Product Tester Jobs: 13 Legit Companies To Work For

If you want to earn additional money, one of the easiest tasks you can do is product testing.

Top Companies are looking for individuals to review their newest, unreleased items and you may get compensated for your input with things like Cards Gifts, Cash, and Merchandise. This aids the business in making adjustments to products or when introducing the product to the marketplace.

Let’s look at how product testing can be a source of income and how you can get started.

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Product Tester Jobs: 13 Legit Companies To Work For 7

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What are Tester Jobs?

Those who work in product testing professions are in charge of assessing and testing goods to make sure they adhere to strict standards or specifications. The kinds of goods you test include electronics, toys, food items, beautifying products, household items, baby items, items for adults, and clothes, just to mention a few.

Product tester, quality control inspector, and quality assurance tester are a few of the popular job titles related to product testing. These jobs can be found in many different sectors, such as consumer products, technology, and manufacturing.

You might start by looking through company websites and online job boards to find product testing positions. You may also think about contacting businesses directly to ask about opportunities or contacting staffing firms that focus on quality assurance and product testing jobs.

While seeking product testing positions, it can be advantageous but not mandatory to have a background in science, engineering, or another relevant profession. For some product review jobs, specialized training or qualifications may be needed in order to carry out the duties properly.

How Does Product Testing Work?

You must first register with a market research company that offers product testing from home. Following this, the market research company will send you screener emails to complete surveys in order to determine your suitability for their open product test positions.

After you complete their questionnaire, they will inform you whether or not you are qualified. For instance, if the company is seeking for testers for its newest makeup, you won’t be eligible if you don’t use cosmetics. You will then be qualified for the product testing position.

The brand will ask for your address to give you the goods to test out for a week or two after you receive approval to do so. After that, you’ll receive a follow-up email from them asking for your thoughts on the product you tested. You are paid when you are finished

To work as a product tester, you don’t need any prior expertise. To qualify and fit the company’s target demographic, all you have to be is the primary consumer in your family.

How to become a product tester

You can sign up with websites and get a paid to test products review products from home if you enjoy trying out new items, taking surveys, and expressing your thoughts on them.

Preliminary surveys will be sent to you when you sign up and provide your contact information to see whether you are eligible for the product testing.

You must have exceptional verbal and writing communication skills, pay attention to detail, and be sincere in your reviews in order to work as a product tester.

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Companies Offering Product Tester Jobs

Product testing is not always a one-size-fits-all endeavor. It’s possible that you’ll need to fit a certain demographic or have a particular interest or level of experience. You must have a newborn or toddler at home if a corporation wishes to assess the absorbency of its new disposable diaper, for instance.

Many other product review and tester tasks can be done from home, but some call for you to report to an office for the entirety of the review time.

Here are possible product testing positions that demonstrate the range of positions and businesses out there.


Goods available through BzzAgent include food items, toiletries, and cosmetic brands.BzzAgent

You may try things, interact with other reviews, and post product feedback online thanks to the BzzAgent site. You’ll get invitations to participate in completing online surveys and polls where you can score BzzScore. You are more likely to receive free products for review and private use the higher your score.

You must be a resident of the US, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, or the UK in order to sign up as a BzzAgent.

  • Maintain a current profile. Sign up if you aren’t already a BzzAgent. If you are, sign in and make sure your profile is current so you may be taken into account for the campaigns you desire.
  • Check Email for Invitations. They’ll send you an email with further details and a link to apply when they think you’d be a perfect fit for a campaign! It is NOT permitted to use links from gratis websites or other internet resources.
  • Send Your Application in. Simply respond to a few straightforward questions to submit your application for a chance to take part. Samples are scarce for each campaign!
  • Check your email for a confirmation of your application. You will get an email confirming your selection after you are chosen for a campaign. You have not been chosen for the campaign if you do not hear back from them.
  • You Made It. After being chosen for the campaign, you should get a shipping email informing you that your sample has been sent out within 1-3 weeks. They’ll email you to let you know your sample has been sent.

Examples of testing products include Hershey’s bars, P&G shampoo, L’Oreal cosmetics, and Nestle chocolates.

The business will provide you with free goods in exchange for your testing and promotion of the goods.

If you want to receive free stuff, cosmetics, food, and healthcare supplies, BzzAgent is the platform for you. The site is not suitable for you if your goal is to make money.

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  1. UserTesting


Products of various kinds, including hardware, software, electronics, and automobiles.

Customer feedback testing platform UserTesting has been in operation since 2007. You will be required to successfully complete a sample exam based on your profile and demographics. You will be hired as a tester if your responses meet the criteria. The product tester may originate from any country in the world. To work as a product tester, all you need is a computer, a webcam, and an internet connection.

  • How does it function? 

Enter your email address and complete a practice exam to register. You will get an email about possible product testing opportunities if they determine you are qualified. On the goods you utilize, you can provide feedback. The business will pay you a week following the test.

Ford cars, the CBS news website, Adobe software, Facebook, and Home Depot are a few examples of testing things.

  • Payment Options

To be paid for reviewing a product, you must have a Paypal account. Depending on the assignment, each test has a different remuneration. According to the business, you will receive $10 for every 20 minutes of footage and up to $120 for an interview. You’ll receive payment a week after passing the test.

  • Conclusion

One of the oldest and most reputable websites for testing products is UserTesting. The majority of product testers have welcomed the tests’ prompt payout. Yet, others have said that the qualifying exams will require patience from you.

  1. PINCHme - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Product categories include those for baking, pets, natural foods, and cosmetics.

PINCHme is available to US citizens who want to test and evaluate various consumer goods. Leading brands’ items will be available for free trial. Upon your registration as a PINCHer, you will get free samples to test out.

  • How does it function?

Enter your name, email, password, birthdate, gender, and zip code to sign up using an existing Facebook account or to establish a new one. You can pick which samples to include in the PINCHme box. Samples will be delivered free of charge to your area. In return, you will need to provide thorough product reviews.

Examples of products that have undergone testing include Mars chocolate, L’Oreal cosmetics, Ricola Herbal Immunity, Purina ONE, Zuke dog food, and Biore baking soda.

  • Payment Options

In exchange for your product reviews, you will be sent free samples from well-known brands rather than payment in cash.

  • Conclusion

PINCHme is a straightforward program that enables American citizens to rate various goods from well-known companies.

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  1. Influenster

Beauty on Review: Influenster

Product categories: Food goods, infant and toddler products, personal care items, and beauty brands.

Another fantastic website for testing products and receiving freebies is Influenster. VoxBoxes, which are complimentary themed boxes of products for evaluation, will be delivered to you. Currently, they exclusively distribute VoxBoxes to reviewers in the US and Canada. But no matter where you live, you may join the community of product testers.

  • How does it function?

A non-personal media account or an email address can be used to sign up for Influenster. Once you sign up to test products, you can ask and give evaluations, compile a list of your favorite products, and share product images on social media.

Examples of products that have undergone testing include L’Oreal cosmetics, vegan ice cream, Mar Jacobs mascara, Aura skin oil, etc.

  • Payment Options

The business exclusively provides Voxboxes to a small number of consumers who live in the US and Canada.

  • Conclusion

It’s possible that voxboxes won’t let you make money. But if you’re fortunate, you might receive Voxboxes filled with free branded food, medicine, and cosmetic products.

  1. Pinecone research

Pinecone Research: Get Paid for Surveys

Homecare, music, sports, leisure, movies, TV shows, and health and beauty items are examples of the products’ types.

The US-based market research firm Nielsen owns Pinecone, a reputable product testing facility. You will receive financial compensation for finishing online surveys. Also, the business holds lucky draws twice a week for $500 and once every three months for $4,500. Residents of the US, Canada, France, and Germany are eligible for the program.

  • How does it function?

After signing up, a brief questionnaire will be sent to you so that the business may learn more about your preferences. Any survey that takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete will earn you points. With each survey you complete, you will receive 300 points, each worth $3.When they expire, the points will still be valid for a year.

Examples of testing things include Amazon Prime, TV series, Mars confectionery, New York Magazine, etc.

  • Payment Options

Points obtained from completing surveys can be redeemed for money and gifts. Gift cards from Starbucks or Amazon, iTunes, and cinema passes are all acceptable prizes. Cash can be sent to you via cheque or PayPal.

  • Conclusion

As the program is by invitation only, signing up for it is not as simple. Only if you satisfy the unknown company profile standards will you be given the invitation form.

  1. Toluna Influencers

    Toluna Review

Many kinds of goods, such as, food products, fitness gear, and cosmetics are included in this category.

On the market research firms, Toluna consumers receive prizes for providing open feedback. Fill questionnaires about various products. By participating in surveys and inviting others to join Toluna, you can also accrue points.

  • How does it function?

Enter your email to join. You can take part in polls, surveys, content ratings, and online discussion forums once you sign up as a member. Each survey you complete will give you points. By completing a survey, you can gain between 1000 and 6000 points.

Examples of testing items include Sony Music, L’Oreal cosmetics, the CBS website, and Expedia’s website.

  • Methods for payment

Product reviewers are compensated via PayPal. For every 60,000 points, $20 is awarded. Also, you can trade points for Amazon gift cards.

  • Conclusion

Toluna is a fantastic marketplace review site for anyone looking to make money by participating in surveys, polls, and other tasks.

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  1. Vocal Point

Vocal point product page

Personal care, cosmetics, natural foods, and other things fall within this category.

Women from all over the world can use Vocal Point to evaluate various items. But, only US residents can order the products. You will have the opportunity to try out various goods, respond to questionnaires, and share your impressions with your friends.

  • How does it function?

To join the group of product testers, sign up as a member. To see if you are eligible for free samples, the business will email you a survey. The samples will be mailed to you.

L’Oreal skincare products, shampoos, lipsticks, and other beauty products are examples of testing items.

If you live in the US and would want to get free samples and items, you should create an account.

  • Payment Options

Members will get free goods and samples from many brands. Your address will receive a letter with the goods. Also, you might occasionally get gift cards and other deals.

  • Conclusion

Vocal Point is a fantastic forum for women who wish to submit their product reviews.

  1. Brooks

Sporting goods include clothing and shoes.

The Brooks website is for athletes who wish to try out the most cutting-edge running shoes and gear. During your morning jobs, you will receive the equipment that you must test in the snow or sun.

  • How does it function?

An application for Brooks Product Testing must be filled out and submitted. If the business decides you qualify for the product testing job, they will get in touch with you. As a tester, you will be expected to offer a dispassionate assessment of athletic footwear and apparel. The corporation will make better Brooks Sports items using the knowledge.

For instance, Brooks running shoes, Brooks treadmill shoes, and women’s and men’s sportswear are all testing goods.

  • Payment Options

You will receive the newest Brooks brand footwear and clothing. After using the product, the corporation could request its return. Yet, it returns the item to the product reviewers.

  • Conclusion

You should try Brooks product testing if you’re a fitness enthusiast and want the greatest running shoes and apparel for nothing. Nonetheless, the program can be full due to the testing site’s popularity.

  1. Social Nature

About Us

Merchandise categories include food and drink, home goods, cosmetics, infant care, and pet supplies.

You may evaluate new natural brands on Social Nature. By joining the program, you are given the opportunity to test and free beauty products and review upcoming products. You may review a ton of products on the internet. If you live in the US or Canada, you can register.

  • How does it function?

You must register for an account by providing your email in order to join. Click the WANT button after choosing the item you are interested in. You will receive the product by mail so you can test it out and post a review on social media.

Examples of things being tested include Nature’s Aid All-Purpose Skin Gel, Nature’s Aid Plant-Based Fruit Gel, Alpha Plant-Based Pizza, Baby Calming Lotion, etc.

  • Payment Options

In exchange for writing a review on social media, you will receive free goods.

  • Conclusion

Social Nature is excellent for users who wish to try and evaluate natural products produced by well-known and emerging firms.

  1. Homescan

▷ Nielsen Homescan

One of the many sub-brands run by Nielsen, which is best known for asking American TV viewers about their viewing habits, is the Homescan program. Its Computer and Mobile panel, which compensates consumers for allowing Nielsen to monitor their internet usage, is separate from this.

  • How it works

You can get a handheld scanner or access to Homescan’s mobile app when you register for a free account as a product tester. To earn points when you shop, scan the barcodes of the items you purchase. Also, you can conduct surveys to gain more points, and you’ll automatically be put into weekly, monthly, and quarterly sweepstakes.

  • Payment options

Although the Homescan program does not pay in cash, you can exchange your earned points for items and gift cards.

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  1. Nike Product Tester

Nike Sneakers Ruohan Wang

You might get to try great footwear if you participate in Nike’s product testing program.

  • How it works

Through its Nike Product Testing website, the Nike corporation gives athletes from all around the United States the opportunity to test out its athletic footwear and apparel. Product trials can take place either on-site for a single day or at home for several weeks or even months. Prospective paid product testers first submit an online application, selecting the category they want to test in, and Nike follows up with them to let them know if they were selected or not.

As the running shoes have not yet hit the market and the industry is extremely competitive, Nike is serious about its testing program.. Nike has the right to terminate your account for failing to respond to reviews in a timely manner, breaching customer privacy by publishing images of a product online, or using the footwear at an open racing event without authorization.

After testing, you must return the shoes right away so that Nike’s designers can inspect them for damage or wear and tear.

  1. Lionbridge Games

Lionbridge Games (@LionbridgeGames)

At Lionbridge Gaming in Boise, Idaho, video games rule the day. Before new video games are released, the firm hires testers for full-time temporary positions to play and review them. You’ll collaborate with individuals who share your enthusiasm for video games. In addition to “a competitive base wage,” the company claims to give bonuses on select projects. The hourly wage is $12 to $14.50, according to Indeed.

Pro: For avid video gamers who are familiar with the highs and lows of the gaming business, this is a pleasant career.

Con: The job is only available locally in Boise, Idaho.

  1. Johnson & Johnson Friends & Neighbors:

FREE Johnson & Johnson Samples

By signing up for this program, you support the development of consumer goods that improve life! The program provides a number of opportunities to take part in online surveys, focus groups, forums, and product testing.

You may test out items at Johnson & Johnson before anyone else! Research might involve testing different kinds of dental floss, infant items, a new body wash line’s smells, a new mascara that lengthens lashes, etc. Some product testing are in home usage tests or in nearby facilities.

  • Payment options;

You are awarded with a prepaid Visa gift card once the survey is finished.

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How Much Money Can a Product Tester Make?

The fact that you can try items and keep them is fantastic. Test items, keep them, and get paid as a result! To meet expectations, such as wear and tear, there are situations when the brand would like the merchandise returned. You’ll still get paid for your time even if you have to return the item.

You may receive a variety of wages. Depending on how thorough the testing procedure is, you may receive compensation ranging from $3 to $500.

Filling out your profile when you register is therefore essential to your success in doing product tests. You’ll be given the appropriate opportunities to test the right products for your demographic.

In all honesty, how much time you invest in paid internet surveys and product testing sites will determine your success. You earn more money the more you accomplish. Also, if the companies notice that you’re an active member, you’ll start receiving a lot of paid product testing chances in your mailbox, including the option to participate in focus groups that pay well, webcam studies, and video studies.

How Do I Apply to Be an Amazon Tester?

How to get a free Amazon product test

According to Amazon, Amazon Vine is an invitation-only platform for only the “most trusted reviewers.” New products are submitted by Amazon sellers, who then provide them to the Vine Voices (reviewers) for testing. According to Amazon, the reviews on Vine are not affected or modified in any way by the vendors.

Ones who are most likely to be invited to participate are those who write the most beneficial reviews or who are authorities on a particular product. Testers of Amazon goods are not compensated. It appears that membership in such an elite group is the prize.

Ways for earning money testing items?

Join multiple product testing companies to increase your prospects.

If selected, be truthful in your evaluation of the good or service. Businesses are interested in hearing an objective opinion regarding the products.

Write a thorough review of the product once you’ve finished trying it. This will aid businesses in making their products better.


Although it won’t make you rich, product testing might be a fun way to earn a little extra cash or try something new. Even where opportunities are plentiful, you won’t make a lot of money because they are few and far between with some projects. Yet, it may also be enjoyable, so consider product testing as an additional source of income rather than a profession.

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Product Tester Jobs: 13 Legit Companies To Work For 7

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