Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews]

Looking for a Mobile Site Sniper review in 2023?

Mobile Site Sniper has been getting a lot of traction of late as a platform that promises to provide you with a quick and easy way to make money online.

Now, if you have encountered other similar make-money-online systems that fail to provide any real benefits, you can be forgiven for instantly concluding that Mobile Site Sniper is the same.

And this leads us to the question that led you to this review: Can you genuinely trust it as a legit profit-building opportunity?

In this unbiased Mobile Site Sniper review, I will be examining its merits to establish whether it is a genuine program you should be considering or one that you should be avoiding.

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Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 49

Mobile Site Sniper Reviews

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Introduction to Mobile Site Sniper

Mobile Site Sniper is an online program created by a Joel Rubin but that is presented by a marketer called Laura. In the promotion video you find on the landing page, Laura and her ‘brother’ talk about a secret software that they claim can help you make $537/day or more.

They claim that Mobile Site Sniper shows you how to make $537 per day.

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 50

Now, on closer inspection, it appears that Mobile Site Sniper could be a revamped version of another program that I reviewed a while back called Explode My Payday.

Going back to the video promoting the program, Laura and her brother both say that they have did not possess any special skills when they joined Mobile Site Sniper yet they have made money each day since they joined without fail.

Something else I picked up from watching that video is that they also mentioned that the secret software is not available for all.

Rather, it is accessible only to a handful of customers.

On top of that, registration is also only open for a small number of users.

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 51

I should mention that they say these things to create the false illusion of scarcity to persuade relatively inexperienced internet users to join their program quickly to not miss out on the gravy train.

It is a common ploy used by internet marketers seeking new affiliates for their programs as we’ve seen with other programs like Click Into Wealth and Big Money Connection.

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Who Is Behind Mobile Site Sniper?

The Mobile Site Sniper System was created by a guy called Joel Rubin — no, I am not referring to the former Obama staffer, Joel Rubin.

Joel took up Laura (a former hairdresser from Lansing Michigan) as a student and she turned out to be a very good one. He taught her how to use his system to make money every day. Then there’s Robbie, Laura’s younger brother.

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 52

Joel Rubin has apparently been into internet marketing since 2002. He started with little but has allegedly made millions simply by perfecting his internet marketing systems.

Unfortunately, Joel doesn’t have much in the way of an internet presence so I couldn’t find out more about him or his previous projects if indeed he had any.

For example, how has he cultivated business worth $10 billion since 2002? Unfortunately, there’s nothing we know about that.

That doesn’t do him any favors because you’d want to know how good he has been based on his past accomplishments and a comprehensive profile would help with that.

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How Does Mobile Site Sniper Work?

According to Joel, the Mobile Sniper System does everything for you.

They say that if you have 10 minutes in your day, that’s more than enough to make it work.

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 53What the system does is target mobile users. According to Joel, the system sends those users to a page which then “spits out money.”

He even calls it “free money.”

He says that he does all the selling and gives you all the profits. And all you have to do is press a few buttons to direct traffic.

He also says that he links you up with a personal coach who walks you through the system and lets you know what you need to do to get back on track when you fail.

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How to join Mobile Site Sniper

Mobile Site Sniper is a subscription-based system, which means that you have to create a new account when you join. To access the system you have got to provide your credentials i.e. username and password on the landing page:

Mobile Site SniperThe registration process is quite straightforward: As soon as you visit the website, you will be asked to enter your name and email address; that is the first step.

Once you have provided those details, you will be ushered onto the second step where Joel Rubin explains how the system works. He keeps it brief and doesn’t share all the information on the program.

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 54

The third step is the online Checkout process where you will be required to pay a one-time subscription fee. There are two payment options available: credit card and bitcoin.

This window pops up when you attempt to leave the page:

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 55You will be required to provide both customer information and billing information in the final Checkout form to complete the online payment.

Once you have paid the subscription, you will gain access to the system.

Something that caught my attention (but didn’t really surprise me) is that they keep reiterating that making Mobile Site Sniper work requires no special skills or marketing experience.

This is quite common with these online systems because this way, they widen their base of prospective clients.

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What You Get When You Join Mobile Site Sniper

After you are done watching those videos, what do you get if you decide to actually invest the $47 (or $37?) to purchase the program?

If you log into the members’ area, you’ll find a series of tabs with instructions on how to proceed.

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 56

Inside, you’ll find the training material: a bunch of videos and a few outdated eBooks with all the information you allegedly need to start your $537 a day online business.

Before we even get to the meat and potatoes of those videos and eBooks, if I recall correctly, didn’t the promotional video say that you don’t need to build websites, learn how to copywrite, or have any marketing skills?

Don’t they say that everything is done for you and that all you need to do is direct traffic?

That didn’t make sense to me but let’s proceed.

What’s included in the training material?

The tutorials are a bit dated, to say the least. They focus on generic knowledge about affiliate marketing that you can find online for free.

On top of that, a majority of the videos don’t even work leaving you to wonder why they put up the thumbnails in the first place.

For the few that work, they aren’t any good.

In one of the tutorials, they teach you how to build a website from scratch. They don’t go into the details of how you do it and you have to find other resources online to understand what’s going on if you are a total newbie.

They then show you how to choose products to promote (PS: they urge you to promote programs they are affiliated to).

They show you the basics of email marketing. Here they show you how to acquire an email autoresponder, something that you’ll have to spend more money on.

They show you how to set up a contact form to collect email addresses from subscribers to build a mailing list. You will be sending emails to these people promoting whatever product or course you will be marketing.

To be honest, most of what you will be selling are make-money-online programs that are not that good (if not downright scams).

They show you how to set up your PayPal to Swipe account.

After going through the member’s area, I am not confident that you can start a successful online business that rakes in $537 per day. The information there is dated and you’d be better off looking for good information online.

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What are the Mobile Site Sniper Upsells?

Even after paying $47 to gain access to buy Mobile Site Sniper training (a bunch of useless ebooks and videos), that won’t be enough. It never is.

You are going to be sold “upgrades” to that in the form of upsells. The intention here is to get you to pay more money to earn more (or you could think of it as them squeezing more money out of you).

In addition to the $47, here is what you may have to fork out for the ultimate experience:

The first upgrade is a $497 upsell that they whittle down to $297.

That way it sounds like a bargain and it upgrades your done-for-you system to get the most out of your investment. They claim that with this upgrade, you could earn up to $1,000 per day rather than the $537 they promise from the onset.

The second upsell is something they call “the Platinum upgrade.” They say it is worth $3,794 but they are willing to let you get it for just $197, another massive “bargain.”

What do you get for paying for that?

  • Everything you get from the Basic Membership, including bonus trainings on how to quit your job and start working online full time.
  • You unlock 10 more done-for-you businesses that apparently have zero hosting costs, zero technical skills needed, and zero experience needed.
  • Access to the Private Review Club where you get paid for reviewing products on Amazon. They buy those products, you review them, and you get paid.
  • A social media secrets mega course where you learn how social media marketing works on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • Access to the “completely dedicated customer support staff” that are available 7 days a week.

Going through all that, I was left feeling that it was naïve of me to think that a one-time fee of $47 would give me all that.

Mobile Site Sniper Cost

The regular subscription fee is $47; this is a one-time subscription fee.

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 57Now, as I write this, there is an offer that pops up on the sales page that gives you a $10 discount if you linger there long enough without committing to buy i.e. you can subscribe to Mobile Site Sniper for $37.

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 58

Mobile Site Sniper Refund Policy

They have a 60-day money-back guarantee. Here is how it reads at the check out page:

“60 Day Money Back Guarantee: Try Mobile Site Sniper For 60 Days Completely Risk Free. If For Any Reason It’s Not For You, Your FULL Purchase Price Will Be Refunded IMMEDIATELY.”

Since the program is sold via the Clickbetter platform, you may never get that refund.

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Pros of Mobile Site Sniper

  • It has a relatively low subscription fee.
  • You don’t require marketing experience to join.
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Cons of Mobile Site Sniper

  • Joel Rubin is shrouded in mystery, which doesn’t inspire confidence in the system.
  • There are numerous upsells.
  • You get outdated ebooks and training videos that don’t help much. You are better off finding free resources online to help with that.

Is Mobile Site Sniper Legit?

Mobile Site Sniper is not legit and here are a few reasons I came to that conclusion:

Mobile Site Sniper is Ambigous and Obsolete

The system promises to provide you with an easy way to make money online but doesn’t provide you with a concrete plan of how you are meant to achieve that.

It begs the question, is it possible to make $537 every day using Mobile Site Sniper?

I don’t think so because there is nothing unique about it to separate it from the dozens of fraudulent programs that read from the same script but never provide any genuine value.

It is a rehash of the Explode My Payday scam

Recall how earlier in this review I mentioned that I think Mobile Site Sniper is a rehash of Explode My Payday?

Well, here is what I wrote in my full Explode My Payday review regarding its legitimacy:

“Explode My Payday is a typical get rich quick scam. I use that term a lot on this blog when dealing with these kind of systems but that is really the best way to describe it. I use that term because the Explode May Payday website has all the typical things such as bold claims of income, wild testimonials and no real proof/explanation of what is being offered.

Put all those things together with a system that is quite simply NEVER going to produce the claimed results and in my eyes that gives you a get rich quick scam system and that’s exactly what I believe Explode My Payday to be!”

Since this is a rehash, I also think it is a scam.

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Joel Rubin is a fake persona

It is unsettling that there isn’t much to write home about Joel Rubin and his previous works.

I initially suspected that Joel was a made up persona, a fake owner designed to legitimize the product but has no legitimate background, which again is a common occurrence with online programs that are illegitimate.

And I was proven right.

The photo he shares of him in that sales video is actually a stock photo of a bearded guy in a suit.

This trend of using stock photos to convince people that a program is legit is quite prevalent with scam artists.

I was also unconvinced by him saying that he has grown and sold businesses for as much as $10 billion dollars because it doesn’t make sense.

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 59

Who would be making that kind of money (even being involved in that kind of money) and still hide their identity?

He’d be plastering his face all over the place and would be a celebrity that we’d have already heard of!

This has the hallmarks of a get-rich-quick scheme because he promises to show you how to make money online without requiring you to have any special skill or expend much effort. Nothing genuine comes that easy.

Exaggerated Income Claims

Some of the Mobile Site Sniper claims I encountered in the promotional material sound unrealistic. For example, at the beginning of the cheesy sales video promoting the program, Laura says that she earns thousands working from home from Mobile Site Sniper.

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 60

I find it hard to come to terms with that because she follows that up by saying that she does all that without running a business.

She says that she doesn’t have to fill stock, manage employees, cater to affiliates, build a website, write copy, or program. She says that she just gets paid via her PayPal account every few seconds.

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 61 She also doesn’t have to sell a thing.

So how does she make that money? By running the Mobile Site Sniper system on automatic, apparently.

But is that feasible? I don’t think so.

To run a successful online business, you have to do at least one of those things she says you don’t have to do. You have to sell something.

And if you are running an affiliate marketing business, you have to have a website and write copy. Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made website and those are usually very expensive.

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Fake Mobile Site Sniper Reviews

The testimonials on the Mobile Site Sniper website are not genuine and I think they hired actors to make outrageous claims about making money with the program. Take the example of this woman who claims to “make close to $562 per day.”

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 62

When I saw her, I thought I’d seen her somewhere before and as it turns out, she was also one of the “customers” that sang praises for Explode My Payday. Here she is touting the program.

Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 63

In my Explode My Pay Day review, here’s what I said about her (she went by the name Megan):

“… we have Megan who actually claims that she’s never made a video before but she managed to make $1,117 in her very first day with Explode My Payday. It’s funny that she has never made a video before because I’ve actually seen her appear in various sales videos giving testimonials about how much money she has made.

Clearly this women has zero ethics and is quite happy for her fake testimonials to be used to defraud people.”

Clearly, nothing has changed and she was used to promote Mobile Site Sniper.

On top of that, I found it a bit suspicious that other testimonials used over-the-top salesy language:

Can you make $559 on day one of trying out a program? Highly unlikely.

So, these must be fake testimonials, further evidence that Mobile Site Sniper is an illegitimate program.

Mobile Site Sniper Verdict

As we have established, Mobile Site Sniper is not a reliable system that you can join and be confident that you will gain any value from. It is neither a money making machine nor an affiliate marketing system.

You will be required to pay $47 (or a discounted $37) but you will not make money from it. They even declare on the footer that “The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.”

Mobile Site Sniper Reviews

That being said, all hope is not lost because there are other programs like Wealthy Affiliate that actually earn you money.

Do not waste your time with a program like the Mobile Site Sniper scam that promises the world but never actually helps you make money online.

I have tried out and reviewed hundreds of programs and while most of them end up disappointing, I have found a couple that actually work. Below, I will provide you with details concerning arguably the best online system I have found. Keep reading to learn more about it.

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Mobile Site Sniper: Scam System or Legit? [2023 Reviews] 49

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