Online Profits Blueprint – Scam or Legit?

Online Profits Blueprint is a new money making system from Misha Wilson but does it really work, or is it just another scam system? I’ve been taking a closer look to find out more and now I’m sharing my full review of the Online Profits Blueprint.

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Online Profits Blueprint – Overview

Online Profits Blueprint is actually just the name of the website. The real “system” behind this is called the Super Affiliate Network and it was started by Misha Wilson a year or 2 back. The good thing is, Misha is a real person. He’s not some scammer like so many others I see and he’s not an actor. Believe it or not I see all kinds of scam systems like 700 Profit Club and 21 Step Millionaire Coach using paid actors to give fake testimonials while the real owners of the systems hide behind closed doors.

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Misha is not new to the internet marketing industry and he’s actually been a top earner before in a previous company that I too was involved with. That company went massively downhill a couple of years ago and Misha decided to create his very own system which is what you have been seeing with the Online Profits Blueprint.

Who Is Misha Wilson?

Misha Wilson is a real person. That’s a huge plus point as I already mentioned since there are so many scammers out there in this industry hiding behind paid actors. Fortunately in the case of Online Profits Breakthrough Misha is real and I know this because I actually know who he is. I don’t know him personally, we have never actually crossed paths, however I do recognise his name from a previous internet marketing opportunity we were involved with. He’s now a 25 year old guy, who for the past few years has crushed it online, and in the last 1-2 year has built his very own program helping people to make money.

Misha has made his money in affiliate marketing which is something I personally do and recommend. In fact my no.1 recommendation specifically teaches you how to do affiliate marketing to earn a 5-figure per month income like I do. You can see my no.1 recommendation at this link and register for the free training event.

In my opinion affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online because you are selling other peoples products and services and simply earning a commission. You never have to spend anytime putting together that product or service in the first place, or even delivering it. You just get paid to drive the sale, and if you do it the right way you can get paid recurring residual commissions. In other words you do the work once (make the sale once) and get paid each month over and over. That’s the best kind of affiliate marketing in my opinion.

What Does Online Profits Blueprint Teach?

Online Profits Blueprint teaches you about affiliate marketing and they teach you how to do list building. List building is essentially building an email list of highly targeted prospects who you can email over and over. Of course there is a specific way to engage with your list in order to grow a relationship with them. For example when people subscribe to the No Bs Im Reviews email list I don’t just pound my subscribers with promotions each day. I actually send useful emails, often sharing new reviews, scam warnings and such. Occasionally I drop in a promotion or dedicate part of my email to promoting a specific product or service, and in my opinion that’s how it’s done best.

With Online Profits Blueprint Misha Wilson teaches you how to grow an email list and also offers you the opportunity to earn commissions promoting his Online Profits Blueprint system (aka The Super Affiliate Network). He has a number of products which you can resell and earn commission on them. It’s kind of like an MLM opportunity but some would argue that it’s more of a “license rights” opportunity. In other words you buy the products and that gives you the ability to resell them for commissions.

Is Online Profits Blueprint A Scam?

In my opinion it’s not a scam. Misha Wilson has genuine knowledge to share and he has helped many people to get started making money. I review all kinds of systems here at No Bs Im Reviews and it’s easy to spot scams. I already linked to a couple at the top of this review. After taking a closer look at what Misha Wilson has created here I am happy to say it’s not a scam.

Do I Recommend It?

Unfortunately I won’t be recommending the Online Profits Blueprint and it’s not because it’s a scam or anything like that.

The main reason I won’t be recommending it, is because I personally feel that my own “no.1 recommendation” is a better solution for making money.

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