My Mobile Money Pages – Scam Exposed! [Review]

My Mobile Money Pages is a system claiming it can help you make $547 per day in extra income, but is it really legit?

If you’re looking for a review then you’re in the right place.

I’m about to share my honest review giving you all the details.

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My Mobile Money Pages - Scam Exposed! [Review] 7

My Mobile Money Pages Review

My Mobile Money Pages refers to software used for online marketing that is available for $39.95 at Clickbank. It was developed by Andrew Davidson. The main focus of the page is getting people to buy the automated software that has a reputation of developing a specific website while on the go. Here I will explain in detail the truth behind My Mobile Money Pages. My initial thoughts? Not good! Personally I hate how it says you can earn $547 per day because it’s such a specific number that is not realistic because even if people did make money it would never be exactly that amount.

Plus, I noticed that this program is being promoted by known scammers. I’ve noticed redirects from websites like and others work from home scam websites.

My Mobile Money Pages - Scam Exposed! [Review] 8

How Does My Mobile Money Pages Work?

My Mobile Money Pages works in the same manner as a website builder and has some features present in WordPress that help the software understand better what a user requires in their site. This product claims that it helps users achieve earnings in the region of $547.43 daily. This seems like a random number as it seems not accurate given the way the software ought to work. This figure translates to getting $16,970.33 monthly or about $203,643.96 annually.

How do you make this money? By cashing in on the mobile marketing trend. It seems super easy and the website makes it seem that way, but in reality this strikes me as a scam very similar to home earning system and ez money team. They make big claims about how you can make easy money but in reality they are lying to you about how they make their money and claiming it comes from a fancy software, but in reality this is pure BS.

Fake Mobile Money Claims

  1. My Mobile Money Pages has given some preposterous claims that renowned sites such as Amazon uses it together with Ebay as well as other huge online corporations. Judging by these claims, it is easy to conclude that this is not true and the claims are unfounded.
  2. My Mobile Money Pages makes another claim that it only takes a user a few minutes to propel themselves to a position of earning dollars in their thousands via daily commissions or even millions for that matter.
  3. It is odd that users do not even require website or technical design experience or the website itself according to the site.
  4. Another crucial false claim made by Andrew Davidson is the over-exaggeration in terms of the people who spend money on online platforms daily. Andrew claims that approximately 1 Billion online users transact online, which is a fallacy.
  5. The page claims that a huge number of its online affiliates make good money online by using the site but this is not true as it is a huge assumption.
  6. The site goes further to claim that you only need it to make some money working as an affiliate. This is almost similar to claiming that an affiliate only requires downloading the My Mobile Money Page app and beginning making money effortlessly. This is a ridiculous and false claim.
  7. Lastly, the site claims that you only require 2 minutes to finish doing everything.

Disadvantages and Problems

My Mobile Money Pages uses a simple scraper technique that was used in the days gone by. Everything is done in a systematic manner where there is a default theme and the images go to a specific area together with the other content. When a user presses start, the software makes a tour of the web and scrapes everything that it finds relevant to the keyword. This is equal to stealing content, which will mean more danger to your website.

Why I Hate My Mobile Money Pages

Hate is a strong word I know but running No Bs Im Reviews I’ve learned a thing or two about SEO and ranking websites in Google. The very fact that this system relies on making money from Google traffic means that you will never make a penny. The “My Mobile Money Pages” software as already explained literally scrapes content from the web and automatically puts it together on a “mobile” optimised website. This is pure BS and I will explain why…

  1. Most websites these days (like this blog) are built on WordPress. WordPress automatically MOBILE optimizes the website so that Google likes it and it can be viewed on a mobile phone. So there is literally no reason to use a software like My Mobile Money Pages.
  2. Google wants fresh, unique content, not scraped content from other sites and won’t rank you.
  3. Google likes authority websites (think Amazon, big news websites etc, even big blogs), not some crap scraped website from a spammy app
  4. Monetization methods like AdSense won’t work on these sites because Google won’t approve them
  5. You won’t make a penny because the site won’t get any traffic

My Mobile Money Pages fools newbies to internet marketing. The video appears to be educational and it “makes sense” to a newbie that this would work. However when you have been in the marketing game a while and you understand how websites work you know 100% that My Mobile Money Pages will NEVER work.

Verdict & Conclusion

Seriously do not waste a second of your time on My Mobile Money Pages. It’s an old scam from 2012! This kind of technique has never worked for making money. I can guarantee you that the owner of this website does not make a penny from using his My Mobile Money Pages software but instead makes it from selling his product. I am not recommending it, and I believe that it is a scam.

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My Mobile Money Pages - Scam Exposed! [Review] 7

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