Team National Review – Legit Business or Another Scam?

There has been a lot of talk about Team National so I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing my full Team National review!

It’s always a good idea to do your research when you come across a new company so you’ve done the right thing. Reps always push the company and make it sound amazing, but often they don’t give you a complete picture. Well.. that’s what I aim to do! I’m going to share all the details for you right here.

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What Is Team National?

Team National is a network marketing company. Dick Loehr is the man behind the company which he founded in 1997. Team National is also a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) (1) and also a registered member of the Better Business Bureau (2). These are good signs as companies that are members have to abide by strict rules and this shows that these companies are legitimate.

What Are The Team National Products?

The real point of Team National is to help you save your hard earned cash on memberships that you already have. There are 4 categories:

Factory Direct – Save up to 65% on items.

Group Buying Power – Saves on a number of things from vehicles, financial services, health plans, travel insurance, car insurance, business savings, car rentals and more.

E-Commerce – 30% commissions from well over 100 popular retail stores.

Team National Business Exchange – Save money at 1,000’s of small businesses all across the USA.

As you can see they offer a number of useful services. Group buying is an interesting topic and it’s origins can be traced back to China. – Source Wikipedia (3)

Team National – The Compensation Plan

This is the part that interests me most about this company. How can you actually make money by being a rep of Team National, and is it really worth it? Like all network marketing companies you get paid commissions on not only product sales but also for referring new reps into the company.

Rather than explain how it works myself, I’ve managed to locate a video which explains it all for you.


The compensation plan is okay. I have certainly seen better ones but it’s pretty standard for a MLM/Network Marketing company.

Team National Review – My Conclusion

There are mixed reviews out there. Some people claim that Team National is a scam, and others say it’s great. My opinion is that it’s a legitimate company with legitimate products. It’s definitely NOT a scam. They have been in business since 1997, are members of the DSA and BBB and the compensation plan is good.

The only real problem with Team National is that the average person probably won’t make a lot of money with that compensation plan. The simple truth is you need to recruit a lot of people and/or sell a lot of products in order to make a good income. I personally would not choose to be a rep for this company when I know for a fact I could make far more money elsewhere (as I am doing).

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