Larry Benedict Reviews: One Ticker Trader Legit?

Looking for Larry Benedict reviews or perhaps a review of the One Ticker Trader?

Looking for the best investment opportunities is not an easy task. It can be overwhelming even for those who are relatively used to the rigors of the market, and that’s where Larry Benedict comes in.

Larry always keeps saying that he has found a way to spot investment opportunities at the beginning of a new trend so as to leverage them for big gains in the stock market.

In this Larry Benedict review, we take a closer look at who Larry Benedict is, how he trades, his advisory services such as One Ticker Trader, and whether he might be able to help with his newsletters.

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Larry Benedict Reviews: One Ticker Trader Legit? 3

Larry Benedict Reviews 2023

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Who is Larry Benedict?

Larry Benedict has been trading for more than 35 years and it all began at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Over the years, Larry improved his skills and, as a result, grew his wealth until he was running a massive $800 million hedge fund, where he regularly traded positions that were in the millions of dollars range.

Larry Benedict reviews

At one point, the former hedge fund manager claims to have gone 20 years without a single losing year from 1990 to 2010, a feat that wound up putting his hedge fund in the top 1% of Barron’s rankings.

After having a 30-year career, he chose to start sharing his legendary trading strategies with the regular trader. Therefore, most of what he does this days is write about his market predictions through his newsletters.

Let’s take a look at his publications and his publishing company.

Larry Benedict’s Investment Philosophy

Our Research suggests Larry Benedict believes that the investors should always pay attention to what the market does rather than focus on what’s happening on the news. Larry also believes that you should keep your emotions out of your trading. In a recent piece he published for his Trading with Larry Benedict followers, he stated:

“Whether a stock is flopping after a strong result or an index is rallying after bad economic news, we simply can’t rely on what we think should happen to dictate our trades.

As experience has taught me, the market is going to do what the market is going to do… irrespective of whatever my personal views might be.

So as traders, we need to keep control of our assumptions… and trade on actual data instead.

Understanding this market premise will put you well ahead of the game.”

And that’s how he approaches the market; free of prejudice and biases.

That being said, it is very tough for us, as human beings, to shed our biases and prejudices. Therefore, what he could be calling for is an effort to curb these instincts.

Larry is also a big proponent for options trading. Just like guys like Jeff Clark who find a stock or an index and trade options on it repeatedly.

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What is Larry Benedict’s Opportunistic Trader?

The Opportunistic Trader is as a result of of Larry Benedict’s 35-year trading career.

Based on our observations, Larry created it to provide simple, easy-to-understand trading plays to the public so that everyday investors would benefit from the secrets that made him rich.

The Opportunistic Trader

It gives his followers access to an extensive network of trading industry professionals, exclusive trading resources, Larry’s latest trade recommendations, and updates on his market forecasts and current portfolio positions.

It is often described as a great way for the little guy to access hedge fund-level strategies, and consistently market-beating returns. It has also been described as a day trader’s essential resource.

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Trading With Larry Benedict

Our findings show that Larry Benedict helps you make sense of the financial markets five days a week through this free eletter,

Opportunistic Trader website

His goal is to help regular investors make money through shrewd investments. Larry regularly dives into the most interesting areas of the market and shares his insights through Trading With Larry Benedict.

One Ticker Trader?

One Ticker Trader is a monthly newsletter that Larry launched recently through which he recommends pre-selected trades.

One Ticker Trader is a weekly trading service where he identifies a single stock or theme for the month and recommends 3-5 trades on it.

As a subscriber, you get a new trade once a week, together with monthly recaps of how the trades performed.

Larry focuses on one ticker each month, taking advantage of macro trends he sees in the market. Once he decides on the ticker, he will recommend call or put options.

One Ticker Trader

Larry Benedict’s One Ticker Trader is his way of providing investors with what he terms as the ideal plan to prepare for retirement.

It is tailored for the volatility of today’s market because he anticipates that many people will lose big on their investments this year.

In his promotional material, Larry claimed that subscribers to the newsletter are seeing gains of up to 31% a day.

Unlike other programs that flood you with jargon, Larry’s One Ticker Trader tries to make the information palatable. He presents everything directly, ensuring that he provides you with the right ticker to trade.

His end goal is to have not have to tune into news stations or peruse the other 99% of stocks that might be performing well. Instead, Larry narrows your focus to the trades that will consistently earn you a profit in any market.

Larry Benedict

Larry always insists that when he was a hedge fund manager, his clients profited regularly, even when the stock market fell in 2008. Therefore, if subscribers follow his recommendations, they won’t have to worry about recession.

On top of that, he insists that they don’t need a lot of money to get started and everything is done directly from their brokerage account with just a couple hundred dollars.

Larry insists that consumers will get updates on every trade that he makes and recommendations for additional trades without any extra fees.

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The One Ticker Trader Retirement Plan

The One Ticker Retirement Plan is a distillation of the lessons that Larry wants the user to learn about preparing for retirement in any market.

Larry’s Guide to Trading Options

Larry’s Guide to Trading Options provides you with tips that Larry and his team have learned about trading options.

He started trading options back in the 1980s, which means that he has a broad perspective on them and those who read through this report will learn what it takes to trade options like Larry.

This report is applicable even if to those that are completely new to trading options.

Larry’s Open Recommendations

Larry’s Open Recommendations is a feature of One Ticker Trader. This comprises a full analysis and buy-up-to prices for the recommended investments.

One Ticker Trader Pricing

To subscribe to One Ticker Trader you will pay a one-year subscription fee of $19, down from the usual $199.

Larry Benedict reviews

If, along the way, you decide that One Ticker Trader doesn’t match your needs, you can take advantage of the 60-day money back guarantee. From what I’ve seen in many One Ticker Trader reviews, when you ask for a refund, you will have to prove that you tried to make it work.

To take advantage of the One Ticker Trader refund policy, you will call 888-206-3481.

If you get a refund for the subscription, you get to keep the special reports at no cost.

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Larry Benedict’s Opportunistic Trader

The Opportunistic Trader is a weekly options trading advisory that comes with specific option trade recommendations. It is named like his website.

It is also a service through which Larry provides invaluable trading resources and a rare look at his industry contacts.


Opportunistic Trader

Due to his track record, Larry’s been referred to as the “Ichiro Suzuki” of trading and even likened to “Rain Man” when it comes to making money, because—for him—it happens, quickly and regularly in ways he cannot explain.

One of his colleagues once said that the things Larry does mentally other people need computers to do.

And as we’ve seen, he claims that from 1990 to 2010 he never had a single losing year. It was when he was actively running hedge funds and he insists that in 2011 when he had a negative year, the fund was only down .6%.

Financial Crisis

Therefore, in 2008, when the world was in full panic mode, Larry and his partners had a good year where they brought in $95 million.

Barron’s has ranked Larry’s hedge fund in the top 100 hedge funds in the world on 3 separate occasions for recording those kinds of results.

Larry insists that through the Opportunistic Trader, he has devoted himself to bringing his trading secrets to everyday investors.

He insists that his goal is to provide actionable, profitable options plays and peek behind the curtain at the secrets that made him successful.

Here is what you get if you become a member of the Opportunistic Trader:

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A full year of The Opportunistic Trader

Every week, Larry sends you an email with a new trading alert. With each alert he sends your way, you have the potential to double or triple your money.

He provides you with the full details on how to execute each trade.

The Opportunistic Trader’s Field Guide


Opportunistic Trader

This is a special report on what Larry thinks you need to know about options to start trading them. It has information on how to set up an account and how to start trading them.

Quadruple Witching: How to Capitalize on the 4 Most Profitable Trading Days this Year

It is a special report with the full details concerning a lucrative seasonal event Larry tracks.


Quadruple witching

The event happens 4 times a year (with nothing to do with earnings) and according to Larry, the potential gains you earn go up by several orders of magnitude.

He claims that the last time the event was recorded, you could have seen gains of 3,433%, 700%, 1,100%, 883%, 1,933%, 2,900%, 7,678%, and more.

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Periodic email updates

Larry provides you with email updates telling you when to lock-in gains, when to add to a position, and when to sell.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The Opportunistic Trader comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Larry Benedict reviews

This means that if you’re not happy for any reason, you should contact customer care and they we’ll provide you a credit that you can use to purchase any one of their other services or the services from our corporate affiliates.

Low Price Guarantee

The Low Price Guarantee is designed to lock in your rate by enrolling you in the automatic renewal program. After your initial subscription period and every year after that, they will charge your credit card the rate of $4,000.

The auto-renew feature does not obligate you and you can opt out of it at any time.

The S&P Trader

The S&P Trader is Larry Benedict’s advanced trading advisory. With this one, Larry focuses on just one ticker – The S&P 500 Index (SPX). He trades an exchange traded fund using a vertical spread options strategy.


Larry runs a 7-part video training series on how to effectively use spreads to limit risk.

When you become a member, you also learn options fundamentals, how to identify trade setups, how to trade during quadruple witching weeks, and the ins and outs of trading index options.

You get a new trade alert once per week and thus have consistent opportunities to profit from the market.

They give you 90 days to have a look at The S&P Trader. If you’re not happy for any reason, simply contact the customer support team, and they’ll give you a credit you can use to purchase of any one of their other services or the services from their corporate affiliates.

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Larry Benedict Verdict

Larry Benedict derives his experience from more than 35 years working as a professional trader. He started at the Chicago Board Options Exchange and grew his skills along with his wealth until he was running a world-class hedge fund.

He insists that his approach provides consumers with a way to invest in the stock market without risking their investment unnecessarily.

He also insists that his recommendations benefit from the fact that he has been in the stock market for decades, providing him the knowledge to understand the best time to get involved and the best time to pull back out.

He regularly updates his recommendations to make it easier for you as a member of his service to reduce the risk of loss.

That being said, you should be careful even as you listen in on Larry’s market forecasts because every investment you make comes with risk.

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Larry Benedict Reviews: One Ticker Trader Legit? 3

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