Matriz Strategy – Cryptocurrency Scam or Legit?

Looking for a review of the Matriz Strategy? I’m sharing my honest opinion.

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Matriz Strategy - Cryptocurrency Scam or Legit? 5

Matriz Strategy Overview

A typical 2 x 5 matrix scheme, Matriz Strategy provides its members diverse levels of earning money. The underlying idea behind its establishment is to amass more and more members to not only make a lot of money but also construct a downline. This exclusive Strategy is precisely designed to accept Bitcoins as the form of payment. Some similar systems I have reviewed lately like this one are icoin pro and cryptofundz.

Despite currently already having numerous matrix systems online, the challenge lies in distinguishing them from each other. But what makes Matrix Strategy standout? Why do I need to join it rather than go for its opponents?

Matriz Strategy: What Is It?

With respect to, this system was registered back on 3rd May in the year 2017 to one Jhoan Smith, a Colombian native from the Bogota. On digging a little deeper about him, one thing stands out-His name. Apparently, this particular name is to my surprise fictitious. Unsurprisingly, with a name such as Jhoan, I would not help but think that somehow somewhere the owner was actually trying to key in the name John and ended up misspelling it because of language barriers.

Deeper research on Matriz Strategy led me to a number of marketing videos all on YouTube. These exclusive videos are hosted here under an account by the name �Marketing Latino’. Through this YouTube channel, I also discovered several screen shots not to mention more relevant content on Matriz Strategy inclusive of several individuals who may, in fact, be its genuine registered site owners.

The names that came up as I scrolled through this YouTube Channel plus other social media platforms such as Facebook were Antonio Sevilla and Amaro Alvarez-both seemingly active members and dynamic promoters of Matriz Strategy. Nonetheless, there is scarce evidence that essentially identifies the actual individual who runs this site.


Matriz Strategy – The Products

A closer look at the Matriz Strategy and I quickly found out that this site offers no retail product whatsoever. Similarly, it offers no real services also. The sole item that members are in fact allowed to promote is the membership to the characteristic Martiz Strategy system opportunity.

Matriz Strategy System Opportunity

The Matrix Strategy System opportunity is quite simple. On paying and settling a 0.06 BTC due, a new associate is placed on top of this system. Afterward, the new associate should begin to fill up the exclusive downline. The first objective is to locate two distinct recruits who shall offer them 0.002 BTC. In response, those recruits get other two associates to sign-up.

· Level 1: To join this level, it will cost you just 0.002 BTC

· Level 2: The cost for the second spot is well about 0.003 BTC.

· Level 3: This level costs just 0.01 BTC

· Level 4: It costs 0.05 BTC

· Level 5: This phase is 0.5 BTC

With each level, comes the necessity to have numerous numbers of recruits not only signing up but also filling in the positions. With the first level, the goal is to simply identify two individuals and by the time I am getting to the fifth level, I will need about 32 individuals to subsequently sign up.

Conclusion For Matriz Strategy

With matrix systems, the likelihood of an individual at the bottom losing is ever present. These systems actually do work! Nonetheless, this is only possible where they have a set downline and have recruits all lined-up in order to sign. Otherwise, getting individuals in line in order to gift me money may not be such an easy task. That is why most people fail in these kind of businesses since they get sucked in with promises of lots of income, but ultimately they need to recruit to do that.

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Matriz Strategy - Cryptocurrency Scam or Legit? 5

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