Is David Fessler 5G “Linchpin Stock” The Next Tech Giant?

Wondering if the Linchpin Device 5G stock is really the next tech giant?

Can the small cap stock really hand you 24 times your money?

I recently received an email about this small cap Tech Stock (formerly $5 Stock and later a $7 stock) from David Fessler and he was claiming it could 24x my money.

That certainly sounds amazing but are the claims legit?

To find out, I researched exactly what is on offer here and I’m sharing my honest review.

Keep reading to learn more about the Small Cap Stock he thinks may help reshape America forever.

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Is David Fessler 5G "Linchpin Stock" The Next Tech Giant? 22

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David Fessler’s The Next Tech Giant Presentation Review

David Fessler’s presentation regarding “The Next Tech Giant” is about a relatively small company that could become huge thanks to the 5G Revolution. According to him, it will be huge because it is working on a “linchpin device” that will be crucial to the 5G rollout.

Dave released the first iteration of the presentation two years ago and back then, he was calling it “the $5 Tech Stock.” Then in another iteration in the past year, he referred to it as a “$7 Tech Stock that Could Hand You Up to 24 Times Your Money.” In each of those versions of the pitch, he was urging people to consider investing in the 5G stock he was touting because he was expecting it to become really big.

The presentation is also an ad for his newsletter, Strategic Trends Investor.

Is David Fessler 5G "Linchpin Stock" The Next Tech Giant? 23

5G is a big deal for various reasons, not the least of which it could become a $12.4 trillion industry by some estimates. On top of that, in the past year, many analysts have said that they believe it will inspire most of the major technological shifts we will see in the next few years because it will revolutionize mobile networks and provide us with faster internet.

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Faster internet, besides faster download speeds, will open up a new world of possibilities. In healthcare, people will have access to services rendered by top medical professionals even when they are far away thanks to telemedicine. Some even claim that it will enable surgeons to operate on patients that are on different time zones.

Is David Fessler 5G "Linchpin Stock" The Next Tech Giant? 24

Virtual Reality, hypersonic weapons, and self-driving cars will all benefit from the lightning-fast speeds that fifth generation wireless technology will bring.

Fessler adds,

Experts call 5G “the holy grail”… “the lifeblood of the new economy”… and “the mother of invention”… with “an impact similar to the introduction of electricity or the automobile.”

It’s poised to save MILLIONS of seniors’ lives… protect our nation against ALL military and terrorist attacks… and create a staggering number of new fortunes.

U.S. companies are on track to create 3 million new jobs… spend $275 billion… and add $500 billion to the economy

As big technology advances happen, you can expect investors to see big gains if they back the right companies. This has been the message conveyed by many investment gurus who expect people to profit from backing the right companies, preferably the ones they recommend.

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For example, I’ve already done reviews in recent articles of other viral investment videos to do with 5G like The Hypernet, Timed Stocks and Fluorescent Sand.

Although we won’t get into that here, what you get from those pitches is that 5G will make the investors who position themselves well within the sector very wealthy. Semiconductor makers, cell tower companies (like American Tower and Crown Castle), smartphone manufacturers, network carriers, and even manufacturers of graphics processing units (due to online gaming) are set to be key targets.

In his presentation, Fessler has found one company that makes a linchpin device that will be in such high demand, it could grow your investment by up to 2,400% (or 24 times). He says,

Before the general public realizes what’s going on…

And the media crowns the company behind it “the runaway stock story of the decade.”

You see… this little device could ultimately emerge as the linchpin of the 5G revolution.

What’s so special about it?

Well, it makes a gadget that he considers a linchpin device. In the presentation, he says,

This Single Device Revamps Your Entire Internet Experience

What makes this device so special?

In short, this single device renders most current internet appliances obsolete.

And we have a picture of the gadget he is referring to:

Is David Fessler 5G "Linchpin Stock" The Next Tech Giant? 25

Dave continues,

The moment you install this device in your home…

You can throw away your worthless router…

And connect to any available 5G network instantly for speeds unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

I’m talking about blazing-fast speeds of up to 2.4 gigabits per second.

He says that it can connect up to fifteen devices simultaneously and provide enterprise-grade security features and firewall protection. As online becomes increasingly important, he expect this to give it an edge over other devices competing with it.

The company making the linchpin device is a small cap stock but Dave expects that to change very soon. As the company grows and possibly becomes an industry leader, he says that it could hand you a fortune.

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Incredibly, he says it can achieve that within a relatively short period.

What does he reveal about it?

The CEO is a 35-year veteran of the tech industry.

Before he joined the Next Tech Giant, he helped turn another small company into a global powerhouse with $27 billion in sales in the space of just ONE decade.

That’s more than Advanced Micro Devices, Motorola and Activision… combined.

In other words, he knows how to scale a technology and take it to next level.

In fact, he’s in the process of doing that right now.

As the Next Tech Giant rolls out its new breakthrough 5G device, it’s already signed AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile to its partner list.

And there’s more…

The CEO has also created partnerships with industry leaders like American Water Works, General Electric, Chevron, Cisco, IBM, Shell, Coca-Cola, Uber, Amazon, Barclays and Wells Fargo.

It even counts the U.S. Army and Department of Homeland Security as customers.

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All these clues point to a great company that is poised to do well.

Although there are a few other reasons why he chose this company, here is the summary of the main ones I identified:

  • It is led by a CEO who is a 35 year veteran of the tech industry. He is most renowned for growing a small company into a $10 billion juggernaut.
  • It has partnerships with high-profile companies that have signed contracts with it
  • Insiders, led by the CEO, CFO, and a Board member, own shares, which David interprets as an indication of optimism by insiders about the company’s prospects.
  • It is a beneficiary of the US Government’s alienation of China’s companies that, as expected, offer stiff competition.

As a matter of course, he doesn’t reveal its name to ensure that you invest in his newsletter. When you sign up for his newsletter, you receive all the details about it.

But the good news is, after doing my research, I think he is referring to Inseego (INSG). The CEO, Dan Mondor is a 35-year veteran.

Who is David Fessler?

Fessler is an energy and infrastructure analyst at The Oxford Club.

Is David Fessler 5G "Linchpin Stock" The Next Tech Giant? 26

He edits the “peak energy strategist’ and for much of the past decade, he has been contributing regularly to Investment U (the free education division of the Oxford Club).

He has been an investor in the tech and energy industry for more than 35 years.

He has a degree in electrical engineering and is regarded as a specialist in matters to do with telecommunications and semiconductors in addition to his other areas of specialty.

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What you get when you Subscribe to Strategic Trends Investor

To access David’s research and learn more about the obscure small cap tech stock, you must join his investment newsletter, Strategic Trends Investor.

The first thing you get when you sign up is a copy of the special report with details regarding the recommendation:

The Next Tech Giant: The Small Cap Stock Behind the 5G Revolution

Every bit of analysis about the company Dave wants you to invest in is in the report.

Is David Fessler 5G "Linchpin Stock" The Next Tech Giant? 27

Inside the dossier, David reveals its name and its ticker symbol and more information about it.

In addition to the special report, as a member of Strategic Trends Investor, you will receive:

  • 12 issues of the Strategic Trends Investor newsletter. Every month for a year, you will learn about new investment openings from David Fessler and his colleague, Matthew Carr. With their insights, you will know what to buy, how much to pay, and when to sell. Each newsletter will have an in-depth analysis of each opportunity.
  • Access to David and Matthew’s Four Model Portfolios featuring some of the stocks mentioned in their presentations.
  • A dedicated customer support
  • A free copy of David Fessler’s Bestselling Book, “The Energy Disruption Triangle: Three Sectors That Will Change How We Generate, Use, and Store Energy.” This book sheds light on the three energy technologies that are shaping our lives today.

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Bonus Reports

On top of the main report, you also receive two extra ones:

  • “The 5G Millionaire’s Cheat Sheet: Six 5G Stocks to Buy Immediately.” This dossier contains six stocks to consider adding to your portfolio that stand to profit from the 5G revolution as they increase their market share.
  • “Four 5G Stocks to Avoid at All Costs.” The 5G wave will boost some companies and deal a killer blow to others. In this report, learn which companies will fall and why you should avoid them.

Strategic Trends Investors Subscription Price

There are three subscription levels:

  • Premium subscription: digital and print subscription plus two gifts for $79
  • Standard subscription: digital and print subscription for $129
  • Basic subscription: digital subscription for $49

Note: The fees shown are for a one-year subscription and they may change anytime. Confirm with the official website as to the exact figures.

Performance Guarantee

They offer a 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

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Is The Linchpin Stock Presentation Legit?

The small cap stock David is pitching is legit.

The stock in question is real and it may generate big returns.

Of course, it does not have a guaranteed upside potential of 24X growth – in my experience, analysts can be a bit hyperbolic to pique investor interest in what they are selling (although, on the rare occasion, they are proven right).

Nevertheless, it offers a cheap foray into arguably one of the greatest tech revolutions we may experience in our lifetimes.

And, if you examine it objectively, you can see where Dave is coming from.

Small companies that leverage innovation during major technological shifts usually have the possibility of doing well. If you look back at a few examples in the tech world, there is an element of truth to this.

For example, in 2009, Skyworks Solutions was just some stock that was hardly in many investors’ radars. However, when people realized that the iPhone 4 had a radio frequency semiconductor made by Skyworks Solutions, that all changed. The chip enabled the smartphones to use wireless networks and it was an important component. As the iPhone sales numbers rose, Skyworks soared in less than ten years. Although it made other products, the iPhone connection played a large part in its success.

In 1991, another company called Cree started selling the world’s first commercially viable silicon carbide wafer. These wafers were in almost all electronic device and as the consumer electronics market grew, the company saw its shares price increase exponentially in a period of less than 20 years.

From those examples, it is clear that pinpointing important devices before other investors catch wind of them can be profitable and it seems like that’s what Dave Fessler is offering with his Strategic Trends Investor newsletter.

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  • It exposes you to the 5G rollout, which could mean big gains if it becomes a leading business in the rollout.
  • It has a low barrier to entry for Main Street investors.
  • If everything falls into place, it has large upside potential


  • As a small-cap stock, it is inherently volatile, which is a double-edged sword; on the negative side, it can wipe away gains fast.

Bottom Line

5G is almost certainly going to become a reality. Network carriers like Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T all recently announced that they are already testing their networks as they prepare their equipment for that.

For investors, the biggest concern will be to find good stocks that enable them to tap into their unlimited growth potential. If previous network upgrade rollouts are anything to go by, you can safely predict that 5G will make some people rich.

While you can buy into established players like T-Mobile, Verizon Communications, American Tower, Crown Castle, Apple, or Samsung that will confer stability and a bit of growth, Dave Fessler thinks it will be more rewarding to go with a small-cap company with a high growth potential albeit with greater risk and volatility, such as the one making the linchpin device.

Whether the $5 tech stock that David is teasing will become a massive hit is yet to be seen. I think it will be a genuine contender.

As we have seen with companies like Cree and Skyworks whose share prices went up because they were behind big trends, you should be wary of losing your money even when you find such a company because nothing is guaranteed.

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Is David Fessler 5G "Linchpin Stock" The Next Tech Giant? 22

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