Omni Xpress Scam? – I’m Not Recommending It!

Omni Xpress is a brand new product that recently launched claiming you can make money by simply building these automated websites and selling them but I’m calling it BS and in this review I’m going to share the details on why I think this, and give you my honest opinion.

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Omni Xpress – The Real Truth

When I first came across the Omni Xpress website the first thing I thought was, “Wow… what a great product” but then as I continued to read more into it my opinion started to change. What they have created is actually pretty good however the way they are selling it is complete BS. They should be selling this as a brilliant website builder for making quality websites that you can market yourself and make money. Perhaps a replacement for WordPress or even Shopify for e-commerce guys. Instead they have decided to go down a different route and say that you can build websites easily that you can re-sell to people.

It references examples of sites that have sold on the popular “ebay for websites” called Flippa. It states that you can easily build the kind of websites that sell for big money on Flippa within a few minutes using Omni Xpress. This kind of claim sounds amazing for a newbie but for a more experienced marketer who actually understands how the internet works can see right through this BS claim. Websites that sell on Flippa have traffic and income. You can’t simply sell a website that has no income and no traffic, who the heck wants to buy that?

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Look at this claim taken straight from the Omni Xpress website. This is a health website that sold on Flippa for $2,800. A pretty nice amount right and Omni Xpress has “ready made fitness sites that look even better!”. Oh great, so your sites made on Omni Xpress look better than this one? Who cares, that really doesn’t matter and just because your website looks nicer than someone elses doesn’t mean it makes money.

I am sure there are plenty of blogs out there that look better than my site, but it doesn’t mean they make more money. Likewise I’m sure there are plenty of crappy sites that look terrible that make way more money than my blog does, but that doesn’t mean just because mines nicer looking it’s worth more. It’s all about traffic and sales, and what I really disagree with when it comes to Omni Xpress is how they are selling their website builder software as some solution for making easy money flipping sites.

Is Omni Xpress a Scam?

Honestly I believe that the Omni Xpress software is very good. The features it has make it a high quality website builder however I really dislike how they are selling it. It’s not a typical scam system like I normally review. I normally review binary scams like Rubix Project and Tesler so it’s certainly not on their level of crapness, but like I say I disagree with how they are selling it and I think a lot of newbies are going to jump on this an assume they can make a fortune selling these sites on Flippa. They’re soon going to be pretty disappointed when they spend money on their Flippa listing and then can’t sell the site because NOBODY wants to buy a website without traffic and sales.

Also the stats they have on their sales page for Omni Xpress are misleading too. But a newbie will see these and just be blown away, but again a more experienced marketer can see through it and understand where the numbers actually came from. Here is what I mean:

Omni Xpress Scam? - I'm Not Recommending It! 11

They made 200k in 5 days from one product. That is absolutely incredible and I could never achieve that myself. These guys clearly know what they are doing when it comes to launching product however one detail they probably left out was the fact that they made this money selling their own products (like Omni Xpress) on Jvzoo. They didn’t make this money by building websites with Omni Xpress and then selling the products, so there is a big difference there. Plus the money they made as affiliates doesn’t come from a site created by Omni Xpress either so there’s that too. Of course a newbie isn’t going to realize this!

Omni Xpress Conclusion – I’m Not Recommending It

Here is my honest opinion for you. Omni Xpress is a quality website builder that works and it is NOT a scam. However the way they are selling it is super scammy. They are not being honest with you and the kind of money you can make. If you are planning on buying Omni Xpress to use as a website builder to build up some quality properties that you can sell products from like an e-commerce store (think Shopify) then yes, this can work. If you are hoping you can just clone their ready made sites and make $1,000’s then think again, it’s not going to happen and that’s the reason I can’t recommend it.

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Omni Xpress Scam? - I'm Not Recommending It! 9

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