Is Neobux Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Review]

Looking for a Neobux review?

If you have looked for an easy way to make extra money online, you may have heard of Neobux. However what has gnawed at your mind is whether Neobux is a scam or legit site for making money online.

Let me reveal right away that it is not a scam, but that does NOT mean it is necessarily a good option for you to earn extra money – because it might very well not be.

In this 2022 NeoBux review, you will get an inside look and learn all the details about what the site has to offer, how NeoBux works, what you have to be aware of, what the money earning opportunities are and much more. So if you want to know exactly what it offers and if it is a site worth spending your time on or not, keep reading.

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Is Neobux Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Review] 7

NeoBux Review

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What is NeoBux?

NeoBux has existed since 2008 and has been considered as the leader of PTC sites or Paid to Click. It allows advertisers, after giving money, to increase the visibility of their site through a large flow of visitors.


According to this website, users or members can view and click on adverts on the site to earn money. From what I have been able to find out, the company behind it is based in Portugal and called NeoDev Lda. There is however not much more information to be found about the said company. But NeoBux has been around for a while and has many members.

It is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that offers several ways to earn but because of the system on the site, it can more be seen as a PTC site (Paid-to-Click) site.  Below, I will go over the different earning opportunities you have.

It can be difficult to figure out what the opportunities are when you first join and are likely to wonder if Nebox is genuine or fake. In this Neobux review, I will, therefore, do my best to explain it so it is clear exactly what it offers so you can easily see if it is worth it for you or not.

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NeoBux Membership Types

Everything you earn on NeoBux is affected by the membership level you have. What separates NeoBux from many other GPT sites is that they do not only have a free membership but also memberships you have to pay for.

There are two main memberships: a standard (free) membership and a golden membership ($90 per year). The difference between the two memberships is mostly what you get for your own ad clicks and for your referrals’ ad clicks. Below you can see the differences in a chart with the numbers.

neobux membership types

Once you upgrade to the golden membership you have the option to buy additional golden packs that will give you more advantages (and cost you more money).

What the differences between these packages are is too much to explain in writing, so I will just below show you the chart from Neobux’s website that shows the differences.

available golden packs

The extra packages you can buy, if you upgrade.

As you can see, the membership levels are a bit complicated. One thing you definitely have to consider before spending any money on upgrading is what your plan with NeoBux is.

So make sure to do the calculations before spending any money. And it can also be a good idea not to invest any money unless you really know what you are doing, but instead, earn some money by participating on Neobux, and then use your earnings to upgrade once you have tried the site for a while and know what the potentials (or lack of) are.

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Payment Options

When you do anything on Neobux, you get instant payments in cash, coins, or points in your neobux account.

Clicks on ads, surveys, games, and mini-jobs pay in cash. Despite neobux pay being quite low You can get your cash paid out through Skrill, Payza, or Neteller. Adding a payment proof is relatively quick and easy.

Also, you can choose to get paid via cryptocurrencies which is one of the most recent payout options Neobux has added.

Of course, NeoBux has also not made it simple how you convert coins into cash. The exchange rate depends on the number of coins you want to exchange, so you will get more out of your coins if you wait to exchange until you have many of them.

For example, if you exchange 2500 coins (which is the minimum), the exchange rate will be $0.8 per 1000 coins which will give you $2. If you exchange 100,000 coins (which is the maximum), the exchange rate will be $1.7 per 1000 coins so that would give you $170.

Points are what you earn in addition to cash when watching ads (1 point per ad), and what you can win in the AdPrize. The points cannot be exchanged for cash but can be used for upgrading to golden membership (for 30000 points for a 1-year membership), you can use them to extend your rented referrals, or to increase your direct referrals limit (500 points increase the limit by 1 referral).

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How much money can you make?

It is extremely hard to say how much you can earn on NeoBux. If you are not careful and do not do your calculations carefully, it can end up costing you a lot of money.

If you just want to make some nice extra money on the side without all the complications and rules, then there are many better GPT and survey sites to join that are a lot more simple and easy to use, and that do not have any paid membership upgrades you have to use yo increase your chances of earning.

Some survey sites we’ve explored before include Survey VoicesOpinion City, and Survey Junkie.

Who can join?

Probably the best thing about NeoBux is that anyone can join no matter where you live. What opportunities you will have can, however, vary depending on the country you live in.

In many countries, you will not find a lot of surveys, and there are also some limitations to the coin offers. Also, you can set the language on the platform itself in several languages.

neobux languages

Currently, you can choose between the 9 different languages you can see in the image above. Overall, I do not think NeoBux is very user-friendly but I must say this is a nice touch for an international site to make the whole interface available in different languages.

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How to make money with Neobux

Option 1 – Neobux surveys:

NeoBux has paid surveys but does not offer good earning opportunities for everyone.

neobux surveys examples

There are regular paid surveys on NeoBux. Generally, NeoBux does offer a decent number of surveys of which you have to take them through third-party sites. This means it can often take some patience to find the surveys you qualify for.

It can be a way to earn a bit extra, but completing surveys are not what NeoBux is known for.

Option 2 – Clicking ads

Clicking ads or PTC (paid-to-click) as it is often called, is one of the things NeoBux is famous for. There are quite a lot of ads you can click here every day. It will not be a way to earn a lot of money, but on average it will only take you around 10 seconds per ad.

You only get around $0.001 per ad you watch. This can, however, be higher, if you upgrade your membership.

neobux ptc ads

The extremely low reward for clicking ads, which is one of the main things NeoBux offers makes quite an undesirable way to earn money online.

If you are using the platform anyways, it does not take long to click a few ads, so it might be worth it. However, if you calculate you would need to click 1000 ads to just earn $1. That is not a very good value for your time spent.

Clicking ads does, however, give access to certain aspects on NeoBux that is only available when you have clicked a certain number of ads, for example, you can’t upgrade your membership until you have clicked 100 ads. So this might be a reason for clicking the ads if you decide to join NeoBux.

In addition to the cash rewards for clicking the ads, you also get what is called AdPrize chances.

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Option 3 – AdPrize chances

You get 4 AdPrize chances for each paid ad you click, and you have to use them within 240 minutes (4 hours).

The AdPrize chances are basically the same as the ads. You click and have to watch an ad for 5-10 seconds. The difference is that you get paid to click the PTC ads, but the AdPrize ads you do not get paid for. Instead, you have a chance to win a prize. You will know right away if you have won.

It does not say what the prize might be, other than in the FAQ section, if you dig deep, you can see that you can win points. I have not won any myself, so I cannot say exactly how many you could potentially win and how often prizes are won.

Again, I do not really think this is worth the effort but now at least you know the option is there and how it works if you decide to join.

Option 4 – Paid offers

Paid offers or offer walls is the section of NeoBux where you can find a number of different online offers you can earn by taking. It can be to download apps, extra surveys, sign up for free trials on websites, and more.

NeoBux gives you access to several offer walls. Some of them are pretty good, but they are also offered on many other sites that in my opinion give better overall opportunities and I prefer taking them there instead.

neobux coin offers examples

There can be some pretty good offers once in a while. But beware that on NeoBux you earn coins by taking these offers – not cash.

You can exchange these coins into cash (will get into more about that in the payment section a little later) but it makes it a bit confusing to figure out exactly what you get for the offers.

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Option 5 – Paid games

Yes, you can get paid to play games at NeoBux however not much money so do not get too excited.

There is actually a really good selection of games you can play. Everything from card games, casino games, arcade games, strategy games, and many more.

neobux games

To get credits for a game you have to play it for at least 2 minutes. For each game session, you will get $0.001, and you can get paid for a maximum of 100 game sessions a day.

It will, however, take you longer than 2 minutes as you first have to watch small ads before you get to the actual game. But even if it was just 2 minutes, and you could play 100 sessions a day, it would only earn you $0.10 and take you more than 8 hours.

So as you can see – only do it for fun and not to earn.

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Option 6 – Invite people to join NeoBux

Referring people is a way to earn a bit extra by introducing other people to join NeoBux and getting a small commission every time that person earns (the earnings for the person you invited will not be affected, and the commission is paid by Neobux).

This is used by many survey and GPT sites like HyperOne and Legendary Marketer and is usually very simple. You share a link with people, and if they join through that and start using the platform, then you get a small reward.

However, this is one of the many points where Neobux is complicated and confusing compared to other sites.

First of all, there is a limitation in the referrals you can have depending on your membership type. Second, you do not get paid for your referrals click on ads unless you clicked a certain number of ads yourself the last 24 hours (the amount depends on your membership type).

The commission for ad clicks is between $0.005-$0.01 per click from your referrals, 12% of the mini-jobs they do, and 20% for coin offers. So you need A LOT of active referrals to make any money, and you need to upgrade your membership to be allowed to get this many referrals.

Option 7 – NeoBux rented referrals

You also have the option to rent referrals at NeoBux, if you do not want to invite people yourself. That means that you in a way can hire people to work for you, and you will get commissions.

You only get rented referrals that have clicked at least 11 ads the last 5 days, so you are sure they are still active but other than that, there is no guarantee how active they will be.

The price for renting a referral again depends on how many you want to rent, but it will be between $0.20-$0.27 per referral for a 1-month rental. That means that if a person you rent clicks at least 20 times within 30 days, you will start making a profit.

So it can give money, but again you need big numbers for it to really be worth it, but it does have some potential, but also some risks. Be aware that there are limits to how many rented referrals you can have depending on your membership (see chart below).

rented referrals limits

Do not just jump into renting referrals. First, do some calculations and beware that there is no guarantee of how active the referral will be.

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Option 8 – Complete quizzes

This is one of the newer earning options on NeoBux. It is located under the “offers” tab in the menu.

neobux quiz

You can earn by taking small quizzes. It is actually a very easy way to earn. However, as you can see in the image above, you will not know what the reward will be until after you have finished a quiz. It will be somewhere between $0.0001 and $0.0110 per quiz. The quizzes are all kind of random questions and can be entertaining.

neobux quiz notification

You have to agree to get browser notifications by this third-party site. In addition to this, the page with the quiz is completely full of ads and you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to continue after every single question.

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Is NeoBux Legit?

Although I think it is legit, after scouring the internet, I’ve seen a couple of neobux complaints. I have seen several people leaving comments about neobux with their own experiences and there have been some pretty harsh complaints.

Several people have reported they have been cheated for quite a lot of money. And most of the complaints I have seen are from people that have invested a lot in rented referrals and upgrades and seem to have lost money this way.

Neobux Review

So as mentioned earlier, be careful and think carefully and manage your risks before investing too much if you decide to invest at all. You can earn without investing and I would stick to those options on NeoBux.

However, I also want to mention I have heard feedback from people who are happy just earning a bit extra through the free options like the surveys.

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Pros of Neobux

  • Anybody can join
  • Has several earning opportunities

Cons of Neobux

  • Very confusing to use
  • It takes an investment to have a chance to really earn
  • Small rewards for most earning methods
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • You can end up losing money

Neobux Final verdict?

As you can see from this NeoBux review there are quite a lot of different opportunities to earn with neobux and it is not a scam site.

Overall, NeoBux has some potential. However, the biggest minus is that it is very complicated to use and the whole system and rules are made difficult.

However, if you have a plan and think it through and calculate the risks, NeoBux might be a way to make some extra money and it does have good payout methods and a low payout threshold. But it will not be easy, and it will take some investment.

I would suggest not to invest anything until you have made enough on NeoBux to use – to invest by upgrading on NeoBux right away is in my opinion risky, as the membership upgrades are quite expensive.

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Is Neobux Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Review] 7

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