Plenitude Formula Scam – My REAL Review!

Plenitude Formula is a scam and today I’ve been taking a closer look to share all the details in my full review. If you’re looking for a real no BS review of Plenitude Formula then you are in the right place. Keep reading below to get all the details on why you should avoid this scam system.

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Plenitude Formula – The TRUTH Exposed

Plenitude Formula is clearly another binary scam. I knew this was a scam as soon as I first set eyes on it. It’s got all the trademark signs of a scam. George Ackerman is not the CEO and creator of the Plenitude Formula and he doesn’t want to give you a lifetime opportunity to become a beta tester. This guy is a hired actor and is not the real creator behind this scam system. This guy probably got paid a couple $100 to do the sales video for this website, the guy is most likely broke. The real creators behind this system are affiliates for binary options brokers and they couldn’t care a less about your success. All they are interested in is getting paid and they will do very nicely when you sign up to their “recommended broker” because that’s how they earn their money. These guys are not professional traders or software creators, they are affiliates for binary options brokers. The truth is Plenitude Formula is another scam no different to other scams that launched recently like Click Money System.

Plenitude Formula – Why Is It A Scam?

So why exactly is the Plenitude Formula scam you might ask? Sometimes I forget that my readers might be new to binary options so won’t really understand what a dark and dangerous industry it is so let me explain more about binary scams and exactly why this is a scam. So to really explain properly you have to understand the dynamics of how binary options systems operate and how these people actually make money. So let’s start with the binary options brokers. In order to actually trade binary options you have to sign up at a binary options broker. This is similar to signing up at an online casino, or an online brokerage. They give you access to be able to trade different options and currency pairs. The brokers obviously need customers so they all have affiliate programs where they will pay referral commissions to people who can send them new customers.

A few years ago the scammers who used to sell get rich quick scams came to realise they could make more money by promoting binary options brokers. The brokers pay very attractive referral commissions to people who can send them new customers, so the scammers started putting together super hyped up sales pitches in order to get people to sign up to their “recommended binary options broker” where they would get paid. This is the reason why the Plenitude Formula sales video is full of hyped up claims of making money, it’s to convince you to sign up to their “recommended” binary broker. And why do they want you to do that? Of course so that they can get paid their referral commissions!

Non of the claims that they state on their website of making a fortune are true. These are all lies in order to get you to sign up to the broker and part with your money, because they only get paid when you sign up and make a deposit to fund your trading account. This is only the first part of the scam though, there are far more moving parts to this scam which I will explain below.

Plenitude Formula – Scam Software + Scam Brokers

It’s not just the owners of the Plenitude Formula who are part of the scam here. Sure they are completely lying about how much money you can make in order to get you to sign up but the scam goes even further because the actual software you get access to doesn’t work. They claim it will help you make a fortune but it won’t help you make a penny and it will only lose money. The software is actually designed to lose because the binary options brokers don’t make money unless you lose money. They operate like casinos so if you were to sign up and make millions is would actually cost them millions so naturally they want you to lose but they actually ensure that you lose by making sure the automated trading software you get access to loses. It’s actually pretty sad but you literally have ZERO chance of being successful with these scam systems because everything is rigged against you.

Also the brokers are just as bad as the people behind the Plenitude Formula website if not worse. They will actually call you up and try and get you to part with your money and deposit as much as possible. They will use high pressure sales tactics in order to get you to part with your money and some people have lost their life savings to binary brokers. It’s been widely reported what a complete scam they are an the authorities in the USA have even taken action against many brokers stopping them doing business in the USA. It’s just a matter of time until other countries follow suit and ban them. Despite this they will probably still continue to operate as they are located in countries that don’t have strict rules on binary options and fraud. That’s why it’s best to completely avoid the binary scams altogether!

My Conclusion & Recommendation

It’s clear that Plenitude Formula is a complete scam so definitely avoid it if you don’t want to lose money.

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