What is Ocean Protocol Price Prediction? [2022 to 2030]

Have you heard of Ocean protocol and are wondering what it is all about? Well, you are in the right place because in this piece, you will get to learn everything you need to know about Ocean protocol as well as find out my Ocean Protocol price predictions.

Ocean Protocol is a platform that enables users to publish, discover and consume data that is either public or private using blockchain technology. We shall also cover how Ocean protocol works and an Ocean price prediction.

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Ocean Protocol Price Prediction

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What is ocean protocol?

Ocean Protocol is a cloud based app that facilitates the accessibility and monetization of data. The platform allows data publications to secure their data consumption by giving total control of that data to its owners. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain technology.

Ocean Protocol Price Prediction

Ocean protocol was launched in 2017 by The Ocean Team spearheaded by Bruce Pon and Trent McConaghy. They established the platform to improve data accessibility by connecting data producers to data consumers in a secure way.

They created and released over 160 million Ocean tokens (an ERC-20 token) to facilitate data exchange on the Ethereum blockchain network and the Oceans’ marketplace. The Ocean token is currently ranked at #161 by CoinMarketCap with a circulating supply of over 163 million coins.

Recently, Ocean protocol team unveiled the Ocean V4 update in an attempt to address rug pull issues present in earlier versions. These upgrades were installed on the Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Binance smart chain, and other ocean-powered marketplaces.

This update also incorporated NFTs to expand their data pools capacity. Data NFTs are now stored as data assets where the owner controls every aspect of the data. Ocean protocol is redefining data marketplaces by inventing new ways of earning money thanks to this upgrade.

The update came at a convenient time just when the Ocean protocol was on a downward trend. Investors regained confidence in the token, which then pushed the Ocean market price up.

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Where to buy Ocean protocol (Ocean)

Ocean protocol is readily available on the Ocean protocol marketplace since it is the native token used on the platform. You can also buy ocean protocol at major exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and Polinex, among others. Ocean protocol cryptocurrency market capitalization as of June stands at $117 million. The ocean protocol team claims that they will roll out Ocean protocol to a maximum supply of 1.41 billion coins by 2070.

Ocean Marketplace

The Ocean marketplace is a decentralized exchange that links data providers to data consumers using programs known as smart contracts. Smart contracts ensure that transactions are completed expeditiously once terms are met by both parties. The ocean protocol ecosystem comprises three main players;

  1. Data providers(sellers)
  2. Data consumers(buyers)
  3. Marketplaces (decentralized exchanges)

This is how the system works:

First, Ocean Coin, the native token or crypto created by the Ocean protocol team, is used on the platform to buy and sell data. The Ocean protocol is used as “data tokens” to gain access to data stored as “data sets” by data providers. That data is encrypted and its owner is given total control of that data.

A consumer is then required to redeem his or her data tokens (ocean tokens) to buy data sets. The Marketplace then rewards data owners with ocean tokens once the transaction is complete. In other words, consumers are charged a fee to access data tokens and the provider is entitled to a certain percentage as commission.

The price of data is set either by the owner or by the automated price discovery systems on the platform. These programs are referred to as Automated Market Markers(AMM).

The Ocean Marketplace is run on the Ethereum blockchain to guarantee transparency and privacy. Using the Ocean marketplace gives you the permission to take “open data” on the platform and repackage it to sell later. Researchers and scientists are likely to benefit a lot from this.

Ocean protocol also has another feature that allows users to share data while preserving the privacy of the user. Basically, the data provider may share portions of data as they see fit without risking their privacy.

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Oceans protocol price prediction

Ocean protocol experienced a turbulent 2020 following the Kucoin exchange hack causing the coin to tank heavily, reaching way below $0.20. However, in January 2021, the Ocean protocol value began to rise steadily breaking the $1.26 mark. By March, Ocean rose even further to close the month at $1.62.

Oceans protocol price prediction

On April 10, Ocean achieved a huge milestone by reaching an all-time high of $1.94. However, this price rise was short-lived as it had a price fall all the way to $1.04 the following month. Since that “bull run” Ocean protocol price level has been quite uneventful. Nonetheless, price forecasts suggest gradual growth in the next few years. Below is a technical analysis showing the average forecast price predictions for 2022 to 2030.


It’s worth mentioning that the Ocean Protocol forecast in this article are purely based on analyzing current and historical trends and graphs of the Ocean protocol. Therefore, it is not definitive and subject to risks. Nevertheless, these predictions may shed light as to whether the investment is viable in the long run or and whether you should sell Ocean Protocol if you have it. Without further ado, let’s embark on a fact-finding mission to familiarize ourselves with Ocean protocol.

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Ocean protocol Price Prediction for 2022

Ocean protocol price is expected to rise based on how it ended the previous year. Predictions suggest that the Ocean protocol price will trade at a minimum price of $0.60 and average at $0.73 in the first half of the year. Ocean protocol is then expected to trade at an average price of around $0.78 until year’s end. The resistance level for the current price is at $0.648 and is anticipated to reach $ 0.840.

Ocean Protocol price prediction for 2023

Forecasts continue to suggest steady improvements in the Ocean protocol price indicating a minimum price of $0.89. However, not all analytic sites share the same view. Some analysts predict that we will see an average ocean Protocol price of $0.41 in 2023. Others see an even lower price of $0.37 in the same year. Based on these figures, it’s safe to say that the Ocean protocol will perform decently in 2023.

Ocean Protocol price prediction for 2024

Ocean protocol price predictions indicate that the average price value will cross the $0.50 mark and approach the $1 price value towards the end of 2024. The ocean protocol price value may come in at around a minimum price value of $0.30 and a maximum value of $0.37. These predictions show a very slight improvement of the ocean coin worth suggesting better days are yet to come in the future.

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Ocean Protocol price prediction for 2025

Ocean protocol price predictions for 2025 can only be music to investors’ ears if these predictions come to fruition. Ocean price is expected to grow in leaps and bounds, trading at around $1.45. This will be Oceans’ protocol’s second-highest price value in its history since its inception. This growth will be influenced by the technological advancements in the crypto market scene. However, it’s important to note that crypto markets are volatile and unlike many other forms of investment, quite risky. Our price prediction forecast shows that the price of Ocean protocol is likely to stagnate in the $0.50 to $0.58 price range. Still, the Ocean protocol is expected to have a strong year.

Ocean Protocol price prediction for 2026

The price of the ocean protocol is expected to pick up where it left off the previous year according to forecast analysis systems. They predict that digital coins are expected to reach a maximum price level of $1.31 and an average price of $1.14 in 2026. Seeing such positive predictions indicates that Ocean protocol may be a profitable investment for the next five years or so.

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Ocean Protocol price prediction for 2027

The forecast system predicts the Ocean protocol average price for the year 2027 to reach $1.69. The maximum price predicted for ocean protocol is $1.92 whereas the minimum price is not expected to pass the $1.63 mark. Generally, price predictions for Ocean protocol show that the crypto market is set to a become a good long-term investment.

Ocean Protocol price prediction for 2028

The ocean protocol price forecast anticipates the market value of the Ocean protocol to continue rising, averaging a respectable $2.47 that year. The ocean protocol is expected to be trading at a minimum price of $2.39 and a maximum price of $2.77 throughout the year.

Ocean Protocol price prediction for 2029

Ocean Protocol is expected to reach an average trading price of $3.56 in 2029. In general, the crypto market by then will experience significant improvements and so will the Ocean protocol price. The minimum price will be $3.44 and the maximum price will be set at $4.22

Ocean Protocol price prediction for 2030

Predictions for 2030 indicate that ocean protocol will smash the all-time market value set record set in 2017. Ocean protocol is expected to trade at an average trading price of $5.38 whereas the minimum price and the maximum price are pegged at $5.20 and $6.14 respectively.

Ocean protocol price is predicted to show substantial growth based on current trends and historical data of Ocean coin. The future price of Ocean protocol is expected to rise significantly in 2030 and beyond just like we saw with Ontology, Telcoin, and Request. This growth can be attributed to the shortage of Ocean protocol because the market value goes up when there is scarcity in circulation. This applies to all cryptocurrencies i.e Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and others.

According to these future price estimations, the Ocean protocol seems like a good investment in the long run. Experts are betting on the average ocean price reaching $8.95 by the year 2030.

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Is Ocean protocol a viable investment?

Ocean protocol has endured tough times before but the future looks to be bright based on the aforementioned price predictions. Before investing in any business venture, it’s important to conduct your own research. Predictions are scientific-technical analyses but they are not 100% accurate and should only be taken as information to guide you before making an investment decision.

Now, based on these findings, the Ocean protocol’s future results are reassuring and it looks like a good short-term investment idea. However, crypto markets are highly volatile, meaning every investment comes with risk. So, here is some investment advice: invest Only what you can afford to lose. In other words, the value of ocean protocol is subject to change contrary to what price predictions say.


Ocean Protocol is a system that facilitates the monetization of data. The platform allows data publication and secure data consumption by giving total control of data to owners. On paper, the Ocean protocol is a worthy investment in the future according to analytics. Ocean protocol is also expected to grow concurrently with the data economy hence the future is full of promise.

Corporates are constantly in search of data for research for artificial intelligence(AI) purposes and they usually don’t have a problem spending top dollar to acquire it. For this reason, the data economy has generated over $1 billion dollars and is on an upward trajectory. Platforms like Ocean protocol are giving corporations like Amazon and Google serious competition by allowing ordinary people to access quality data at affordable prices.

Ocean marketplace helps data providers monetize data without losing control of their “assets” and consumers benefit by getting quality data for research and AI purposes. The Ocean cryptocurrency is transferable.

Lastly, we can only speculate on the price of ocean protocol, therefore, do your own research before committing to buying Ocean protocol.

That was my ocean protocol price prediction forecast and it should be viewed only as an online financial recommendation and not personal financial advice.

The big question still remains, will Ocean protocol live up to these expectations?? Well, we will have to wait and see.

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