Non Stop Money – Scam or Legit?

Non Stop Money is a new product from Jani G which claims it can teach you how to make money, but is it really good or a complete scam? To be honest I think it’s a bit of a scam because the claims it makes are unrealistic and it looks to me like another WarriorPlus rehashed product. You can get all the detail below in my full Non Stop Money review.

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Non Stop Money – Overview

Jani G is the guy behind this product although he doesn’t actually appear on the sales video for Non Stop Money. The person in the sales video is Rahim. My guess is that Rahim is perhaps a friend of Jani’s or maybe even a student. Over the last several years Jani has been behind a number of products in the internet marketing space and he’s helped other people launch products so it really doesn’t surprise me that he’s not on the face of the product, certainly it’s nothing to worry about. Jani is definitely a guy who knows how to make money, I’ve been him pop up many times over the years and he’s always been crushing it, however does that mean his products are good? Not exactly!

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Jani obviously knows what he’s doing when it comes to making money online but some of the products he’s been behind haven’t been the best. In my opinion Non Stop Money isn’t much better either. It talks about an “income hack” for making money online. As far as I can see the income proof they are showing is from Aweber’s affiliate program. Aweber is an auto-responder service and you can sell it as an affiliate and earn commissions when people sign up.

This is one of those “tools” that is mentioned where you can earn recurring revenue from promoting it. It’s a good idea for sure to promote tools, but I don’t really get why they are using Aweber as an example. I highly doubt Aweber wants a bunch of newbies signing up to their affiliate program and spamming their links around to get signups.

Is Non Stop Money A Scam?

Yes and no. I think what they are teaching you is BS and that you won’t get the results that they are claiming. On the other hand I think you’ll easily be able to get a refund for this product if you do buy it and don’t like it. Whilst I don’t think it’s a good product I do often think if you can get a refund then it’s a bit harsh to call something a scam. What I define as a full on scam would be a binary options scam like Rubix Project or Tesler. These are full on scams that you’ll never be able to get a refund from.

My Thoughts On Non Stop Money

To be honest Non Stop Money looks like your typical make money online product. It appeals to a newbie who doesn’t really understand how to make money online by using a method that makes sense, but in reality it’s never going to be as easy as it looks. I have recurring revenue from a number of different opportunities and tools but in order to get that recurring revenue you need eyeballs looking at it, in other words people who want to buy that tool. There is no simple way to achieve this, and there is certainly no “hack”.

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The statement above is such a complete load of BS. “Out of sheer luck, I found a free traffic source to get sign ups to these recurring services!” The bottom line is if you are driving free traffic online it’s coming from Google, YouTube or social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few. Here’s some more BS from their sales page:

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Just copy paste and earn, it’s really that easy and you can make money on your first day. Again this is 100% BS and is yet another reason you don’t want to trust this product.

Conclusion – I’m Not Recommending It

It should be pretty obvious that I am not recommending Non Stop Money.

Look the theory behind the product is good, earn money from promoting recurring revenue tools as an affiliate like hosting, auto-responders etc. That is good, but the rest of it is BS. You can’t just use some secret traffic source to promote these systems and if it was really “that easy” to drive traffic and make sales why don’t they keep doing it to make $1,000’s a month. Seriously they are going to sell this product to 100’s maybe even 1000’s of people. Are they saying that 1000’s of people are going to earn $4000+ a month? Because if that’s true then maybe they should just replicate what they are doing and earn millions a month themselves?

That’s my review and conclusion anyway. Ultimately they are launching this product so they can make money from selling you this product.

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