Push Money App Scam! – Don’t Fall For It!

Welcome to my review of the Push Money App scam! Yes I’m not holding back here, this system is a complete scam.

Push Money App has scammed 1,000’s of people and in this review I’ll share the truth.

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If you read other blogs giving reviews of this system most will say how amazing it is. That’s because those reviews are written by affiliates who just want to make money by getting you to sign up to Push Money App. I recently wrote an article sharing the truth about binary options and in that article I shared all the details behind how these scams work and who is involved.

Push Money App – How does the scam work?

Chances are you probably received an email telling you all about how you could make money with this app, so you clicked on the link and ended up on the push money app website. I must admit the guys behind the scam certainly put a lot of time, effort and money into the sales video to make it convincing but don’t be fooled. Once you watch the video you are told to sign up and register at their chosen binary options broker and then you’ll get “free access” to their app. The only thing is the app isn’t free because you have to make a deposit of at least $250 in order for it to work.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a deposit though. They will tell you how it’s “just a deposit” and you can withdraw your money at any time but that’s simply not true. The binary brokers make it extremely difficult to withdraw your money and as soon as you deposit the software app will automatically start trading for you. At this stage you might be thinking that you’re soon going to be extremely rich as the video claims but unfortunately it’s not true. The app will just trade all your cash away to nothing, and you’ll be left with zero in your account!

Push Money App – The software is a scam!

The amazing software app that is going to make you rich? It’s a complete joke. This thing will trade away all your deposit money until you have a big fat zero in your account. Once it’s done this you might make the mistake like so many others of depositing more money. Thinking oh it must have been a mistake, let’s deposit some more cash and see what happens, but whatever you do, don’t do it! It will keep on reducing your account to zero because that’s exactly what it’s designed to do!

The guys behind the website have affiliate deals with binary options brokers. They get paid to refer people to the binary options brokers. Whenever someone signs up and deposits at least $250 into an account the owners of push money app get paid! And they usually get paid most of the money you deposit, sometimes even more! This is because the broker is banking on you depositing more than $250 and many people do. Some people have lost their life savings to scams like this!

Push Money App Conclusion

It should be clear that I am not recommending push money app. It’s a complete scam and if you sign up I guarantee you will lose 100% of the money you deposit. There are 100’s of reviews telling you how amazing it is but seriously don’t be fooled by them. The creators of these fake reviews are affiliates who just want to make money by getting you to sign up to this system. You’re better off avoiding it and if you want to make money learn how to build a real online income with my recommendation below.

You should also avoid other known scams like Code Fibo and the Private Profits Club scam.

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