Onassis Alliance Review – 100% Scam!

Onassis Alliance is yet another binary options scam that’s just launched and I’ve been taking a closer look to learn more about it and bring you my full review. It didn’t take me long to conclude what a completely ridiculous scam this really is. You can keep reading to see my full review below.

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Onassis Alliance – The REAL Truth

Onassis Alliance (I hope I’ve spelt that right) is most definitely a scam and the person you see in the sales video as I’ve detailed above is merely an actor! The claims of making $625 per hour are a complete farce and you’ll definitely want to avoid this. The truth is Onassis Alliance is yet another binary options scam. It’s nothing new and really no different to similar scams that have launched recently like Click Money System. Let me explain how scams like this actually work…

So it starts off with you hearing about the system through maybe an email or some kind of advert telling you how much money you can make. You’ll click through to the website and watch the sales video telling you how you can make a fortune. The sales videos are always super hyped up and claim you can make a fortune with no work at all and for free. If you decide to go ahead you have to sign up to their “recommended binary broker” and make a deposit of $250 and then you can access their software that will trade for you.

So where’s the scam here? Well once you actually make that deposit of $250 you’ll be able to use the automated trading robot (Onassis Alliance) however it won’t work as advertised. The software will actually make random trades but not intelligent ones and within a few hours (a couple of days at most) you’re account balance will be drained to zero! You’ll be left wondering what happened and how you lost the money. The truth is the Onassis Alliance owners are NOT expert traders they are affiliates for binary options brokers. They get paid for referring new customers to the binary options brokers so they create a super convincing sales video packed full of lies about how much you can make purely so they can sign you up to the broker.

When you sign up the binary options broker pays out a huge commission to the person that referred you (in this case the owner of the Onassis Alliance website) and since the broker has actually paid out a commission they need to make sure you lose, otherwise they will lose. Binary brokers operate like casinos, they only make money when you lose money. And losing $250 from the software is only where the scam starts off. The brokers will try and scam you out of far more money!

Onassis Alliance – Scam Brokers

Binary options brokers are extremely dangerous and many have been banned from operating inside of the USA! The scam starts out with you losing $250 which is definitely not nice for anyone however it could end a lot worse if you allow it to. The brokers will call you up and try and hard sell you on investing more money. The brokers have extremely pushy sales people working for them who work off commission, and these sales people will tell you anything to get you to sign up. These people are scammers and they will try and come across as your friends and say how they can personally guarantee your success, but in reality they are just trying to scam more money from you. Some people have lost their life savings from binary options brokers because they originally signed up to a system like Onassis Alliance and ended up depositing far more than the $250.

Onassis Alliance – My Conclusion & Recommendation

You’ll definitely want to stay well away from Onassis Alliance. This system is a complete scam and won’t make you a penny.

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