Orion Code Scam – Review Reveals The TRUTH!

Welcome to my Orion Code review which is the latest scam binary system to launch. It comes from the same guys that brought us the Quantum Code scam and it’s definitely a system you need to avoid. You can read my full review on this page and learn the truth about it.

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Orion Code – The Truth

As I mentioned the guys behind Orion Code are the same people that brought us the Quantum Code scam, hence the similar name. The Quantum Code has scammed literally 1,000’s of people out of their money and this new system the Orion Code is set to do exactly the same. The sales video draws you into this system but in reality it’s just a load of scripted bull sh*t designed to get you to part with your money and deposit at their “recommended binary broker”. I explained in this post exactly how the binary options scams work. Really it’s quite simple, the owners of these systems get paid when you sign up and make a deposit at their recommended binary options broker.

These guys know that they can make a fortune by referring you to binary brokers. The scam is nothing new, it’s been going strong now since around 2012. The only thing at changes is the sales videos and websites, with each new scam a new website pops up with a new sales video and a fancy new software. In reality the software or “trading robot” never changes, it’s just repackaged into a new one. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at the Orion Code or other systems like private profits app, if they are to do with binary options and claim you can make millions they are without a doubt a scam.

Orion Code – Fake Testimonials & Actors

So they have a fancy private jet in their sales video, they must be legit? Nope! Look, a private jet costs a few $1,000 to rent on a small journey. That’s nothing to these guys who scam millions out of people who just want to make some extra cash. They hire a private jet, and some crappy failed hollywood actor and they film the sales video. They put it all together and make it look “legit” but in reality it’s a lie and once again all they want is to get YOU to part with your money.

Orion Code – The Software Is Programmed To Lose

Here is the main thing that makes the Orion Code and any other binary options system a scam. The software robot that you get access to which is supposed to make you easy money? It’s a complete scam because it’s rigged to lose. It’s actually programmed to make losing trades. The thing is the brokers operate like casinos and they need you to lose money. They can’t have you making the millions that the Orion Code video claims because if that happened they would be out of business. It’s like going into a casino and winning over and over again. Imagine if you made millions in a casino over and over again, they would throw you out! With binary options they make sure that never happens because they rig their softwares to lose!

My Orion Code Conclusion

It should be clear that this system is a complete scam and you should not invest in it. This will definitely be the newest scam being added to my list of binary scams. If you spend your money on this system then you can wave it bye bye as you’ll never see it again. They’ll tell you it’s “just a deposit” but trust me, it’s not. If you deposit that money the software will trade it away to nothing before you can even try and withdraw it. Plus the broker will probably just ignore your withdrawal request anyway and by the time they process it, the robot will have lost all your money.

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