Opus Formula Review – Legit or Binary Scam?

So you want to know more about Opus Formula?

Opus Formula just launched and I’ve been taking a closer look. It’s clear to me that this is another binary options scam. Over the past few years I’ve seen 100’s of these programs launch and every single one has been the same. I’m quite amazed people are still falling for these scams, I guess it’s quite sad really!

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So what is Opus Formula all about?

Binary options! In order to make money you need to sign up to their recommended broker. This is basically where the scam part comes in because when you deposit your $250 or more to get started ($250 is minimum) the creator of the Opus Formula website will get paid a big commission for referring you!

Once you have deposited the Opus Formula software will start trading for you. Now this is where it gets interesting. You think this software is going to make successful trades for you, right? Wrong! The software is programmed to LOSE. Yes you heard that right, the Opus Formula software is programmed to actually LOSE your money!

What does the software lose money?

Binary options brokers operate the same as casinos/gambling websites. In order for them to make money they need people trading on their platform to lose money. The Opus Formula software has most likely been created by the binary options broker and it will LOSE money on purpose!

Conclusion… Avoid Opus Formula!

Unless you enjoy losing money you’ll definitely want to avoid the Opus Formula.

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