Opinion Outpost Review – Real Paid Surveys or Scam?

Welcome to my Opinion Outpost review!

If you’re reading this you are probably wondering whether Opinion Outpost is a real paid survey site where you can earn money or whether it’s another one of those survey scam websites!

I’ve been taking a look to get all the details and now I’m going to share my full review with you.

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Opinion Outpost is legit!

I want to jump right in and say that Opinion Outpost is not another one of those survey scam sites. There are a lot of scams out there in the world of online surveys the most common of which is where the survey sites actually ask you to pay money in order to join. No legitimate survey website will actually ask you to spend money to access their paid surveys. If you ever see that I highly recommend you don’t join as I guarantee that WILL be a scam!

Opinion Outpost is one of the legitimate players in this niche.

How do you earn money?

Firstly you have to sign up and create an account which is easy to do and free. Opinion Outpost works on a points system which can be exchanged for vouchers/coupons and money. The minimum amount you can cash out is 100 points which is worth $10. You can also opt for a family diary and get money for each family member who joins and takes surveys. You also get entered into sweepstakes where you can win much bigger prizes and also donations to charity.

Opinion Outpost – Negatives…

After conducting my research I saw quite a few more recent negative comments. Here are some of the issues that people are facing:

  • Bigger delays with payments – Apparently PayPal payments are being delayed and taking much longer than they used to
  • Not as many ways to earn
  • Customer service not as responsive as they used to be
  • Less rewards and bonus points for taking surveys
  • Exciting surveys
  • People receiving fewer surveys to complete
  • Irrelevant surveys – People receiving surveys not relevant to them
  • Problems with cashing out
  • Surveys filling up too quickly meaning they are not available anymore (surveys only have limited amount of participants)
  • Account termination and freezing
  • Surveys becoming too personal
  • Usability of the website

Those were just a few of the comments I was able to find from real members. Obviously these are just peoples opinions but it gives you a good understanding of how real members feel.

Opinion Outpost – Conclusion

After conducting my research it’s clear that Opinion Outpost is a legitimate company and not a scam website, however it seems there are growing concerns. This is certainly not a perfect way to make money and also I can tell you from my own experience that you will NOT make a lot of money by taking surveys online. Surveys might be a good way of earning a little extra money but in reality if you are looking to make a full time income online it’s never going to happen from survey sites.

So Mark, what do you recommend?

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