Instant Cash Club – Don’t Fall For This Scam!

Welcome to my Instant Cash Club review (aka Instant Cash App)! It’s yet another scam binary system to launch and on this page I’ll reveal exactly why you should avoid this new scam!

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I put together a post a few days back sharing the truth about binary options scams. That post goes into depth about exactly how these scams work.

Instant Cash Club which is also known as Instant Cash App is just the latest in a long line of scams to do with binary options. They will promise that you’ll make a fortune but the truth is you won’t. Binary options have been called out as a huge scam by a number of big publications with Forbes stating “Don’t Gamble On Binary Options” (1).

Instant Cash Club – How does the scam work?

So first off you’ll probably receive an email about this amazing app from some spammer. You’ll click on the link and land on the sales page. If you like what you see you’ll sign up to use their “free app” and be prompted to make a deposit. The deposit is usually $250 although they’ll encourage you to deposit far more saying that the more you deposit the more money you’ll make. Don’t be fooled though, they claim it’s a deposit you can withdraw anytime but the truth is you can’t. Anyone who has been sucked into a binary scam before knows just how difficult it is to actually withdraw money from a binary account. Anyhow… once you deposit this will activate your Instant Cash Club app! Now you’re thinking, “I’m rich!” but don’t get too excited, you’re definitely not. The app will automatically trade for you but it will make terrible trades and reduce your account balance to nothing!

Instant Cash Club – The apps are designed to lose

The software app you get access to once you make a deposit is designed to lose. It’s literally been programmed to make terrible trades that will lose you money. You’re probably thinking how on earth can they do this and get away with it? The truth is binary options are very unregulated. And the brokers work direct with the scammers! It’s a very dodgy industry. When you sign up and make that deposit, they pay out a huge commission to the person that referred you. In this case the owner of the Instant Cash Club website. This guy doesn’t care about you or your success, his job is to make a convincing video that gets you to sign up at the broker. The actual software app that trades for you? The broker designed it and gave it to the website creator to give away! Plus since the broker has paid out a huge amount of YOUR MONEY to the person that referred you they literally need you to lose. If you start making lots of money they’ll be out of pocket since they operate like casinos. They can’t have you making millions because they will lose millions, they need you to lose so they can make money.

My Conclusion – Avoid…

Don’t waste your time with this system or any binary options system. Sure there are shortcuts to making money online but let’s be realistic here, you’re not going to get rich from some automated software. If you really want to make money you need to follow a proven strategy or system. Something that is proven to work and has real people behind it. Don’t fall for scam systems like this, and be sure to avoid others too like Private Profits Club and Code Fibo.

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