Phil Anderson Prediction: Eleventh Hour Legit?

Phil Anderson is an investment guru who publishes his work via Rogue Economics, an independent boutique financial publisher.

Recently, Phil revealed that he will share invaluable insights about the future of markets and provide essential information on his top 3 stocks to invest in now.

It has to do with something he calls “The Eleventh Hour” and its implications, where he will reach out to his audience with the tools to forecast market movements independently.

Phil will also present evidence of his successful stock-picking track record to show how accurate he is at predicting the market. Let’s take a closer look at Phil Anderson’s predictions, how he goes about predicting the market, and his future projections of where the market is headed.

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What is Phil Anderson’s Prediction?

Phil Anderson’s prediction is based on historic patterns and what he calls “the eleventh hour period,” a period when some securities do well. His goal is to try and find them and put his money into them to capitalize on the market.

Phil Anderson prediction

In the previous ELEVENTH-HOUR period, Phil’s stock-picking prowess was remarkable, achieving an extraordinary 9/9 winning streak with an average peak gain of 485%.

In doing that, he showcased an ability to identify hidden gems in stocks that often escape the radar of mainstream analysts.

This is why you may want to check out Phil’s upcoming event. He will unveil the stocks and sectors that he thinks are likely to outperform in the forthcoming market environment during the ELEVENTH HOUR.

He will also reveal his top 3 stocks to buy now, along with the sectors that hold promising investment potential for the rest of 2023 and beyond.

He also argues that you cannot afford to leave your portfolio vulnerable to unforeseen market developments. You have to be proactive and glean valuable insights that could safeguard your investments in the times ahead.

What is “The ELEVENTH HOUR: Last Chance event”?

Markets are currently experiencing a significant once-in-twenty-year event known as the ELEVENTH HOUR, according to Phil.

This event is causing an unexpected panic in financial markets, different from previous crises. Although not widely recognized yet, the panic is brewing beneath the market’s surface and is expected to gain mainstream attention soon.

Phil emphasizes that now is the last chance to take action before the panic becomes widely known.

By making the right investments and getting ahead of this situation, there is a remarkable opportunity to significantly boost wealth, a chance that won’t come again until the early 2040s, when this event occurs once more.


If you sign up for the event as a VIP by providing your phone number, you get these bonuses:

  • FREE Stock Pick and Private Q&A with Phil Anderson: Gain exclusive access to a private Q&A session with Phil, where he will share a FREE stock pick that has the potential for amazing profits. You can also ask any questions you like to the world’s #1 market forecaster, although please note that individualized investment advice cannot be provided.
  • VIP Exclusive Guide: A Cheat Sheet for Prospering During the ELEVENTH HOUR: Receive a simple “fill-in-the-blanks” guide that you can complete during the event. This guide will help you understand what the ELEVENTH HOUR is, the type of panic it brings, and which stocks and investments perform well during this period (from 2023-2026). Additionally, you’ll gain insights into the secret method Phil used to become the world’s #1 market forecaster, enabling you to predict future market events yourself.
  • 5 Crazy Predictions by Phil That Came True Against All Expectations: Discover five remarkable predictions made by Phil that defied expectations and turned out to be accurate. These predictions include insights into the direction of the stock market based on Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Address, calls made about the Afghanistan and Iraq wars in 2001 before they started, and a 10-point correct call made before, during, and after the Great Recession. Despite initial doubts, Phil’s predictions proved to be spot on.

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How Phil Anderson Predicts the Market

We have evidence of how Phil Anderson predicts market events. Writing for The Cycles Trading newsletter, he recently said that “The Market Is Extremely Predictable.”

In November 2007, Phil Anderson wrote to a group of his subscribers at the time:

“The market is now beginning to tell us what it is going to do in 2009. At this early stage, a low early March would not surprise, then a 180-day run into early September.”

As it turned out, the S&P 500 hit its low on March 9, 2009, and from then, the market ran up strongly into September and continued into early 2010. The accuracy of predicting the exact timing of the March 2009 low was attributed to the lessons Phil learned from studying the 18.6-year cycle.

Understanding this concept is vital because when you understand it, nothing in the markets, or even the entire economy ever surprises you again (per Phil).

He believes that history often repeats itself with predictable patterns and precedents.

He is anticipating interest rates to drop slightly in 2025, similar to what occurred in the 1920s.

That’s based on the 18.6-year cycle he bases his predictions on that indicates that the top of the current cycle will likely occur in 2025-2026, just as it happened in 1955, 1973, 1989, and 2007. But before reaching that point, the last stage of this cycle follows the mid-cycle slowdown, where governments step in to revive capitalism.

The mid-cycle slowdown was observed in 2020 when the pandemic necessitated government intervention. However, the measures taken created an influx of money that primarily flowed into asset prices, leading to inflation and subsequent interest rate increases.

This progression pushed the economy into the “Eleventh Hour,” a significant period that only occurs once every 20 years. During the Eleventh Hour, one can truly make or break their retirement. It is a crucial time that requires careful consideration and strategic decision-making.

What is the 18.6 Year Cycle?

The 18.6 Year Cycle is a concept developed by Phil Anderson. There is a chart that relays everything but I will give you a quick description:

The Western economies follow an average 18.6-year real estate/credit cycle, with approximately 14 years of growth and 4 years of decline.

Phil Anderson prediction

This cycle is evident in US history, where real estate prices experience clear peaks and troughs every 18.6 years, with some variation in duration but never shorter than 17 years or longer than 21.

Understanding this cycle allows for accurate forecasts, enabling investors to make informed decisions. The real estate cycle reflects how the economy will move over time, influencing when to buy real estate and when to stay out of the market.

Phil Anderson’s book, “The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking,” reveals that cyclical economic behavior will repeat due to the unchanging underlying structure of the economy.

Each 18.6-year cycle consists of an average of 14 years of growth, divided into two parts with a mid-cycle slowdown or recession in between.

The final two years of the growth period, known as the “Winner’s Curse,” witness overvalued asset prices and high leverage, requiring caution in investment decisions.

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Phil Anderson’s Track Record of Predictions

For the past thirty years, Phillip J. Anderson has achieved a remarkable track record of accurately predicting major turns in the U.S. economy, one after another. His predictive prowess includes calling:

  • The bottom of the property-led downturn in the early 1990s
  • The bull market throughout the 1990s
  • The dot-com crash in 2000
  • The bull market from 2002-2007
  • The Great Recession
  • The ten-year bull market from 2009 to 2019
  • The see-sawing over the last 3 years, encompassing the 2020 crash and recovery, the down year in 2022, and the rally in 2023.

This means Phillip J. Anderson’s reputation is one of the most accurate market forecasters. If his past success is anything to go by, his warning about the ELEVENTH HOUR is worth closer examination.

Who is Phil Anderson?

Phil Anderson is a renowned economic forecaster, widely recognized as the foremost authority in business, real estate, and commodity cycles. His unique expertise spans stocks, bonds, and real estate, backed by over 34 years of market forecasting experience.

From analyzing graphs and charts on diverse subjects, including hemlines and skyscrapers, Phil has captivated audiences with his economic insights for the past decade.

Throughout his illustrious career, Phil has consistently guided his readers through market turns, providing a sense of calm and confidence. He has emerged as the guiding north star amidst the noise of the markets. As the bestselling author of “The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking,” Phil demystifies centuries of market activity, showcasing how an understanding of economic cycles can lead to accurate market predictions.

In his roles as the editor of “Cycles Trading with Phil Anderson” and “The Signal” at Rogue Economics, Phil brings his wealth of knowledge to a U.S.-based audience for the first time. Rogue Economics is the firm that has been behind other events like Nomi Prins’ Dollar Endgame and Countdown To Chaos (Nomi Prins’ 722 Bank Bombshell).

In April 2023, Phil confidently predicted a recovery for banks and an unexpected rally in the stock market, despite initial skepticism. As time has shown, his foresight was correct, with his stock picks from April almost tripling the returns of the S&P 500, solidifying his reputation as a true market visionary.

Dan Ferris Predictions Conclusion

Phil Anderson’s remarkable ability to accurately predict significant market turns over the past 30 years makes his predictions a compelling prospect for investors seeking valuable insights.

His expertise in economic cycles, stocks, real estate, and commodities instills confidence in his analyses.

However, investors must exercise caution and refrain from blindly following his advice. While his past accomplishments are impressive, the dynamic nature of the market means that future success is not guaranteed.

Timing the market is a challenging task, and unpredictable events can influence outcomes. It is essential to approach his predictions with a critical mindset and consider various factors before making investment decisions.

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