My Secret Sites Scam – Don’t Believe It!

My Secret Sites is a new business opportunity system that I’ve been taking a closer look at. It really didn’t take me long to notice what a huge scam system it was. Today I’m sharing my full review and exposing My Secret Sites so I can stop people who are looking at this system like yourself from losing money.

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My Secret Sites Scam Exposed

It doesn’t take me long to spot a scam. After reviewing over 150 systems on this blog I’ve gained enough experience to know when something is legitimate and when something is pure BS and unfortunately My Secret Sites is BS. It’s similar to other scam systems like 700 Profit Club and Copy My Websites. Essentially you are being offered an amazing system for making money that never actually exists. It’s just hype and nonsense and when you spend your hard earned cash on this system you can rest assured you’ll not see it again.

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Upon visiting the website and watching their sales videos you are told that for a small fee you can access the Secret Sites system and make easy money. All you need to do is simple sign up and before you know it you’ll be making money and lots of it. So much money that you could easily quit your job, move into a mansion and live a pretty sweet lifestyle. Unfortunately there is no substance behind it, it’s just hype. There is literally no way you can just make money that easily and unfortunately scam systems like this mainly exist to fool newbies who don’t have the experience to know better.

I’ve been making a full time income online for 7 years now and during that time I’ve gained enough experience to know what works and what doesn’t. I can tell you based on my experience it’s literally impossible to simply clone someones websites and make money like this system is suggesting. They suggest that you can use their “secret sites” to make money and that’s all you need to do, but it’s pure BS because they aren’t even making their money that way.

The people behind My Secret Sites make their money from selling this system and other similar ones to you. They don’t make their money by using their system. It’s all hype and BS to get you to sign up and spend money because when you do that they are the ones making money, not you. Also they build an email list of 1,000’s of people since anyone looking at this system needs to enter their name and email to get access. There’s nothing wrong with this however they are doing this so that they can promote other offers, this is how they make their money, they are not making their money legitimately from the actual system they are selling to you on this website.

Unethical Tactics & Lies

I personally found the My Secret Sites website to be using a number of unethical tactics and lies in order to sell you the system. This is common place when it comes to business opportunity scams like this. I personally see it all the time, things like fake testimonials, false scarcity, fake endorsements. It’s all unfortunately “normal” in the world of biz op scams but that doesn’t mean that it’s right. When it comes to My Secret Sites they are using all of these fake tricks to scam you out of your money. Right now as I am looking at their website I am being told that there are only 7 spots available. I find this really hard to believe since My Secret Sites is listed on affiliate networks where other people can sign up and promote this system to earn commissions from the sales made. I highly doubt that 100’s of affiliates are fighting over 7 measly spots that are left in this system.

Also fake testimonials are used a number of times. You only need to take a look at their checkout page to see the bunch of fake testimonials which are clearly unverified. It’s a shame they can’t be straight up and actually put genuine testimonials but when you think about it, they clearly need to use fake testimonials because nobody would actually make any real money and be able to give a testimonial in the first place.

My Secret Sites – Conclusion

After taking a closer look it didn’t take me long to conclude that this system is a scam. And one that you should definitely recommend.

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My Secret Sites Scam - Don't Believe It! 7

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