Is “Palm Beach Research Group” A Scam? [Reviews]

Looking for Palm Beach Research Group reviews?

The Palm Beach Research Group has been around for a while but I’ve just got around to sharing my review.

They shared numerous reports and offer advisory services on investing and wealth creation.

If you’re wondering whether Palm Beach Research Group is a scam, I can tell you they are not.

That being said I highly recommend you read my honest review to understand how they work.

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What Is The Palm Beach Research Group?

Palm Beach Research Group (PBRG) is a publishing company that helps its readers achieve their financial goals.

It’s similar to other financial groups I’ve reviewed like Banyan Hill and Agora Financial.

It runs on a tried and tested wealth-creation strategy that is perpetuated by a group of editors who live what they write. 

palm beach research group

PBRG editors learn from their connections of rich friends and bring their strategies to main street investors. Most of what they teach may seem unconventional but it is what sets the rich apart from the average investors.

The editors conduct their research independently – they do not endorse any product or company because they are getting paid to do so. 

They do not restrict themselves to stocks and bonds; they also cover real estate, options, private equity, and alternative assets like cryptos and gold. 

They grow wealth sustainably by using smart speculation, income-based investments, and a conservative approach. 

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Palm Beach Research Group Products

Palm Beach Daily

Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Daily is a free e-letter that is published every day and it typically has new information concerning the latest investments that Teeka and other editors are actively looking into.

It also gives you a taste of Teeka Tiwari’s approach before you pay for a premium service.

The Palm Beach Letter

This is the flagship investment service offered by Palm Beach Research Group.

Is "Palm Beach Research Group" A Scam? [Reviews] 6

The advice offered here combines safe investment techniques like dividend-paying stocks with bold choices like alternative cryptocurrencies and other off-Wall Street recommendations. It is run by Teeka Tiwari and Grant Wasylik. 

Palm Beach Confidential 

This advisory service finds opportunities in cryptocurrency and small-cap stocks with a market value lower than $1 Billion. Teeka Tiwari, the cryptocurrency expert, uses a technique known as Asymmetric Investing to find these opportunities.

Palm Beach Pioneer

Is "Palm Beach Research Group" A Scam? [Reviews] 7

Palm Beach Pioneer focuses on projects that could be crucial to Web3 finding ways to make money off of them.

Palm Beach Crypto Income

Is "Palm Beach Research Group" A Scam? [Reviews] 8

In all market conditions, this service is supposed to find the cryptos that are likely to pay huge dividends consistently. 

Teeka Tiwari’s Alpha Edge

The Alpha Edge’s main purpose is to find individual trades that have the potential to beat the markets consistently. 

Palm Beach Crypto Elite

Palm Beach Crypto Elite gives you access to Palm Beach ConfidentialPalm Beach Crypto Income, and Palm Beach Pioneer. You get everything from those three services as long as they are published.

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Who are The Editors Behind The Palm Beach Research Group?

Teeka Tiwari

Teeka Tiwari is the cryptocurrency expert and the head analyst at the firm. He writes the flagship newsletter, The Palm Beach Letter, and edits other advisory services. 

Teeka Tiwari wears many hats at Palm Beach Research Group, overseeing flagship services like The Palm Beach Letter, cryptocurrency newsletter Palm Beach Confidential, and more.Is "Palm Beach Research Group" A Scam? [Reviews] 9

Before this, he had quite the journey on Wall Street. Starting out as a hedge fund manager and a VP at Shearson Lehman at a remarkably young age, he had early success but also learned some hard lessons. During the Asian crisis in 1998, he made a small fortune from shorting the market but held on too long, losing everything in just three weeks and eventually filing for bankruptcy.

However, he bounced back, prioritizing risk management, and eventually founded a successful hedge fund.

Now, he’s on a mission to guide individual investors in growing their wealth safely through strategic investments that can bring significant profits without jeopardizing their current lifestyle.

In 2020 he was behind viral investment videos like 5 coins to 5 million and genesis technology.

Graham Friedman

Graham Friedman is the lead analyst of the Palm Beach Pioneer newsletter.

Over at Republic, he takes on the role of Head of Venture, working closely with startups in their early stages before they hit the market.

He’s got a strong history of getting tokenized companies off the ground, having teamed up with almost 20 different groups during this journey.

Before he joined Republic, Graham was a co-founder at TLDR Global, a crypto venture fund that had a solid run from 2016 to 2018, especially during the bullish market of 2017.

Michael Gross

Michael became part of the Palm Beach Research Group family back in 2019.

Before that, he earned his Economics degree from Florida State University and kicked off his career as an internal wholesaler dealing with structured products.

What really drives him is delving into successful companies, and dissecting their strategies and operations. You’ll often catch him engrossed in 10-Qs (quarterly reports) during his downtime.

His primary work centers around identifying top-notch companies that are undervalued and presenting trading opportunities. He keeps a close eye on the evolving landscape of Bitcoin mining and loves creating charts and tables to shed light on investment value.

Houston Molnar

In 2018, Houston Molnar became part of the Palm Beach Research Group, leveraging his finance education from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and a master’s degree in Investment Management and Financial Analysis from Creighton University.

His journey into the financial world was sparked by a keen interest in how central banks influence bond and equity prices, something Nomi Prins (a famous investment analyst) has been quite vocal about.

Upon joining PBRG, he delved into the potential advantages that Bitcoin and crypto assets bring to the table compared to traditional investments. Currently, his main focus lies in identifying crypto and blockchain projects with the potential to reshape various industries as we know them.

Nick Rokke

Nick Rokke is an analyst at Palm Beach Research Group, bringing a strong background in accounting with a degree and experience from a Big Four accounting firm.

Is "Palm Beach Research Group" A Scam? [Reviews] 10

He got into hedge fund accounting, where he gained invaluable insights into how both successful and less successful hedge funds operated.

Building on this, Nick pursued and successfully passed the challenging chartered financial analyst (CFA) tests, obtaining the esteemed CFA charter on his first attempt—a remarkable feat accomplished by only 9% of candidates.

Over the past nearly ten years, he’s been deeply involved in forecasting economic trends and identifying promising growth investments that often fly under the radar.

Today, Nick leverages his analytical prowess and market knowledge to enhance the research endeavors at Palm Beach Research Group.

Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson serves as the chief analyst of the Palm Beach Crypto Income newsletter.

Hailing from New York, he got an accounting degree from the University of Buffalo and later earned an MBA with a focus on strategic management and finance from Pace University.

Greg is Teeka’s right-hand guy when it comes to all things crypto analysis.

In the past, he’s worked in the real estate sector, handling roles like mortgage accountant and REO manager. Not too long ago, he was in a customer service role at one of the biggest banks in the USA.

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Is The Palm Beach Research Group Legit?

Palm Beach Research Group is legit.

When you subscribe to their services, you’ll realize that they only recruit industry experts to write their newsletters.

The editors are not just analysts who write what they see on the news, they do their research and have been (or continue to be) successful in the field.

Some of them have been featured on business news programs on TV and written bestselling books.

Ultimately, their advice is based on the overall mission of the publication. 

Pros of Palm Beach Research Group

  • It provides a wide range of services to cater to different investment niches and strategies. 
  • The list of editors features a group of highly successful traders and analysts who have achieved real success in the markets, consistently. 
  • The customer service representatives are highly responsive and knowledgeable. 

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Verdict For “Palm Beach Research Group”

Palm Beach Research Group has been delivering on its mission to help investors make better investment decisions and build wealth.

It targets Main Street investors who are not usually privy to some of the insights that Wall Street actors take for granted.

Nevertheless, you should never take the recommendations they provide as personal advice – what they give you is merely a set of guidelines. 

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