Phil Pustejovsky: Freedom Mentor Legit? [2024 Reviews]

Navigating the world of real estate investing can be challenging, especially when trying to determine which mentors and programs are worth your time and money. If you’re interested in real estate investing, chances are you’ve come across the name Phil Pustejovsky.

Phil Pustejovsky is a real estate investor, author, and founder of Freedom Mentor.

But what do clients and industry experts have to say about him? Are his teachings as effective as he claims or just another get-rich-quick scheme? With so many real estate gurus out there, it can be hard to know who to trust.

Therefore, in this comprehensive review, we’ll examine who Phil Pustejovsky is, unpack his various training programs, and address any controversies surrounding him so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to sign up for his real estate courses.

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Key Takeaways

  • Phil Pustejovsky is a real estate investing expert with over 10 years experience in creative strategies like wholesaling and lease options.
  • On YouTube, he shares tips and success stories from his students.
  • His approach is influenced by Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” philosophy.
  • His Freedom Mentor program emphasizes personal development and includes revenue sharing with students.
  • Phil focuses on no-money-down deals, creative financing strategies, and virtual wholesaling.
  • VERDICT: Though allegations have been made, Phil appears to be a legitimate expert as evidenced by countless student success stories.

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Who is Phil Pustejovsky?

Phil Pustejovsky is a real estate investing expert, mentor, and, author. Phil has over 10 years of experience and multiple successful deals under his belt.

His expertise lies in creative real estate investment techniques such as lease options, short sales, and wholesaling properties.

Phil Pustejovsky Reviews

Phil Pustejovsky’s journey into the world of real estate investing began from humble beginnings. The now-successful mentor and entrepreneur initially experienced a rough start, going through foreclosure and even living out of his truck for a short period.

However, determined to overcome these challenges, Phil sought guidance from an experienced real estate investor who became his mentor.

Over time, Pustejovsky honed his expertise in creative real estate investing techniques. He eventually established himself as a prominent figure in the field by not only becoming a successful real estate investor but also sharing his wisdom through coaching others on their journeys toward financial freedom.

Phil Pustejovsky is best known as the founder of Freedom Mentor, a real estate mentoring company that claims to have transformed the financial lives of thousands of people.

He’s also the author of several books on real estate investing, including “How to Be a Real Estate Investor” and “Real Estate Investing Gone Bad.”

In addition, he has a popular YouTube channel where he shares tips and insights on real estate investing. Phil has also published articles on major financial websites like Yahoo Finance and Business Insider. These pieces offer insights into the world of real estate investing from one of its most successful practitioners.

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Success As A Best-Selling Author

Phil Pustejovsky’s credibility as a real estate investing expert is further solidified by his success as a best-selling author.

His most notable book, “How to Be a Real Estate Investor,” has garnered rave reviews from both aspiring and seasoned real estate investors, praising the practical insights and easy-to-follow strategies presented within its pages.

How to Be a Real Estate Investor

The book provides an in-depth look at Phil’s unique approach to real estate investing, including his emphasis on personal development and creative financing strategies.

He has another book called “Real Estate Investing Gone Bad.”

Real Estate Investing Gone Bad

It has true stories of real estate investing deals that went terribly wrong and the lessons you can learn from them.

These deals amounted to millions of dollars in losses, years of unproductive activity, and incalculable emotional stress. Phil shares real estate investment and house flipping wisdom he learned from his experiences.

He believes it is a must-read for anyone planning to be or is already a real estate investor because you’ll find out what not to do in real estate.

As an established published author, Phil Pustejovsky demonstrates his commitment to educating individuals on the ins and outs of the real estate business, ensuring that they have access to reliable and informative content when starting their investment journey.

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Educator And Mentor

Phil Pustejovsky’s passion for real estate investing extends beyond his success; he is committed to helping others achieve their financial goals through creative strategies and approaches.

As a mentor, Phil has made it his mission to change lives by sharing the wealth of knowledge he possesses on real estate investing.

With a unique combination of extensive industry know-how and genuine care for those he mentors, Pustejovsky creates lasting relationships with his students. He prides himself on offering personalized coaching that caters to each individual’s needs while fostering a strong sense of community among fellow mentees.

Phil Pustejovsky on YouTube

In today’s digital age, Phil Pustejovsky has expertly embraced the power of social media to further expand his impact on the real estate industry.

He has a YouTube channel with over 300K subscribers.

Phil Pustejovsky YouTube

If you’re looking for a comprehensive source of real estate investing knowledge, Phil Pustejovsky’s YouTube channel is a great place to start. His videos cover a range of topics, from beginner-level introductions to advanced strategies for experienced investors.

Another great thing about Phil’s videos is that they’re easy to follow and understand. Phil has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into simple, easy-to-understand terms. This makes his videos accessible to anyone, regardless of their background or experience level.

Phil’s YouTube videos cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Real estate investing basics
  • Flipping houses
  • Wholesaling
  • Long-term buy and hold strategies
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Financing options
  • Marketing and advertising
  • And much more

If you’re looking for a comprehensive source of real estate investing knowledge, Phil Pustejovsky’s YouTube channel is worth checking out. With hundreds of videos covering a wide range of topics, you’re sure to find something relevant to your interests and experience level.

He uses these videos not only as a platform to share valuable knowledge with aspiring investors but also to showcase the success stories of individuals who have benefitted from his teachings.

Phil Pustejovsky and Robert Kiyosaki

Phil has worked closely with Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” Phil’s approach to real estate investing is based on the principles outlined in Robert Kiyosaki’s book.

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The Freedom Mentor Program

The Freedom Mentor Program, led by Phil Pustejovsky and an experienced team, offers a comprehensive real estate investing education with an emphasis on personal development.

Phil Pustejovsky’s Freedom Mentor Program is a comprehensive real estate investing mentorship program designed to guide aspiring investors toward success.

The Freedom Mentor Program

The program covers every aspect of real estate investing, including finding and analyzing deals, creative financing strategies, negotiating techniques, and more.

Phil has a revenue-sharing formula with his students, aptly described on his website:

“Phil and the Freedom Mentor team put their money where their mouth is by mentoring and coaching real estate investors and making their money by sharing in the profits of the deals with their students 50/50.

This is extremely unique in the world of real estate investing education. It creates a special relationship where both the real estate mentor and the mentee both have “skin in the game” and aligned interests. When the student succeeds, the teacher succeeds as well. And over the past 15 years, this approach has produced the most extraordinary results in this industry’s history.”

In addition to technical skills, the program emphasizes personal development – building a positive mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs that may hinder success.

Phil has helped people achieve financial freedom through his unique approach to real estate investing.

Freedom Mentor’s Apprentice Program

One of the most popular offerings from Phil Pustejovsky is his Apprentice Program. This is a hands-on program that allows students to work directly with Phil and his team to learn the ins and outs of real estate investing.

You have to apply to join the apprenticeship program. It is a straightforward process where you share personal information and your goals.

The Freedom Mentor Program

The program includes one-on-one coaching, access to a private online community, and the opportunity to attend live events and workshops.

The Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program is a comprehensive real estate investing course that covers everything from finding deals to closing them. The program is designed to help people become successful real estate investors in a short amount of time.

Before you can join the Apprentice Program, you’ll need to complete the Pre-Apprentice Program. This program is designed to help you get up to speed on the basics of real estate investing and prepare you for the Apprentice Program.

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Phil’s Team

Phil Pustejovsky has assembled a team of experienced real estate investors and coaches to help him run his programs. This team includes people with expertise in areas like wholesaling, flipping, and rental properties.

When you work with Phil Pustejovsky, you’ll have the opportunity to work with members of his team and learn from their expertise. This can be a valuable resource as you navigate the world of real estate investing.

Emphasis On Personal Development

Phil Pustejovsky understands that one of the most significant factors in achieving success is personal development. As such, his mentorship program and Freedom Mentor team place a strong emphasis on helping aspiring real estate investors develop not just their investing skills but also their mindset and overall outlook toward life.

Through his coaching programs, Phil encourages students to focus on positive mental attitudes and continuously work towards improving themselves. This philosophy has paid off as evidenced by several student testimonials indicating how Phil’s mentorship program helped them attain financial freedom through creative real estate investing strategies while at the same time making them better individuals in general.

Costs Involved

The costs of the Freedom Mentor Program can vary depending on which program you choose. The Pre-Apprentice Program costs $497, while the Apprentice Program costs $12,000. The Mentorship Program costs $1,000 per month, while Phil’s Apprentice Program costs $25,000.

Freedom Mentor Reviews

The Freedom Mentor Program has helped countless individuals achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. The program’s success stories and testimonials are a testament to the effectiveness of Phil Pustejovsky’s coaching methods.

One student, for example, named Chris, was able to close his first deal within two months of joining the program and make over $35,000 in profit.

The program has been reviewed 52 times on Trustpilot and has a 3.9 out of 5-star rating. Here are some reviews we managed to screenshot from the site:

Freedom Mentor Reviews

There are a few negative ones too:

Freedom Mentor Reviews

To which Phil replied:

Freedom Mentor reply

Phil’s dedication to personal development is also highlighted in the program’s success stories. Many students have praised his emphasis on a positive mental attitude and overcoming limiting beliefs as key factors in their successes.

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Creative Real Estate Investing and Flipping Houses (course)

Phil Pustejovsky reveals how you can successfully invest in real estate, regardless of your current financial position, in today’s market.

He teaches you what most people don’t know about creative real estate investing and flipping houses. That includes what works and what doesn’t.

The course is available on Udemy:

Creative Real Estate Investing and Flipping Houses on udemy

Phil talks about how you can make a lot of money in real estate, the benefits and downsides of flipping houses, how to buy houses with cash or credit, and how to determine the value of any property when evaluating a real estate deal.

The goal is to help you determine if creative real estate investing is right for you and to give you pertinent real estate investing skills.

As a special bonus, you’ll get a free copy of his best-selling book, “How to be a Real Estate Investor” as soon as you enroll.

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Phil pustejovsky’s Approach To Real Estate Investing

Phil Pustejovsky’s unique approach to real estate investing involves no money-down strategies, creative financing solutions, and virtual wholesaling techniques.

No Money Down Investing

One notable feature of the program is Phil’s “no money down” investment strategy, showing that with the right knowledge and connections, anyone can succeed in real estate without significant upfront capital.

One of Phil Pustejovsky’s unique approaches to real estate investing is the concept of “no money down” deals. This strategy involves finding creative ways to finance a real estate investment without using one’s capital.

For example, an investor might negotiate seller financing or utilize private lenders and hard money loans to fund the purchase.

Phil has been successful in utilizing this approach in his career and has taught countless students how to do the same through his Freedom Mentor program. He claims that some students have completed no-money-down deals that have resulted in significant profits and financial freedom.

Phil Pustejovsky and Creative Real Estate Investing

One of the key aspects that set Phil Pustejovsky apart from others in the field is his expertise in creative real estate investing.

Creative real estate investing refers to investing in properties in a non-traditional way to generate passive income. It involves finding unconventional ways to structure deals and make money in real estate. Usually, creative methods are called upon if traditional methods aren’t working or aligned with your investment goals.

One of Phil Pustejovsky’s unique approaches to real estate investing is his emphasis on creative financing strategies. These are methods for acquiring properties without having to use conventional bank loans or large amounts of personal cash.

Examples include using hard money lenders, private money sources, and even profit-sharing deals with property owners.

Phil has shared how he was able to acquire his first rental property with the help of his mentor and make $28,000 by utilizing creative financing techniques.

His methods focus on non-traditional strategies and techniques to find, secure, and profit from investments – a refreshing contrast to conventional methodologies often taught by other experts.

Pustejovsky’s success as a mentor can be attributed not only to his deep knowledge in this domain but also to his ability to effectively communicate these complex concepts to aspiring investors through relatable anecdotes.

As showcased across numerous YouTube videos by Phil himself or Freedom Mentor’s coaching staff members, their combined experience has helped countless students apply creative real estate investing principles successfully.

Virtual Wholesaling

Phil Pustejovsky has spoken strongly against virtual wholesaling but believes that it works in some instances. This technique allows investors to find and secure profitable deals in any market, regardless of their location.

Virtual wholesaling involves connecting with local wholesalers and rehabbers through online platforms such as Craigslist, Zillow, and Facebook groups.

Phil himself has utilized virtual wholesaling successfully in his career, closing multiple deals while living overseas in Japan. He believes that this approach is not only efficient but also cost-effective since it eliminates the need for travel expenses typically associated with traditional real estate investing methods.

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Phil Pustejovsky Reviews

Clients and industry experts have given both positive feedback and criticism about Phil Pustejovsky’s real estate investing program.

If you’re considering working with Phil Pustejovsky or enrolling in his Freedom Mentor program, it’s important to read reviews from people who have worked with him in the past. While there are some negative reviews out there, many people have had positive experiences with Phil and his team.

Positive Feedback And Success Stories

Phil Pustejovsky has garnered positive feedback and success stories from his clients and students. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Many of his students have reported successfully closing real estate deals after going through his mentorship program.
  • Pustejovsky’s YouTube channel is praised for its phenomenal and solid content, which has helped many aspiring real estate investors to hone their skills.
  • His book “How to be a Real Estate Investor” has received positive reviews on Amazon and other platforms, with readers lauding it as a great resource for beginners in the industry.
  • Phil Pustejovsky himself is known for being an energetic and passionate mentor who truly cares about the success of his students.
  • Freedom Mentor’s coaching staff is made up of seasoned real estate investors who provide valuable insights and guidance to their apprentices.
  • Some successful real estate investors have attributed their financial freedom to Phil Pustejovsky’s teachings and mentorship.

Criticism And Negative Reviews

Phil Pustejovsky and Freedom Mentor have also received criticism and negative reviews from some individuals in the industry. Here are some key points:

  • Some people have criticized Phil Pustejovsky for exaggerating his success as a real estate investor, claiming that he uses flashy marketing tactics to sell his program.
  • Some former students have claimed that they did not receive enough individual attention or guidance from Phil or his team, despite paying thousands of dollars for the program.
  • Some individuals have accused Phil of being a scam artist, stating that they did not see any significant profits after taking part in the apprentice program.
  • Critics also point out that while Phil claims his program is suitable for beginners and seasoned investors alike, many of the strategies he teaches are quite complex and require experience to execute properly.

It’s important to note that while there are negative reviews out there, many others have had great experiences with Freedom Mentor and credit Phil’s teachings with their successes as real estate investors.

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Is Phil Pustejovsky Legit?

After analyzing him carefully to determine whether he is a scam artist or not we found that Phil Pustejovsky and his company Freedom Mentor are legit.

There have been allegations made against Phil Pustejovsky and his company, Freedom Mentor. Some critics claim that his program is a scam, while others allege that he uses unethical tactics to pressure his students into investing in real estate deals.

Some feel that the course did not meet their expectations or was too expensive.

Despite the negative allegations against him, there are numerous success stories from people who have benefited from Pustejovsky’s mentorship and guidance. Many of them credit his motivation techniques and creative real estate strategies for helping them close profitable deals.

Therefore, while some people may not find success with his program or agree with all of his methods, it cannot be denied that there are plenty of examples of individuals who have achieved great results under his guidance.


In conclusion, Phil Pustejovsky is a renowned figure in the real estate investing industry, known for his extensive knowledge and expertise.

Phil Pustejovsky is a real estate industry giant with an inspiring story of perseverance and success. With thousands of deals under his belt, Phil’s expertise in creative real estate investing has made him popular.

Through the Freedom Mentor program, he has helped countless aspiring entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom and build successful real estate businesses. What sets Phil apart is his commitment to personal development and mentorship.

Many of his students have praised his willingness to share his own experiences and mistakes, which has helped them avoid costly errors in their investing journeys.

Overall, if you are serious about becoming a successful real estate investor, Phil Pustejovsky’s Freedom Mentor program is worth considering. While it may not be the right fit for everyone, those who are willing to invest in their education and put in the work are likely to see a significant return on their investment.

His free courses and YouTube videos have also provided valuable insights into the world of creative real estate investing, while his mentorship program has produced successful investors who have praised him for his dedication to their success.

Ultimately, whether or not you decide to invest in Phil’s program depends on your own goals and preferences.

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