Is Omaze Legit? [2023 Unbiased Review]

Have you ever dreamed of winning a luxurious car or a dream home while supporting your favorite charity?

Omaze offers just that – an opportunity to enter sweepstakes for a chance to win incredible prizes, all while raising money for worthy causes. But with such tempting offers on the line, it’s natural to ask yourself – is Omaze legit?

In this blog post, we’ll provide an in-depth look at Omaze’s business model, their transparency and impact on charitable causes, and address common concerns regarding the platform’s legitimacy.

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What is Omaze?

Omaze is an innovative fundraising platform that revolutionizes the way people support charities by offering them a chance to win one-of-a-kind experiences and amazing prizes.

Founded by Ryan Cummins and Matthew Pohlson, Omaze works closely with non-profit organizations to create unique sweepstakes campaigns aimed at raising money for worthy causes.

is omaze legit

Omaze’s business model is simple: they offer unique and exciting prizes, such as a chance to meet your favorite celebrity or go on a luxury vacation, in exchange for donations to their partner charities. The more you donate, the greater your chances of winning. While the odds of winning the grand prize may be slim, there are many smaller prizes available as well.

It’s important to note that Omaze is a for-profit business. However, they do give a portion of their profits to charity.

The diverse range of prizes available through Omaze includes luxurious dream homes, once-in-a-lifetime celebrity encounters, exotic vacations, and even opportunities to co-found businesses with industry icons like Richard Branson.

With a focus on providing unforgettable experiences while helping charities raise much-needed funds, it’s no wonder this dynamic platform has grown significantly over the past decade.

The primary purpose of Omaze’s sweepstakes and auctions is to create a unique fundraising platform that benefits both charitable causes and those who participate in the campaigns.

For example, one notable campaign offered participants the opportunity to win two seats on a Virgin Galactic flight into space – an experience few people could ever afford.

In this way, not only do individuals have an equal chance at winning amazing prizes through their participation, but they also help raise more money for various charities.

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How Does Omaze Work?

When you donate to Omaze, you’re essentially buying entries into sweepstakes. The more you donate, the more entries you get, and the higher your chances of winning (up to a certain limit) an Omaze draw. Like any other prize draw, you are not guaranteed a win.

Omaze takes a percentage of the donations to cover their costs, a portion goes to charity, and some of it is profit. This breakdown is taken from its website:

When you donate and enter for the chance to win an experience with a celebrity prize (set visit, dinner date, tickets to a premiere, etc.), 60% of your donation is guaranteed to go to the identified designated grantee(s), via a grant from one of our Charity Clients. For these experiences, typically 25%, on average, is used to pay for experience costs, such as advertising and content creation costs and payment processing fees.

When you donate and enter for the chance to win an experience with a non-celebrity prize (like a car, vacation, or cash), 15% of your donation is guaranteed to go to the identified designated grantee(s), via a grant from one of our Charity Clients. Typically between 65-75%, on average, is used to pay for experience costs, such as Prize costs, advertising and content creation, and payment processing fees. 

Historically, across all experience types Omaze nets approximately 20%. 

On experiences where there is matching, 100% of the match goes to the identified nonprofit beneficiary. 

Omaze runs campaigns for various causes, from education and healthcare to environmental conservation and social justice.

Quick Facts about How Omaze Works

  • Omaze offers free entries for every campaign, but you can only enter once. For a free entry, click on the “Enter without Contributing” button on the campaign page.
  • You can also enter Omaze’s sweepstakes by mail but postal entries are not available for all campaigns.
  • How Many Entries are allowed? You can enter as many times as you want, but each entry requires a separate donation. The more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning.
  • Omaze is a legitimate way to win amazing prizes while also supporting various non-profit organizations. With Omaze, you can donate as little as $10 to enter a sweepstake and potentially win a grand prize, early bird prizes, unique prizes, or big prizes.
  • Omaze is a for-profit company, which means it makes money from the campaigns it runs. It justifies this by claiming that it gets more engagement with its model hence more money for worthy causes.A smaller percentage of a larger amount is more impactful than a bigger percentage of a smaller amount
  • Every Omaze winner is chosen at random. Omaze has a third-party auditing firm that oversees the selection process to ensure it’s fair and unbiased.

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Is Omaze Legit?

Yes, in our firsthand experience we can confirm Omaze is a legitimate business that partners with charities to raise money for worthy causes. The company is regulated to ensure that the charities receive the funds, and there are many winners who have received their prizes and enjoyed once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Omaze has built credibility for a couple of reasons:

Omaze is Registered in Both the US and the UK

Omaze holds the distinction of being a registered charity in both the United States and the United Kingdom (Omaze UK began in 2020). This registration bolsters Omaze’s legitimacy, as it means they have met strict standards imposed by charity regulators in both countries.

In addition to complying with legal regulations, this dual registration further ensures that funds raised through Omaze campaigns are used appropriately and effectively for charitable purposes.

Partnerships with Reputable Brands and Celebrities

Partnerships with reputable brands and celebrities do not always guarantee that something is legit. You only need to look at Sam Bankman Fried’s FTX and its partnerships with household names like Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and Larry David.

However, A-listers are more likely to be careful about what they endorse because they wouldn’t want to erode their credibility. Therefore, when something is linked to ultra-famous people, it is more likely to be legit than an outright scam.

Omaze has partnered with several reputable brands and celebrities to offer unique prizes to users. These partnerships are a key aspect of Omaze’s success in raising money for charity, as they help attract attention from a wider audience.

For example, Omaze has worked with companies like Tesla and Virgin Galactic to give away luxury cars or exclusive experiences.

These partnerships add credibility to Omaze’s sweepstakes since they give users the assurance that their donations will be used for charitable purposes by an established organization.

Furthermore, they help generate buzz about Omaze campaigns on social media platforms where celebrities often have large followings of fans who may not be familiar with the platform otherwise.

Publicly Available Financial Information

Since Omaze is a registered charity in both the US and UK, they have to provide publicly available financial information. They publish annual reports on their website that break down how much money was raised and where it went.

Safety and Security of Personal Information

Omaze takes the safety and security of personal information very seriously. They use industry-standard encryption to protect users’ personal data from unauthorized access or tampering.

Users can trust that their information is safe with Omaze because the company is certified by TRUSTe, a leading internet privacy organization.

Omaze also ensures transparency in their donation process by publicly disclosing the amount donated to each charity associated with their sweepstakes campaigns.

Transparency of Winners and Donations

Omaze publicly discloses the names of previous winners on their website, as well as the amounts raised and donated for each campaign.

Furthermore, Omaze works with verified third-party auditors to certify the legitimacy of each donation made through its platform.

Overall, Omaze’s commitment to transparency gives users peace of mind knowing that their entries are going towards legitimate charitable causes and that winners are chosen fairly.

Examining Claims of Insider Winning

Some people have alleged that Omaze insiders win prizes, but these claims have not been proven. Omaze has put in place measures to ensure fairness in their prize drawings.

For example, all entries are assigned a unique number and entered into a randomized computer program that selects the winner.

Additionally, Omaze has partnerships with reputable brands and celebrities who donate the prizes for their sweepstakes. These companies would face severe consequences if it were discovered they were involved in any insider-winning schemes.

Looking at Complaints and Lawsuits

Omaze has faced some complaints and controversies in the past. Some people have questioned whether the winners of Omaze’s sweepstakes are actually selected randomly, or if there is some insider winning going on.

In 2021, Omaze was taken to court with the plaintiffs asserting that Omaze had violated various California statutes “by soliciting donations to charities but ‘tak[ing] the lion’s share of the revenue for itself.'” Omaze was also accused of inaccurately communicating that entrants would benefit from giving larger donations and holding illegal lotteries.

The court dismissed the claims that Omaze held illegal lotteries and that Omaze misrepresented the need to make larger donations for better chances to win.

Analyzing Omaze’s Better Business Bureau Profile

Omaze has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), indicating a high level of trustworthiness and customer satisfaction.

Omaze has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Furthermore, Omaze’s BBB profile shows that they are committed to transparency and ethical business practices. They provide detailed information about their financials, partnerships, and charities on their website, as well as clear terms and conditions for entering sweepstakes.

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Omaze User Experiences and Reviews

Looking at user experiences and reviews, many users have had positive experiences with Omaze, praising the unique prizes and the opportunity to support charities. There have been detractors too but let’s start with the positive reviews:

Feedback From Users Who Have Won Prizes

After winning an Omaze prize, users have provided feedback on their experiences with the platform. Here are some common themes that emerged from user feedback:

  • Excitement and Gratitude: Many winners of Omaze giveaways express their excitement and gratitude towards Omaze for providing such a unique opportunity to win epic prizes. They appreciate the chance to support a worthy cause while also having a shot at winning something they may not otherwise be able to afford.
  • Smooth Process: Users describe the process of claiming their prizes as smooth and straightforward. They receive regular updates and support from the Omaze team throughout the process.
  • Verified Winners: Some users were initially skeptical about whether or not the winners of Omaze sweepstakes were real people or just fake profiles created by Omaze. However, many verified winners have shared their experiences online, confirming that they did indeed win through Omaze.
  • High-Quality Prizes: Winners often rave about the quality of the prizes they’ve won through Omaze, describing them as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that they will never forget. From dream vacations to luxury cars, users appreciate the variety of prizes offered by Omaze.
  • Donation Impact: Many winners describe how donating through Omaze feels more meaningful than donating directly to a charity because they have an added incentive (the chance to win a prize). They appreciate knowing that their contribution is making a difference in someone’s life.

Criticisms and Concerns Raised By Some Users

Some users have raised criticisms and concerns about Omaze, including:

  • Some users have complained that they do not receive any confirmation of their entries, making them uncertain if their entry was submitted successfully.
  • There have been concerns that the winners are pre-selected or chosen based on non-random criteria, thus not giving everyone an equal chance to win.
  • Some people have criticized Omaze for not disclosing the amount donated to charity after deducting expenses.
  • Finally, some people have pointed out that entering many times in one campaign results in a better chance of winning than donating directly to the associated charity, reducing the charitable impact of the donation.

While these complaints cannot be dismissed altogether, there has been no concrete evidence pointing toward insider winning or fraudulent activities. Moreover, Omaze publicly discloses financial information and has received positive feedback from many donors who feel confident about donating through its platform. Additionally, winners of past campaigns are independently verified before being awarded their prize and announced on Omaze’s website and social media pages.

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Omaze’s Impact on Charitable Causes

Omaze has raised millions of dollars for various charities, and their impact on charitable causes is significant.

Charities Supported By Omaze

Omaze supports a wide range of charities, from global organizations like UNICEF and the Make-A-Wish Foundation to smaller non-profits with specific missions. In total, Omaze has raised millions of dollars for these worthwhile causes.

Amount Of Donations Raised And Impact On Communities

Omaze has raised millions of dollars for charities. As of writing this, it has raised over $170 million as stated on the website:

Omaze has raised over $170 million to charity

Omaze allows anyone to donate directly to great causes while also providing them with an equal chance to win some incredible prizes along the way.

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Examples of Successful Charity Campaigns

Omaze has supported numerous charitable causes and raised millions of dollars over the years. Here are some examples of successful charity campaigns run by Omaze:

Star Wars: Force for Change

In partnership with Lucasfilm, Omaze raised money to support UNICEF in 2017

Omaze Star Wars: Force for Change

The first partnership was in 2014 and it kicked off an impactful collaboration. The funds went to children suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

Teenage Cancer Trust

Omaze helped raise £800,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust in 2022. This is a charity in the UK that provides specialist care to teenagers and young adults with cancer.

Teenage Cancer Trust

The money funds specialist nurses, youth support teams and hospital units within the NHS to provide care and support during treatment and beyond.

People Assisting The Homeless

In 2018 Omaze helped build a community hub in Downtown Los Angeles. It raised $1.7M to help PATH build a brand new campus helping out 500+ people a month.

People Assisting The Homeless

Overall, Omaze has been successful in raising funds for various causes through its unique approach of offering amazing prizes in exchange for donations to charity.


In conclusion, Omaze claims to be transparent about their financials but it is always a good idea to do your own research before donating to any charity or fundraising platform.

The company has raised millions of dollars for various charities. Omaze’s business model is simple: they offer the chance to win amazing prizes, such as luxury vacations, cars, and experiences, in exchange for donations to charity. The net proceeds from these donations go directly to the designated charity, and Omaze takes a percentage of the gross proceeds to cover its operating costs. Some of it goes to the company since it is a for-profit organization.

While some may question the legitimacy of Omaze’s business model, it is important to note that the company has been transparent about its operations. Omaze is a fundraising platform where you can donate money to support various causes and get a chance to win amazing prizes.

In terms of winning, it is important to remember that Omaze is a sweepstakes platform, and the odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. However, there have been numerous winners of Omaze’s prizes.

Overall, if you are looking for a fun and unique way to support worthy causes and potentially win amazing prizes, Omaze is a legitimate platform to consider. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully and understand the odds of winning before making a donation.

Also, if you’re considering donating via Omaze, always ensure you’re using their official website ( and double-check any emails or promotions claiming to be from them.

It’s also essential to understand that donating directly to your preferred charity is often more effective than relying solely on Omaze.

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