Fortunes is $47/year. This price will vary depending on how you go about signing up.

For example, if you join via the official site rather than through a promotion, you may have to pay more for a subscription.

As for the refund policy, here is how it looks like at the checkout page:

Adam O'Dell Imperium Stock: What Is Imperium? 20

You can cancel the membership anytime for a full refund for the entire duration of the newsletter (365 days)

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Is The Imperium Technology Stock Pitch Legit?

Imperium aka The Unstoppable Stock Market Juggernaut of 2021 is a legit presentation by Adam O’Dell.

Adam O’Dell is not just some random guy shouting about the next best investment; He is a former hedge fund manager who also happens to be a Chartered Market Technician.

He is an experienced investment analyst who has formulated an investment strategy to take advantage of what he believes could be a massive revolution in the biotech sector. He is an actual investment guru whose work I have encountered before.

That being said, take his words with a grain of salt because you are not guaranteed to earn returns with his approach.

Verdict for Imperium Technology

Imperium or The Unstoppable Stock Market Juggernaut of 2021 is a presentation by Adam O’Dell about investing in stocks that can offer better gains than the average stock.

He goes on about DNA sequencing becoming a big trend thanks to an innovation he calls Imperium. He believes it will reach mass adoption faster than internet did in the nineties. He goes as far as saying that investing in these companies would be like investing in internet stocks in the 90’s.

Adam believes that if the previous decade belonged to the the FAANG stocks, the next one will be dominated by biotech stocks such as the one that is working on DNA technology. Already, some of those companies are outperforming the market partly because of the coronavirus pandemic and he expects this to continue moving forward.

Although he talks a good game, remember that all investments carry risk and his past performance does not guarantee future results. Therefore, do not follow his advice expecting to make a ton of money quickly because you may even lose money.

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