Phil Anderson Predictions & Stock Picks Legit? [2024 Forecast]

Phil Anderson recently did a presentation dubbed “The Market’s Whisperer 2024 Forecast” for the publishing firm, Rogue Economics, talking about his predictions going into 2024.

We sat through the pitch the whole way through and did more research into his past and we put together our findings in this piece.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what Phil Anderson is touting for 2024 and what that could portend for you should you be keen on his approach.

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Key Takeaways

  • Economist Phil Anderson predicts a major economic crash coming in the next 2-3 years, even worse than the 2008 Great Recession. He bases this on analyzing real estate and economic cycles spanning over 200 years.
  • Anderson believes after the crash there will be a “Bull Market Sprint” for a couple years like the roaring 20s, allowing investors to make decade’s worth of stock gains if they get into the right stocks.
  • He hints stocks in travel, financials, and currencies can do well but full details require joining his “The Signal” stock picking newsletter service.
  • Anderson is a respected forecaster with decades of cycle analysis experience and bestselling books on economic trends. His service provides trade alerts timed to cycles.
  • While Phil Anderson’s prediction and analysis seem intriguing, all market forecasts should be judiciously weighed. Approach with realistic expectations since no one can guarantee timing or results with certainty.
  • VERDICT: For investors worried about an impending crash or interested in cyclical analysis to ride volatility, Anderson may provide useful perspective. But do your own due diligence before investing based on his or anyone else’s forecasts.

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What is Phil Anderson’s Prediction

Phil Anderson recently did a pitch giving his outlook for 2024. The video recording is out but it probably won’t be online for long as he has put an expiration date on it because it is basically offering viewers a massive discount on his advisory service.

There was a lot to unpack from the presentation but a few things stood out.Phil Anderson's The Market Whisperers 3

According to Phil Anderson, we’re only 24-36 months from the next big crash, which he claims will be even worse than the Great Recession.

He is basing his prediction on the “Real Estate Cycle,” which he claims has been consistently “predicting” the major economic cycles for over 220 years now.

He says:

“And the Real Estate Cycle has shown time and time again that about every 18.6 years, real estate prices reach a new fever pitch, banks and investors start to struggle, and the entire system rolls over.”

And right now, he is saying that after analyzing that cycle, he sees that we have just over 2 years left before the next crash.

When that happens, it will be another two years before we experience a massive bull market sprint like in the 1990s, early 2000s, and in the final years before the pandemic correction.

Phil says that it will be our version of the roaring ‘20s and it will be a chance to pocket a decade of gains over the next couple years if you get into the right stocks at the right time.

He has an idea of what stocks he will get into and that’s the crux of the presentation; he wants you to turn to him for guidance by signing up for his newsletter.

We couldn’t get the names of his stock picks but he leaves a couple of clues as to what they could be:

  • The first company is in the travel industry. He says that it just broke out this week and is ready to head to new highs because travel demand has stayed strong and should into 2024.
  • The second company is in the financial sector. He says that financials are playing catch-up to the market and should have a great 2024 with a strong economy and real estate sector. This stock is primed to benefit.
  • His third pick is a “Weak Dollar” Trade. He says that it is his current top pick for how to play the second half of the real estate cycle as the strength of the dollar begins to waver in 2024.

To get the exact details concerning those three trades, you have to join Phil Anderson’s advisory service called “The Signal”.

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Who is Phil Anderson?

Phil Anderson is an economic forecaster, renowned globally for his expertise in business, real estate, and commodity cycles. He’s made a career out of knowing how to navigate the stocks, bonds, and real estate markets.

Phil Anderson's The Market Whisperers 3

With over 34 years of forecasting experience, he utilizes graph and chart analysis, delving into diverse indicators such as hemlines and skyscrapers, captivating audiences with economic insights over the past decade.

Phil Anderson is also the accomplished author of the best-selling book, “The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking.” In this work, he demystifies centuries of market activity, revealing how an understanding of economic cycles empowers individuals to predict market trends.

As the editor of “Cycles Trading with Phil Anderson” and “The Signal” at Rogue Economics, Phil brings his wealth of knowledge to a U.S.-based audience, positioning himself as a trusted source in the complex world of economic forecasting.

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Phil Anderson’s The Signal

Phil Anderson’s investment research service, The Signal, stands out for its unique approach. Unlike other monthly publications that rigidly adhere to a set schedule, The Signal doesn’t follow a clockwork routine. Subscribers can expect multiple new positions throughout their subscription, shared strategically when the timing is optimal.

In the intervals between stock picks, subscribers receive regular updates on the market cycle and upcoming trends. The focus is on identifying stocks with the potential to double or more in a short period, not settling for safe dividend plays or average market returns.

The goal is clear: securing substantial gains within a few years, potentially equivalent to a decade’s worth of returns. Phil acknowledges the inevitability of market downturns but offers a choice—either retreat and safeguard assets during a crash or follow his guidance to identify profitable positions as the market declines and rebounds, initiating the next expansion cycle.

When you become a member of The Signal with Phil Anderson, you gain access to a wealth of resources.

Phil provides regular updates filled with insights and recommendations tailored for profiting in the current Real Estate Cycle.

Membership includes access to carefully researched stocks meeting Phil’s “right stock, right time” criteria, complete with suggested buy-up prices and stop losses for strategic gains and loss limitation.

The 24/7 accessibility to The Signal members area ensures you have a comprehensive view, featuring an archive of alerts, regular issues, special reports, and a live portfolio showcasing the current recommendations and their status.

Additionally, Phil treats members to weekly videos, “Postcards From the Cycle,” sharing his latest research derived from global travels, providing on-the-ground perspectives that impact market outlook and the stocks within The Signal model portfolio.

You’ll also get instant access to all your bonus reports…

Bull Market Sprint – The Top Sectors & Stocks I’m Watching to Pocket a Decade of Gains in the Next 2 Years

Gain immediate access to the current watchlist, featuring top sectors and stocks meticulously curated by Phil Anderson and his team.

Phil Anderson's The Market Whisperers 3

The list includes stocks that may be on the brink of a buy recommendation in the coming days. Secure your spot with The Signal today to receive timely trade alerts and stay ahead in the market.

The Signal Manifesto

In this report, Phil Anderson provides a comprehensive blueprint that outlines the intricacies of the Real Estate Cycle and his unique approach in leveraging both the Real Estate Cycle and Gann cycles to pinpoint opportune moments for stock identification.

Phil Anderson's The Market Whisperers 3

As readers delve into the details, they are likely to be astounded by the revelation that the market’s mysteries have been readily available. Phil invites readers to explore this insightful report, prompting them to wonder why this valuable information hasn’t been shared sooner.

The Market Whisperer’s Guide to the Roaring ‘20s


In Phil Anderson’s insightful overview, he invites readers to explore the roadmap for the upcoming Bull Market Sprint. Within this forecast, he promises to disclose the leading sectors, identify those likely to experience a downturn first, and pinpoint the anticipated peak of stocks in 2026.

It’s an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the market’s trajectory over the next two years, presented in a conversational yet professional tone.

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Subscription Fee and Refund Policy

You can get it for $1,495 for a while. This is a markdown from the usual $4,000.

Phil Anderson's The Market Whisperers 3

There are no cash refunds.

Instead, they have what they call a 90-day credit guarantee as it stated on the order page:

“If you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply reach out to our customer service team here at Legacy Research within the first 90 days, and they’ll give you a full credit for your subscription towards any other service we have, even if it’s not mine. Please note: we do not offer cash refunds.”

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Verdict on Phil Anderson’s Predictions

Phil Anderson has made a bold prediction – we are less than 3 years away from the next major economic crash. Drawing on his expertise analyzing real estate and economic cycles spanning over 200 years, he sees the telltale signs of an impending correction on the scale of the Great Recession.

Anderson advocates that investors should prepare now to profit during the turmoil. He has revealed some clues about lucrative trades in travel, financials, and currencies to benefit as markets tumble. To get his full market analysis and stock picks timed for the impending collapse, you need to join his “The Signal” newsletter service.

While Phil Anderson’s cycle analysis may prove prescient, predictions should be weighed judiciously. Markets often defy even expert forecasts. Approach Anderson’s outlook realistically – be strategic if following recommendations, but also mitigate risks because no one can guarantee results or timing with certainty. Test ideas before fully committing capital.

Nonetheless, Anderson provides an intriguing perspective on impending economic shifts. For investors concerned about protecting assets or capitalizing on volatility ahead, his cyclical perspective and unconventional picks may warrant a closer look. But caveat emptor – do your own due diligence before investing based on any one person’s market predictions.

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