My Home Job Search – Scam or Legit?

My Home Job Search is a new website that claims it can help you “discover real work at home jobs in your area” but is it really true or is this just another home jobs scam website? I’ve been checking it out and now I’m sharing my honest opinion.

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My Home Job Search - Scam or Legit? 11

My Home Job Search – Overview

So what is My Home Job Search? I’ve been taking a closer look to learn more about it and to be honest it looks like a pretty legitimate website. However looks can certainly be deceiving that is for sure. I’ve come across many websites that may look legitimate but ultimately they turned out to be scams. Just recently I’ve exposed the likes of Extreme Home Paycheck system. On the flip side there are many websites and entrepreneurs who people “think” are a scam like Tai Lopez but are actually 100% legitimate. Anyway here is what the website looks like for My Home Job Search:

My Home Job Search - Scam or Legit? 12

Pretty professional looking and over 498,000 people like them on Facebook apparently although I am pretty skeptical about that figure to be honest because when I tried to click to “like” them this part of their website just turned out to be an image, so it’s probably just photoshopped and not actually real since I couldn’t find this on Facebook.

What Does ‘My Home Job Search’ Offer?

So what exactly does My Home Job Search offer. Well obviously they offer you “home jobs” where you can actually make money. They make some pretty bold claims on their website by saying that they have approved jobs, guaranteed pay and job placement. They also state that companies like Netflix, Amazon and even Apple need your help and are willing to pay you. To be honest I find this hard to believe but let’s move on.

My Home Job Search - Scam or Legit? 13

After I typed in a fake zip code and went through the “steps” I landed on a video that talked about how much money I could earn. There are multiple options to choose from and you have to pick what category of job you actually want. To be honest I am not sure whether this actually means anything or whether it’s just part of the process they use to convince you that what they have is legitimate. I actually think what they are selling you doesn’t change regardless of what options you type in.

After moving through the steps I landed on a video that looked like this:

My Home Job Search - Scam or Legit? 14

So they claim that companies can pay me as much as $56 per hour. That would mean that working say 8-hours a day would earn me nearly $450 a day. To be honest that sounds pretty ridiculous because if it was really possible to earn $450 a day with no skills just “working” at home, then wouldn’t everyone be doing this? I know that’s a funny thing to say because I personally make a full time income of more than $500 a day, and I worked maybe 2-3 hours a day on average, however what I do with my online business takes a level of skill, and a real understanding of how money is made. What these guys are offering you is a job that is paying $50+ an hour and no real skills are required. Questionable to say the least!

My Home Job Search – The REAL Truth…

So let’s get to the point here. What actually happens after you go through all the BS to access their system. Well I’ve just done it and I can reveal exactly what this system is all about, how it works, whether it’s a scam and the REAL truth. After getting inside it is very clear to me what this system is all about. You do actually get to access a members area for “my home job search” and this members area contains links to a number of different websites. It’s pretty interesting because they do actually link to legitimate websites like survey websites that will pay you some money and give you bonus points, things like gift cards and that kind of stuff. This is all legitimate and fine, however they also link to other systems and websites from inside their members area and these particular websites are complete scams in my experience.

One of the websites they link to is automated daily income and that’s a scam I exposed months ago. They also link to others and they say you can phone up their “specialist” for a free consultation. This is basically a free sales pitch where they will sell you into some other program.

After taking a closer look inside it’s super obvious what they are doing here. They are gaining your trust by introducing you to free ways of making money but then they are up-selling you once they have gained your trust by pushing you into other programs that they are affiliates for. Once they get you into their members area they will try their best to push you into these other paid programs that are NOT home jobs, and this is where they make their money.

My Home Job Search Conclusion

So is this just another scam? To be honest that’s a matter of opinion. Personally I think it’s a scam because they claim you can earn $56+ an hour and to be honest that will never happen. On the flip side they aren’t really selling anything to you, they are just getting you into a members area and acting as a resource hub linking our to other products, services and systems. So is it a scam? You decide based on the information I’ve shared, one thing for certain is I am not recommending My Home Job Search.

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My Home Job Search - Scam or Legit? 11


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