Lunar Automation: Legit Ecom? [2023 Reviews]

Looking for Lunar Automation reviews?

If you want to diversify your income with an automated business, Lunar Automation claim to be the solution you’ve been searching for.

As an ecommerce agency specializing in Walmart and Amazon automation, Lunar Automation is a service that is meant to help people build fully automated stores that generate passive income.

But does it work and will you start making 50K per month within 6 months?

Well, we did our research and put together this Lunar Automation review to help you determine whether it is a legit service or a scam. Keep reading as we delve into how Lunar Automation works and whether it does actually work.

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What is Lunar Automation?

Lunar Automation or Lunar Capital Ventures LLC is an ecommerce agency that provides automation services for Walmart and Amazon stores.

The company was founded with the promise of helping its clients diversify their income with an ecommerce side hustle by building for them fully automated Walmart and Amazon stores. Lunar Automation is led by Boba Milic. [INSERT]

Lunar Automation Review

The Lunar automation service seeks to take your money to start and scale an Amazon or Walmart automation store and then share your profits. The benefit to you is that you merely provide the capital and they handle the business.

Boba claims that Lunar Automation has handled revenues of over $100 million on Amazon and Walmart.

Be careful not to confuse Lunar Automation with Lunar Ecomm by Ryan Pineda. You can easily confuse the two because Lunar Ecomm also bases its services around building ecommerce stores (they build, manage, and scale Amazon drop shipping stores for customers who provide the credit, and they take a cut of the profits).

Lunar Automation Price (Investment Requirement)

To join Lunar Automation, you have to schedule a call with one of their team members.

To get there, you have to watch the case study (which requires you to provide your email address and full name).

The upfront investment you need is $22,000 or $30,000 depending on the plan you choose (these figures are not set in stone and may change by the time you read this. To be on the safe side, verify first with the official website).

On top of that, there may be miscellaneous costs to account for that are not mentioned before you sign in. Be careful about them.

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What Services Does Lunar Automation Offer?

Lunar Automation offers a range of services to help clients build and manage their Walmart and Amazon stores.

Lunar Automation: Legit Ecom? [2023 Reviews] 4

These services include:

  • Walmart Automation: Lunar Automation helps you build a fully automated Walmart store that generates passive income for you. They take care of everything, including product listing, inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer service.
  • Amazon Automation: Lunar Automation can also help you build and manage your Amazon store. They offer the same array of services as they do with Walmart, which includes product listing, inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer service.
  • Private Client Stores: Lunar Automation also manages private client stores in ecommerce.

Who is Lunar Automation For?

Lunar Automation is for anyone who wants to build and grow a successful ecommerce business.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced ecommerce entrepreneur, Lunar Automation Ecommerce Agency can help you take your business to the next level.

Their services are particularly useful for those who want to diversify their income by building fully automated Walmart stores or managing their Amazon store more efficiently.

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How does Lunar Automation Work?

Product Research

As an eCommerce agency, Lunar Automation understands the importance of product research. This is the foundation of any successful eCommerce business and can make or break your chances of success.

Product Research by Lunar Automation

Product research is important because it helps you identify the right products to sell. This means finding products that are in demand, have low competition, and offer a good profit margin.

Without product research, you may end up with products that nobody wants, or products that are already oversaturated in the market. This can lead to low sales, low profits, and ultimately, failure.

And this is where Lunar Automation comes in because they do the product research for you. This is meant to minimize the risk because they know the market well (this makes the service better suited to people who are new to ecommerce or who don’t have the time to run a store).

Lunar Automation analyzes market trends, identifies gaps in the market, and uses data-driven insights to find products that are in demand. They also look at customer reviews and feedback, as well as competitor analysis, to understand what products are popular and what features customers are looking for.

The Lunar Automation product research formula is based on three key factors: demand, competition, and profit margin. By analyzing these factors, they can identify products that have high demand, low competition, and a good profit margin.

Store Management and Fulfilling Orders

Lunar Automation runs your online business for you with its team. It manages the day-to-day operations. They do inventory tracking and dynamic pricing strategies for both Amazon and Walmart platforms.

Store Management and Fulfilling Orders

As part of store management, Lunar Automation gets rid of products that are not performing as well as intended.

Additionally, they assist clients in navigating complex marketplace policies, alleviating concerns over account suspension or compliance issues.

Customer Service

By entrusting your eCommerce needs to Lunar Automation’s team, you don’t have to worry about customer engagement because they handle all customer inquiries.

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Lunar Automation Reddit Reviews

People over on Reddit had their say about Lunar Automation when someone asked in the r/dropshipping subreddit whether the company is legit.

There were mixed reviews and we’ll sample a few:

A user called Solid_Inspection_952 was a happy client saying:

I have been a Lunar Automation partner for a little over 8 months now and have been very pleased with my results so far.

VeterinarianNo5490, on the other hand, had a subpar experience, saying:

Lunar Automation Reviews

Another user, Dela9872 also had a negative experience:

Lunar Automation Reviews

Another user clarified that there could be confusion between Lunar Automation by Boba Milic and Lunar Ecomm by Ryan Pineda:

Lunar Automation Review

You can head over to the thread to check out more reviews to inform your opinion.

Benefits of Lunar Automation

Here are some of the benefits of using Lunar Automation’s services:

  • Increased Sales: Lunar Automation helps you grow and scale your Amazon and Walmart stores, so you can increase your sales and profits.
  • Time Savings: Lunar Automation takes care of the tasks involved in running an eCommerce business, which can be time-consuming.
  • Expertise: Lunar Automation has over 5 years of experience in the eCommerce industry, so you will be leveraging their expertise. The agency’s expertise in both Amazon FBA and the Walmart Marketplace ensures that clients can capitalize on opportunities offered by two of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world.
  • Safe and Secure: Lunar Automation’s team knows Walmart’s and Amazon’s terms of service. Therefore, by ensuring that your store abides by these terms, it is not likely to be suspended (a common occurrence on these platforms).
  • Personalized Service: Lunar Automation offers personalized service to each of its clients, so you can rest assured that they will work with you to achieve your goals.
  • Proven Results: Lunar Automation has helped its clients generate over $100 million in sales, so you can trust that they know how to help you grow your business.

Drawbacks of Lunar Automation

The worst-case scenario with Lunar Automation is that you may end up losing your investment.

Some users have reported losing more than $50k with Lunar Ecom automation. This is because the agency does not guarantee any specific returns on your investment, and the success of your store depends on several external factors.

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Is Lunar Automation Legit?

Lunar Automation is legit. It has been around for a few years and handled for its clients more than $100 million in sales.

Having said that, the company’s so-called “bulletproof setup” from product research to automation, to end-to-end support to ensure your store is optimized for success does not guarantee profits.

While Lunar Automation is not a scam, there are several red flags that you should consider before investing your money. The agency has received negative reviews from users who have lost their investment and reported poor customer service. Additionally, the agency’s promises of earning $50k per month with a “hands-free” Walmart store may be misleading.

What is the Reality of Lunar Automation?

Lunar Automation is an online platform that offers automated Amazon and Walmart stores with the promise of generating passive income for you. The agency claims that you can earn up to $50k per month with a “hands-free” Walmart store.

Lunar Automation is not a scam

However, the reality is that the success of your store depends on several factors, including market competition, product quality, and marketing strategies.


To sum it up, Lunar Automation with their team led by Boba Milic appears to be for people who have enough money to put into a side venture to generate passive income through a hands-free business model.

They offer automated Walmart and Amazon stores, product research services, and more to help you manage your store effectively. There have been varying reviews of Lunar Automation online, some customers have reported an increase in income potential and excellent customer service but some feel they were swindled.

If you’re looking for an eCommerce agency that can help you build and manage a fully automated Walmart store, before you sign up for Lunar Automation, do extensive research.

Lunar Automation markets itself as an agency that handles everything for you from product research to supplier relationships and fulfillment. Their hands-free approach is meant to be set it and forget it, freeing up your time for other pursuits. But as some people have been reporting, that’s not always the case.

Running a business is challenging and there are no guarantees of profits. Therefore, such reports are expected.

Overall, if you’re looking to diversify your income and take advantage of the power of eCommerce, Lunar Automation is not the only company available offering the service. There are many others out there you can learn from and start making money.

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