Income Team X: Scam or Legit? [2023 Review]

Welcome to our review of Income Team X, the program that claims to offer an option for earning passive income and making money online.

We’ll provide an unbiased and honest evaluation to help you determine whether Income Team X is legitimate or a scam.

Stick around to uncover more details about this program and make an informed decision on whether to trust it or not.

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What is Income Team X?

Income Team X is an income program designed to generate commissions. It is accessible to anyone, regardless of their credit income or education. The program aims to find new partners who can earn residual income.

Income Team X Review

The founder, Brad Wilksford, claims to have earned more in 15 years than his parents did throughout their entire working lives.

Income Team X is said to offer the tools you need to make money online easier, without needing additional hosting costs, domain fees, or software billing.

How Does Income Team X Work?

Setting up the program takes just 12 minutes, and all content is automatically generated. Making money is as simple as copying and pasting the system. We’ve seen this before with programs like Automation Secrets and Review Revolution.

To join Income Team X, you must first accept the invitation and then become a partner after the testing phase is completed. The program relies on viral commissions as the key to successful online income. When content goes viral, it attracts more traffic and reviews, leading to increased sales.

When you accept the invitation, you can access the Partner Portal, a self-contained marketing machine that provides everything needed to earn maximum commissions. Income Team X does not require purchasing Google or Facebook ads and offers a pool of traffic and commissions.

To become a partner with Income Team X, you must be a US or Canadian citizen, complete the mandatory private registration, and pay a one-time activation fee of $27, which covers Team portal access and customer service agent support.

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Who is The Founder of Income Team X?

Brad Wilksford, the founder of Income Team X, earned his first online commission in 2008. Over the years, he amassed a fortune, paid off his debts, and lived the life of his dreams. According to Wilksford, he has earned more money in 15 years than his parents did throughout their entire working lives.

As of 2023, Wilksford’s team comprises approximately 50 individuals, including developers, software coders, customer service agents, and data management employees. Despite the current team size, Wilksford is eager to welcome more people into Income Team X.

Currently in its second testing phase, Income Team X is not yet available to the public. The testing commenced on January 6, 2023, and Wilksford is actively seeking 45 more participants to engage with the program and identify any potential bugs, errors, or issues.

How Get Started With Income Team X

Let’s delve into the detailed step-by-step guidance on how Income Team X operates.

Step #1: Start by creating an account with Income Team X and activating your pages by providing valid names.

Step #2: With the pages now active, you can leverage the money tools provided by the program. It claims to help you set up any page for monetization within 12 minutes, making you ready to earn commissions.

Step #3: Once your system is set up, you can learn various monetization techniques by simply pasting some account IDs.

Step #4: It’s time to set up traffic for your website. You have the flexibility to decide where you want to send potential traffic using the various techniques offered.

Step #5: After applying the monetization and traffic techniques, press the Go button to activate the Income Team X system, and it will start running immediately!

Can You Make Money With Income Team X?

Although the promotional video claims that you can earn money with little effort and have it sent directly to your bank account, you should temper your expectations because you may end up not making any money.

We should point out that there are no shortcuts to making real income, and you should also be mindful of anyone who claims otherwise.

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Passive Income Ideas From Income Team X?

What is Passive Income?

Passive income refers to earnings that require minimal ongoing effort or time investment once set up. It is an alternative to the traditional active income, where individuals trade their time and labor for money.

Passive income streams can come from various sources, such as investments, rental properties, royalties from books or music, online businesses, and affiliate marketing. You can also make money through real estate investments.

The appeal of passive income lies in its potential to provide financial freedom and flexibility, allowing individuals to generate income even when they’re not actively working. While creating passive income streams may require initial effort and investment, they can provide a sense of security and stability in the long run.

Some passive income ideas to explore include investing in mutual funds, dividend stocks, peer-to-peer lending, and real estate investment trusts, among others. However, these methods can be time-consuming and demand a huge amount of upfront investment.

Does Income Team X Help You Earn Passive Income?

Income Team X is meant to be a source of passive income. By accessing the Team Portal and going through the training materials, you should gain a comprehensive understanding of the system’s workings.

Once familiarized, in theory, you can begin generating income (although we are not sure it even works). Income Team X is also meant to be user-friendly and thus not require special skills or expertise. Simply log in daily, follow the straightforward steps, and you’ll be ready to go.

The initial setup may take 15-20 minutes, but once it’s complete, you can fully leverage the platform for generating passive income.

Again all this is not backed by any practical application and since the platform keeps vanishing, it is hard to verify the veracity of these claims.

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Is IncomeTeamX Scam or Legit?

Income Team X presents itself as a legit program, but we would not recommend it.

One of the reasons for our caution is the elusive nature of its founder, Brad Wilksford, and the lack of substantial information about him online.

Moreover, it’s concerning that Income Team X has taken down its site, which raises suspicions about the program’s credibility and activities.

Given these factors, I encourage readers to explore other programs that have a more transparent track record and proven results to ensure a more reliable and trustworthy option for making money online.

Income Team X Pricing

This is not free-to-use software as it comes with a subscription fee of $27, a one-time payment.

Refund Policy

It is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Benefits of Income Team X

  • It offers you a simple and easy-to-use platform using which you can earn passive income/commissions through a fully monetized review page.
  • It seems to be a legit platform.
  • It will allow you to execute some simple setups, and once done, you will be ready to start earning passive income through it.

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Drawbacks of Income Team X

  • Lack of Transparency: Income Team X lacks transparency about its founder, Brad Wilksford, making it difficult to trust the legitimacy of the program and its claims.
  • Suspicious Website Activity: The fact that the Income Team X website has been taken down points to a lack of commitment to maintaining a credible online presence.
  • Income Team X makes grand promises of easy money and passive income without providing substantial evidence of its effectiveness.
  • Lack of Support: There is a lack of reliable customer support, leaving users stranded if they encounter issues or need assistance.
  • Misleading Marketing Tactics: Income Team X makes use of fake scarcity, false testimonials, and other misleading marketing tactics to manipulate potential users into signing up.
  • No Proven Results: Without genuine success stories and verifiable testimonials, there is no evidence that Income Team X has helped people achieve significant results.
  • Lack of Clear Training: There is a lack of comprehensive and clear training you’d expect of a reputable program.

Final Words

In conclusion, Income Team X may promise significant income opportunities, but it is essential to approach this program with caution due to the inconsistencies and lack of verifiable information surrounding its founder and success stories.

While passive income streams can be a viable way to generate revenue, it is crucial to explore reputable and transparent programs that have a track record of success and provide clear evidence of their effectiveness. For example, you can create a passive income stream with real estate investing if you have the risk tolerance for it.

As with any online venture, it is advisable to conduct thorough research and consider alternative programs that offer more transparent and reliable opportunities to make money online.

By choosing reputable platforms with a proven track record, you can increase your chances of achieving financial success more sustainably and legitimately.

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