Palm Beach Letter: Scam or Legit? [2023 Review]

Looking for a review of Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Letter?

The Palm Beach Letter by Palm Beach Research Group has been getting a decent amount of attention lately following a new marketing campaign, so I decided to take a closer look at it to find out more about it.

If you’ve been looking for more info on Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Letter, hopefully this review will give you all the details you need and by the end of it, rest assured that I will provide you with my opinion on the newsletter.

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Palm Beach Letter Review

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What Is The “Palm Beach Letter”?

Nowadays, everyone seems to be talking about investing in the stock market but the issue is, most investors are not making the right decisions when they trade.

And that’s where the Palm Beach Letter comes in. It is an investment advisory service that gives investors actionable investment advice both in and out of the stock market.

This includes real estate, collectibles, precious metals, and even private markets.

palm beach letter

Just recently, I reviewed the Crypto Profit Trader by Ian King, Teeka Tiwari’s 5 coins to 5 million and Tai Lopez’s Bitcoin Crypto Academy and the key takeaway was that there is an appetite for newsletters that show retail investors how to navigate the market.

Some people make mistakes due to a lack of proper information about the markets and an advisory service like the Palm Beach Letter suits them because it bridges the gap.

The flagship financial newsletter of the Palm Beach Research Group was launched in 2011 to provide investors with ways to increase their retirement income through smart investments.

Former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari provides subscribers with recommendations for low-risk, income-producing assets that offer them the chance to grow their investments.

Since he is a former hedge fund manager, he has a familiarity with the stock market that few others in the newsletter-editing business have.

He understands how best to play the market for maximum gains while minimizing exposure to risk.

He taps into the same skills he used to help his former hedge-fund clients make millions.

However, stocks are not the only thing that Teeka and his team concentrate on because he has a reputation for identifying unique “off Wall Street” investment ideas.

Therefore, the Palm Beach Letter is a monthly financial newsletter is designed for investors who are interested in not only stocks but also other assets.

For example, he was one of the first newsletter gurus to see the potential in cryptocurrencies. He has since become one of the world’s foremost experts on cryptos and he writes about them frequently in an advisory service called the Palm Beach Confidential.

I even did a review of the Palm Beach Crypto Income Quarterly, yet another service offered by the Palm Beach Research Group and edited by Teeka Tiwari that centers on cryptos.

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Who is Teeka Tiwari?

The Palm Beach Letter is published by the Palm Beach Research Group and headed up by Teeka Tiwari.

The Palm Beach Research Group is an independent company that specializes in publishing investment material that is tailored to budding investors to help them make the right decisions as they navigate the stock market.

Palm Beach Letter: Scam or Legit? [2023 Review] 9Teeka Tiwari is an experienced financial market analyst and a cryptocurrency guru. He is also a former hedge fund manager, as we have established. His first important job in finance was at the now-defunct Lehman Brothers.

After his stint there, he founded his own hedge fund. He later left Wall Street to share his experiences with ordinary investors.

He contributes to a number of popular financial shows that are aired on major financial media outlets. Tiwari has appeared on programs by reputed financial media houses like FOX News, CNBC, ABC and The Daily Show. He’s also featured on major YouTube channels like London Real.

He has written lots of informative articles on cryptocurrency and done interviews with some of the most successful players in the digital currency industry. This explains why he is regarded as an expert in this field. I’ve written about his predictions on the blog several times. He also recently shared his top AI coin pick.

Teeka Tiwari works as the editor-in-chief of the Palm Beach Letter and a few other newsletters published by the Palm Beach Research Group, including the Palm Beach Confidential, Alpha Edge, Palm Beach Crypto Income, Palm Beach Venture, Palm Beach Special Ops, and Palm Beach Infinity.

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How Does Teeka’s Palm Beach Letter Work?

The Palm Beach Letter is a subscription-based product. Subscribing to the newsletter gives you access to lots of investment-related content.

The material that Teeka Tiwari and his team publish inform you on how to better manage your investments.

The content in Palm Group Letter comes in different formats:

  • Text
  • Video training
  • Essays
  • Detailed FAQ section

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Stocks

Since Teeka Tiwari is a renowned cryptocurrency expert, it makes sense that the newsletter gives its subscribers insightful information on how to invest in digital currencies.

He provides you with videos, which give you basic information on how to get started by setting up your wallet and eventually how to select the best cryptocurrencies. This content is tailored to beginners too.

The video training shows you how to buy cryptocurrencies and where to get them. It compares the various cryptocurrency wallets and explains why some of them are superior to others.

Teeka believes blockchain technology will be important in the next few years. He even has a special report he sends you called My Top Plays for Blockchain’s 295,000% Revolution where he discusses the companies he thinks will lead the way.

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What you get when you join the Palm Beach Letter

Once you sign up, they send you a guide on how to get the most out of your Palm Beach Group subscription.

Here is what you get from Teeka Tiwari when you sign up for the newsletter:

12 Monthly Issues of The Palm Beach Letter

On the first Thursday each month, a new issue of the Palm Beach Letter is delivered to your email address.

Each newsletter has Tiwari’s expert commentary and investment recommendations from him and his team of expert analysts. These opportunities have the potential to earn you big returns without exposing you to great risk.

Access to The Palm Beach Letter Portfolio

Palm Beach Letter: Scam or Legit? [2023 Review] 10

You have access to Teeka’s model portfolio where he tracks the performances of all his current stock picks. It has details like stop losses, actions that you need to take, and the buy up to prices. These details are all in an easy to read page.

Bonus Research Reports

Palm Beach Letter: Scam or Legit? [2023 Review] 11

You also gain full access to his research reports, which he and his team regularly release to keep you up to date when it comes to new trends like blockchain technology, altcoins, private investments, precious metals, and anything that Teeka believes is worth writing about.

Here are some examples of such special reports:

Teeka’s Crypto Master Course

Teeka Tiwari created a cryptocurrency course that explains how digital currency works. It is meant for beginners or people who are interested in the crypto but have no idea how to go about investing in it.

Tiwari walks you through everything you need to know about Bitcoin and other altcoins as he highlights the most common mistakes people make when trading.

As soon as you read this, you can start cryptocurrency trading, something he believes can make you a lot of money if not generate for you life-changing wealth.

Blockchain Millionaire

In this bonus report, the editor, Teeka Tiwari, talks about turning $675 into $1 million by trading certain altcoins.

He implies that when you invest $675 in his recommendations, you can become a millionaire. Since these coins are relatively cheap, they are available at a low price allowing you to scoop up a large number of them at discount prices.

My Top Plays for Blockchain’s 295,000% Revolution

Teeka believes that there is an upcoming blockchain revolution where blockchain technology will have multiple uses.

In this report, he writes about the blockchain companies he expects to lead the way and claims that by investing in those stock recommendations, investors can earn a lot of money.

My #1 Way to Buy Gold

Tiwari does not just concentrate on cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain. He also dabbles in gold, a classic investment that people resort to in a financial crisis.

This was certainly the case during the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic because many investors bought it to hedge their portfolios.

In this report, Teeka explains how you can buy physical gold and not just gold stocks.

In addition to these special reports, you also have access to past reports like The Secret of the Golden Buckets: Three Simple Steps to Growing Richer Every DayHow to Survive and Prosper in the Coming Income Crisis, and The Unclaimed Millions Handbook.

Basically, you can read any research report that they’ve ever written when you become a member.

Members-Only Online Portal

Although you can access online content by Tiwari for free, the members-only portal allows you to manage your subscription. When you become a member, you can sign in using your subscriber registration account.

Palm Beach Letter: Scam or Legit? [2023 Review] 12

If you miss an issue of the newsletter because you have deleted the email by accident, you shouldn’t worry about it.

Just log into the secure members-only website to access not only the latest issue but also an archive of past newsletters, the research reports, and the educational material you get as a member of The Palm Beach Letter.

The Big Black Book of Income Secrets

You get a free copy of Teeka Tiwari’s book in which he explains how investments that once held the promise of a safe, comfortable retirement have failed many retirees.

Palm Beach Letter: Scam or Legit? [2023 Review] 13He and his team have looked in places they don’t teach you about on Wall Street or business school for the insights they share here.

It has dozens of solutions for finding safe income that you won’t find anywhere else.

How Much is the Palm Beach Letter?

An annual subscription to the Palm Beach Letter costs $199 every year. Since your membership will be renewed every year automatically, they will deduct $199 from your credit card every year.

Palm Beach Letter: Scam or Legit? [2023 Review] 14They will send you a reminder before the subscription is renewed and if you want to cancel it before it renews, you should do that before the appointed date.

They may charge you $49 for an annual subscription if you sign up for it through one of their marketing campaigns. To see how much money they will deduct you, check the order page.

Refund Policy

The Palm Beach Letter has NO REFUNDS although this also depends on whether they have a marketing campaign.

You see, if you join the newsletter through the official site, the fee is non-refundable; once you pay that $199, they do not allow cash refunds.

Instead, it has a 90-day “ironclad guarantee” that gives you 90 days to review the newsletter to determine if it is something that you would like to keep being a member of.

Palm Beach Letter: Scam or Legit? [2023 Review] 15

If you decide that you would like to cancel your membership to The Palm Beach Letter within that period, you only have to reach out to the customer service team to terminate it.

The US-based customer service team working for the Palm Beach Research Group will give you credit worth $199 to spend on any other financial newsletter offered by the firm or its corporate affiliates at the Legacy Research Group.

But as I said, there are instances when they ALLOW REFUNDS, particularly when you join through one of Teeka Tiwari’s presentations as he promotes the newsletter.

For example, in one of the presentations, they promise a full refund if you unsubscribe in 60 days:

Palm Beach Letter: Scam or Legit? [2023 Review] 16

As we saw earlier with the pricing, you also need to confirm this on the order page as you sign up for the service.

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Is the Palm Beach Letter Legit?

The Palm Beach Letter is a legit investment advisory service.

Teeka Tiwari, the leading editor, is a vastly experienced investment guru who has a Wall Street background. While this doesn’t guarantee that the advice he gives is going to deliver positive returns all the time, it means that he knows the stock market better than your average investor and is, therefore, competent enough to be editing a newsletter.

It is also published by a legit company that has helped many people make sound investment decisions through its advisory services. There have been complaints about it but what you pay for is what you get.

Finally, going by the testimonials of most buyers, the Palm Beach Letter is a genuine product that works.

Pros of Palm Beach Letter

  • User-friendly and easy to understand. The Palm Beach Research group ensured that the Palm Beach Letter is suited to both beginners and experienced traders by offering educational resources, besides recommending the best investment opportunities that they can put their money in.
  • It is quite informative. In addition to the basic content, you get regular updates
  • Content comes in different formats
  • Relatively affordable

Cons of Palm Beach Letter

  • Even with Teeka Tiwari’s expertise, you might end up making losses with some of the recommendations.
  • The marketing campaigns can be quite misleading, giving the impression that the content is infallible and “highly likely” to deliver.

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Palm Beach Letter Verdict

The Palm Beach Letter is designed to give you useful information that you can use to build your nest egg. So it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at if you are interested in Teeka Tiwari’s investment philosophy.

Teeka Tiwari writes about digital currencies, blockchain stocks, private capital, dividend paying stocks, precious metals, and other income producing assets.

If you look it up online, there are Palm Beach Letter reviews that claim that it is the best newsletter while others regard it as underwhelming.

The negative reviews are from people who felt disappointed when they signed up for the service and lost money even after following Tiwari’s recommendations. This is to be expected of any newsletter because the markets are unpredictable.

That being said, I think this service could work for you if you want monthly recommendations from someone who knows the market better than your average investment analyst.

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