Multiple Income Funnel: Is Mack’s System Legit? [2023 Review]

Looking for a review of Mack’s Multiple Income Funnel.

It is an automated online marketing system that is designed to help promote your business and earn you commissions.

Is Multiple Income Funnel worth it and are you keen on learning more about it?

If you are, then you have come to the right place because in this article, I share insights into how Mack’s multiple income funnel works as well its pros and cons having done a bit of research into it.

I also give my two cents on whether or not I think it is legit.

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Multiple Income Funnel: Is Mack's System Legit? [2023 Review] 4

Mack’s Multiple Income Funnel Review

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Introduction to Mack’s Multiple Income Funnel

Mack’s Multiple Income Funnel is a specialized marketing tool that is meant to help people start online businesses from scratch without marketing and entrepreneurial experience.

Mack’s Multiple Income Funnel

For any online business to be successful, you have to learn how to market it. And that’s where Mack’s Multiple Income Funnel can help get things started. The program is designed to give you online visibility if you follow the right steps.

It reminds me of programs like Super Affiliate Network and Entre Blueprint that also offer training to people who want to start online businesses.

To join the program, you don’t have to possess technical skills like coding or sales and neither do you need any experience.

To be precise, it is a plug and play system that is designed to be user-friendly. It also earns you commissions through “four powerful income streams.”

Mack Mill’s The Multiple Income Funnel system is a high-ticket program. It’s meant to help you make a lot of money without having to work on it every day. It is a form of passive income.

When you buy the program, you get a “done for you” system and you earn affiliate commissions for every successful sale you make.

Your role is to drive traffic to the landing page of the done for you website and then get more people to sign up for the program. In that sense, it operates like a multi-level marketing scheme.

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Who is Behind Mack’s Multiple Income Funnel?

Multiple Income Funnel is the work of Mack Mills, who describes himself as a well-known entrepreneur and social influencer.

Mack Mills website

I say “describes himself” because he is not ubiquitous enough to be that well-known like, say, Tai Lopez.

He is also a film producer and even has a profile on IMDb.

Mack Mills, 42 years old, was born & Raised in New Jersey.

Producer, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor & One of the Top Affiliate Marketers in the world, Mack went from nothing to an 8-figure online income, with nothing more than a GED.

Mack has helped, trained and mentored entrepreneurs from all over the world on how to build passive income all through his custom marketing funnels combined with the affiliate marketing business model, making him one of the most sought after marketers in the niche to date.

Mack Mills also executive produced the independent film Street War starring Hell Rell and Felicia Pearson from HBO’s hit series, The Wire (2002).

Mack claims to have more than twenty years of digital marketing experience and besides Multiple Income Funnel, he also runs a few other high converting systems that generate leads and boost sales for a wide range of businesses.

That’s the only bit of information about him that I could get my hands on after extensively searching the internet. He doesn’t have a professional bio, which is a bit disappointing and honestly, a red flag.

His anonymity has understandably led most people to raise questions regarding the legitimacy of his program, so it does him more harm than good.

He has a YouTube channel that only has one published video.

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How Does Mack’s Multiple Income Funnel Work?

The best way to describe Mack Mill’s Multiple Income Funnel is that it is a multi-level marketing scheme.

A multi-level marketing scheme is a business model where members recruit other new members and earn a commission for every new subscriber. If you want to make more money in an MLM, you should encourage your members to also recruit other members.

Each MLM has a structure and a payment structure that defines how much you get paid for each recruit and how much you make for every new member your recruit brings in.

To maximize your earnings in an MLM, your recruits should bring in or sponsor new recruits into the program.

How to Join The Multiple Income Funnel

You can’t simply join The Multiple Income Funnel by opening up the website and signing up for a new account. You must have someone to sponsor you because it requires that before you can sign up for the program.

If you open the website via a search engine, you will find this landing page:

Multiple Income Funnel website landing page

Notice how there is no link provided for opening a new member account because you must have joined through some affiliate link.

The only way you can find a sponsor is through places like YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels.

If you search the internet, you will find dozens of people’s videos telling you how much money they made with the system. Usually they have an affiliate link that you can use to sign up for the program.

If you get yourself an affiliate link, it leads you to a page that has a video presentation and a big red button that reads “click here to earn big.”

If you click the button, you will then be prompted to provide your name and email address to be able to view the video.

Mutiple Income Funnel

You will then be redirected to another page that has testimonials and another button that takes you to the order page. They include price of $47/month to gain access to the system.

Multiple Income Funnel

If you scroll down, you’ll find a series of Testimonials taken from Facebook. These are people who say that Multiple Income Funnel is great with zero negative reviews:

Multiple Income Funnel new members

The order page looks like this:

Multiple income Funnels

You provide your personal details and credit card details to them. Then you can create your profile.

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The Multiple Income Funnel Dashboard

When you sign up for the program, you find yourself on its dashboard.

Multiple Income Funnel dashboard

There are steps you have to follow to get started and to start using the program to earn passive income. There are four different income streams.

Step 1 is to watch a video that walks you through how the program works. The next step is to set up your income streams, the third step is to set up your e-wallet, and the fourth step is to go on a “back office tour”

On the Links page on the menu, you will find a sampling of the landing pages you will be promoting. You can choose from the ones provided. The main difference between the pages you get is the design and layout.

Multiple Income Funnel: Is Mack's System Legit? [2023 Review] 5

They also have a private Facebook group where you get to join a community of members who have the same objectives as you. You also learn how to get the most out of your membership.

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Multiple Income Funnel Compensation Structure

The program has an affiliate marketing system whereby if you refer someone to this system, it pays you $20 per month for each referral.

As I mentioned earlier, you get paid for every new member that signs up for the program with your landing page.

Should the new member you bring in sign up for an annual subscription, you will be paid $200.

You earn if your recruits get other people to sign up for the program. Therefore, if you want to make money, you need to find people who are great at convincing other people to join.

Otherwise, you will not get paid if a recruit joins and they don’t sign up other new members.

How to Make Money Using Multiple Income Funnel

Commissions you get for recruiting new members is just one way of making money using this program. As I mentioned before, there are multiple income streams.

There are three income generating avenues that will help you bring in more visitors to your landing pages and convert them into commission sales. The three of them are:

  • E1U Life
  • Textbot
  • Traffic Authority

You will promote these tools and get paid a commission every time someone buys them through your link. You can also purchase them yourself to boost your sales funnel.

The thing is that you have to pay for each to get access to them and earn from them. Let’s take a look at each of them.

E1U Life

E1U Life is a team of experienced designers, developers, and project managers who help you establish your online presence. They consider themselves a personal web building team.

E1U Life

They code websites, design sales pages, and write email campaigns for businesses or organizations.

They offer custom web packages of personalized websites, landing pages, opt-in pages, and more, that are tailored to the client.

There are many packages they offer and you can earn anywhere between $25 and $2,000 per new member, depending on the package they purchased.

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The third income stream is through Textbot AI

Texbot AI have an Automated Virtual Assistant powered by AI that answers all incoming calls that you can’t or don’t want to take and responds instantly and automatically via text. This messaging software allows you to send messages to your prospective clients and drive traffic. AVA

An automated virtual assistant can be helpful to a business as it helps you to collect payments and schedule appointments. It can also answer frequently asked questions by customers.

You can earn commissions from this Textbot messaging tool, which range from $100-$500 per referral.

You can make $10/month or $100/year for every purchase of the AVA BASIC annd $50/month or $500/year for AVA+ buyers.

Traffic Authority

Traffic Authority is a tool that you can use to generate traffic to your landing page on autopilot. TA has been around for 18 years and has helped many top online marketers and network marketers, as well as company owners around the world access quality traffic.

Traffic Authority

Traffic Authority has access to “100% USA and Canada based” traffic if that’s what you are aiming to bring to your pages.

Traffic Authority can qualify visitors as clicks, which refer to the number of clicks your page received. However, it isn’t explicitly stated where the traffic is coming from and quality is everything. If the service is poor your page may receive are bots, not humans.

If you are the one selling Traffic Authority to other people, here are the commissions you can get for each sale:

  • Basic Package ($220 USD for 170-190 clicks ) – $100 commission
  • Bronze Package ($440 USD for 340-380 clicks) – $200
  • Silver Package ($660 USD for 510-570 clicks) – $300
  • Gold Package ($1,097 USD for 850-950 clicks) – $500
  • Platinum Package ($2,197 USD for 1,700-1,900 clicks) – $1,000
  • Titanium Package ($4,297 USD for 3,400-3,800 clicks) – $2,000
  • Diamond Package ($8,397 USD for 8,100-8,400 clicks) – $4,000

You must pay $20/month to become eligible to receive commissions from this stream once you start converting your traffic. To purchase any of the plans, create a free account and click on Resellers on the menu.

They have it set up that you have to buy the package you want to earn commissions from. For example, you can only earn $4,000 per sale of the Diamond Package if you paid $8,397 for it first.

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Other Income Streams

There are other income streams you will have access to, including:

  • Crypto U
  • Fast Lane Affiliate System
  • My Lead Gen Secrets – It will bring you 100 leads every day for $30/month. There is a $30 setup fee. For every new member who joins your program, you receive a $5 commission.
  • B-Eco – This one deals with fuel tabs with fuel maximizer technology to help your vehicle reduce fuel consumption and increase mileage.
  • Scalability Pro – It is essentially a one-year Diamond-Qualified subscription for Traffic Authority. It comes with additional learning materials and resources for a one-time subscription fee of $997.
  • Power Lead System – It is an all-in-one marketing platform. It has photos, videos, and lead pages you can use for your sales funnels.


You pay $49.00 for the first 30 Days. After that, you pay a $49 recurring monthly fee that you can cancel any time.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 30 days to go through the product and if you decide during that it’s not for you, you’ll be issued a full and prompt refund, no questions asked.

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Pros of Mack’s Multiple Income Funnel

  • It has four income streams through which you can earn commissions. You have a variety to choose from.
  • It is suited to both advanced users and beginners.
  • It’s easy to learn and use.

Cons of Mack’s Multiple Income Funnel

  • Although people of all skill levels can earn a commission when they join the program, the amount you earn varies depending your marketing skills.
  • You have to spend money to make money with some of the other income streams. For example, on Traffic Authority, you have to purchase the program to qualify for a commission should someone else purchase it with your affiliate link.

Is Mack’s Multiple Income Funnel Legit?

Mack’s Multiple Income Funnel is legit.

It’s one of those systems that provides you with training on how you can start an online business and also helps business owners promote and grow their businesses.

As for the affiliate system, the amount of money you will earn depends on your commitment levels and your sales skills. All the examples given in the sales pitch are exceptional and you are not guaranteed to earn the amounts quoted.

Mack Mills has to shoulder some of the blame here because he doesn’t do a good job clearing that up and it can seem like people are assured of certain earnings, which again is quite misleading.

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Mack’s Multiple Income Funnel Verdict

Mack’s Mutiple Income Funnel is a program that claims to make it relatively easy for people with zero experience to learn how to start and run online businesses.

It has an automated system where everything is done for you by marketing experts. All that’s left for you to do is follow the steps and the system runs itself.

It also has an affiliate system through which you can earn money in form of commissions.

The price of the monthly subscription if you want to join Multiple Income Funnel is $49 per month. The program also has an affiliate marketing program whereby if you refer someone to this system, it pays you $20 per month for each referral.

The Multiple Income Funnel program is arguably the main channel through which both advanced marketers and newbies can earn money when they become subscribers.

There are four ways through which you can earn commissions.

This system runs pretty much like any affiliate system whereby the more people you bring in, the higher your commissions.

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Multiple Income Funnel: Is Mack's System Legit? [2023 Review] 4

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