Market Filter Software Scam – Another Fake App!

There’s a new scam in town and it’s called the Market Filter Software. It’s basically a fake software app for trading binary options and it’s a complete scam. I’m pretty disgusted in how many of these scams are launching lately but I’m not surprised. Market Filter is just the latest in a long line and I’m exposing it here and sharing my full review.

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Market Filter Software Scam - Another Fake App! 3

Market Filter Software – Scam Exposed

Another day and it’s yet another binary scam this time called the Market Filter software app. To be honest it’s no different to any of the other binary scams that have launched this week like Hexa Trader and Tesler software. Each scam appears to be different on the surface because they have different names, use different backstories and have different people in the videos however you should know that the way these scams work never changes.

The Market Filter software similar to these other scams is a fraud. The software does not work, and if you sign up you will only end up losing money. There website is full of lies, fake testimonials, fake income proof and of course ridiculous unrealistic income claims.

market filter app

On their website it actually states that you can “Profit $237 per hour… just by using this software within 3 minutes!” which is a complete and utter joke. It’s income claims like this that raise a huge red flag for me and I’m sure for many others too. Whilst they may attract desperate people who are hoping that these income claims are true the more experienced people out there like myself look straight through these claims and can see dishonesty. If you are going to claim that your Market Filter software can product those kind of stupid profits within 3 minutes then clearly you are not very trustworthy.

Also the person in their sales video is NOT the real person behind this software. The people behind these scams stay in the dark. They are not interested in putting their faces on their systems because they have nothing to be proud of. When it comes to a legitimate product you will usually have the product owner proudly put their face on it in order to sell it. When it comes to these scam systems the real owners hide behind the scenes and they employ actors to appear in their videos.

Chances are the person you see in the video for Market Filter software app is some failed actor who needs money so he’s accepted this job. The scammers probably only paid this guy a few $100 to read the script, so I can assure you he’s not rich and he certainly can’t help you make any money.

fake testimonials for market filter

Another thing I noticed was the fake Facebook testimonials for Market Filter. “Meghan” claims she made $82k her first month and “Karl” claims he made $15k in his first 3 days. These people are not real people and these are NOT real testimonials on Facebook. They have put this together to appear legitimate but it’s just some design trickery to look like those reviews are real when in fact they are fake.

How Does Market Filter Scam You?

You might be wondering how the Market Filter app actually scams you, after all isn’t it free? Of course they would have you believe it’s free. You just need to sign up and they’ll give you free access to their trading software. But remember this is trading we are talking about here, so you’ll need money to trade with and you’ll also need a broker who you can trade through. So the scammers behind this website will refer you to their “recommended” broker. Once you follow the steps and fill in your details you’ll be forwarded to the broker they recommend and you’ll be asked to make a deposit to fund your account. You need to fund the account so that their software actually has money to work with. They will tell you that the more money you deposit, the more money their Market Filter software can make for you. Sounds legit right? Well it’s not, because once you deposit money the scammers behind this website get paid their referral commission and they are done with you!

The worst part is, their software won’t work at all and you’ll soon realise that the income claims they gave you were completely false too. The software is actually programmed to lose money. All of the softwares behind these binary options scams are the same. They appear to be different because they are branded with some new logo such as the Market Filter app logo but they are all the same. The software is programmed to lose on purpose so that you don’t make a penny, and the broker gets your money!

Market Filter Scam Doesn’t Stop Yet…

Once you lose that initial deposit of $250 you might think the scam is over but think again. They will constantly call you up and try to get you to deposit more money. They will make up all kinds of bogus stories to try and convince you to deposit more money. Sometimes they will say that there was a glitch and if you make another deposit they will match your deposit giving you a bonus to trade with. They can actually be very convincing which is why it’s important to not listen to them, they are crooks and they will steal all the money you deposit. They would happily take every last penny you have if you let them.

Market Filter Software Conclusion – Avoid It!

In my opinion this is obviously a scam and you won’t make a penny with it. Rather than waste your time with this scam software why not go ahead and check out my recommendation below. It’s a real system that has nothing to do with binary options and I’m personally using it to make 5-figures per month. In fact at the time of writing this I’ve made over $800 today alone from this system and it’s working amazing for other people too.

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