What Is Jeff Bezos VLEO Investment?

Wondering what Jeff Bezos VLEO investment is all about?

Lou Basenese, an investment guru who runs Trend Trader Daily, did a presentation about a new investment that Jeff Bezos is apparently getting into called “VLEO.”

The pitch centers on how Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is selling part of his Amazon stock and using that money for a groundbreaking new project.

According to the Lou Basenese, this is the perfect time to get into this new project from an investment point of view and if you want to learn more about it, keep reading this review.

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What Is Jeff Bezos VLEO Investment? 7

Jeff Bezos VLEO Review

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Introduction to Jeff Bezos VLEO

Lou Basenese says that Jeff Bezos has been selling his Amazon shares through his investment firm, Bezos Expeditions, to invest in his next big project called “VLEO.” He says that Bezos has been selling $1 billion in Amazon stock every year.

He says that you can invest along with Mr. Bezos to have the chance of earning life-changing gains or boosting your net worth.

Jeff Bezos VLEO

Lou tells us that this new project will be bigger than Amazon’s introduction of “1-click” shopping, Amazon Web Services, and any other project Bezos has ever been involved in.

So, what is VLEO all about?

First, VLEO is an acronym for Very Low Earth Orbit and the project is a radical new version of the internet (called satellite internet) that uses a constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites to provide low-latency internet access from space.

Low Earth Orbit Satellite

It is considered the future of internet because it provides access to the internet even in remote places (like the middle of the ocean where there are no cell towers) and to underserved communities.

Satellite internet is widely seen as superior and cheaper than broadband internet. It is also cheaper to deploy to underserved clients because it is cheaper to launch those satellites than it is to dig holes and run fiber optic cables.

Satellite internet

Amazon launched a satellite internet project called “Project Kuiper.” Lou calls it the “Everywhere Internet.”

Jeff Bezos’ goal is to launch internet-beaming satellites into space. He is not alone in doing this because there is Starlink, which is offered by Elon Musk’s SpaceX and another company called OneWeb that’s also launching its constellation of Low Earth Orbiting Satellites.

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How to Invest in Jeff Bezos VLEO

Lou Basenese says that we should start considering investing in the project because Amazon will be launching its project any time now.

This is not new because we have seen other newsletter gurus talk about investing in similar projects before. I’ve covered presentations like “Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet” and “The Elon Musk Hypernet” by Ray Blanco where he told his audience that Tesla and Apple are two companies that are working on satellite internet projects.

Circling back to Lou Basenese’s pitch, he says that Amazon is in a hurry to get the project going because when the FCC approved their project, they set strict timelines that Amazon would have to adhere to.

Basenese says that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) included a clause that would void the project’s approval if Project Kuiper fails to have 50% of its satellites in orbit by the end of July 2026 and if Project Kuiper fails to have all its 3,236 satellites in orbit by 2029.

Blue Origin Rocket Launch

Although he doesn’t know when Amazon will launch those satellites, he speculates that with those time limits, they better start getting started in 2022.

He says that they’ve already started showing signs of starting the project. For example, in April, 2021, Amazon bought and paid for nine rocket launches and in June the same year, it announced that it would hire more employees to work at Redmond, Washington where Project Kuiper is based.

Amazon is also expanding its lab space with a new 22,000 square foot unit.

New Amazon VLEO Facility

Lou sees these as signs that Jeff Bezos’ Amazon may be launching its constellation of internet-beaming satellites any time now.

And he sees this as an indication that investors better start finding ways of getting in on the action before it is too late and the project kicks off.

However, he says that there is a “fatal flaw” that Project Kuiper has to solve before it goes ahead. He says that they don’t have the antenna technology for home terminals and they’ll need them for devices to connect with the satellites.

Therefore, instead of investing in Amazon directly, he claims to have found a “secret backdoor” that he thinks will give you up to 75X returns on your money.

It involves a small $15 per share (as he was pitching) company that may fix the fatal flaw; it makes antennas like the ones Amazon lacks.

This tiny company has demonstrated that its receiver can work with satellite internet. It was even installed on a plane and it worked seamlessly throughout the flight.

Lou Basenese speculates that the company may be acquired by Amazon so that its antennas can be used in Project Kuiper. And with a valuation of just $600 million, he sees this as a feasible plan based on Amazon’s business model.

Although he cannot verify this, he says that talks may have began because key players at Project Kuiper, the Director of Aerospace and Satellite Solutions at Amazon Web Services, and the CTO of the tiny $15 firm recently attended a conference together.

Lou Basenese provides all the details regarding the stock in a special report he wrote called The Secret $15 Company Behind Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos’ Race to Own the Internet.

He argues that the company is likely to do well because even if Jeff Bezos fails to acquire it, SpaceX or OneWeb may swoop in.

To get the special report for free, you have to sign up for Lou Basenese’s Digital Fortunes newsletter.

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Who is Lou Basenese?

The Jeff Bezos VLEO pitch was brought to you by Lou Basenese. He is known by his colleagues as the billion-dollar man perhaps because he talks about such massive projects that he feels are likely to make him money.

You might have seen him on Fox Business or CNBC where he has appeared in countless interviews and to commentate on the state of the financial landscape.

Lou Basenese offers investment advice and shares his insights on the capital markets, focusing on the tech and biotech sectors. As an expert in the financial markets, he has successfully forecasted major tech innovations before anyone else.

For example, some of his earlier projections like Energous Corp. options, Pulse Biosciences, and Tesla have offered 749%, 259%, and 972% gains so far. Of late, Lou Basenese has been talking about two new projects (backed by Jeff Bezos) that he thinks are worth consideration.

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Lou Basenese’s Digital Fortunes is an investment research service by Lou where he regularly recommends stocks involved in big, explosive trends. He evaluates market data to find the best investments.

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When you sign up for it, you will receive a couple of special reports.

The first one is The Secret $15 Company Behind Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos’ Race to Own the Internet (mentioned earlier) that covers.

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Is Jeff Bezos VLEO Legit?

Jeff Bezos VLEO is a legit presentation.

The focus of Lou Basenese’s pitch is on a project by Amazon to put internet satellites in orbit to provide internet access to people even in remote places. It is dubbed Project Kuiper and it is real.

Jeff Bezos’ fascination with space is well documented. He’s even been to space himself for a few minutes and has been investing in his rocket company, Blue Origin.

He is also known to invest in promising companies. For example, he’s even invested in biotech companies like Juno Therapeutics and Sana Biotechnology.

Often seen to be in competition with Elon Musk (who’s also launching rockets to space and internet satellites into orbit), it makes sense that Lou Basenese wants you to consider investing in a company that is working with Amazon to provide internet.

However, his recommended company may not do well because the market and the technology sector are unpredictable, and you can see this in other analysts’ quotes. Delayed expeditions are a factor here too.

Jeff Bezos VLEO Verdict

Lou Basenese considers himself an expert in the tech sector, having previously predicted how things will happen in the sector and seeing them happen. Of course, not all investments have worked out but enough have and he considers himself an authoritative source.

This time, Lou Basenese is focusing on the satellite internet trend. He eyes certain investments and we should not forget that they are not completely risk-free as every investment carries its own risks. That’s why Lou Basenese has mentioned that you should never invest more than you afford to lose in any case.

Well, many details about these projects may not be available yet because they are not yet operational and Lou is merely speculating. Bear that in mind when you consider following his advice.

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What Is Jeff Bezos VLEO Investment? 7